Swollen Sun | Butterscotch + Matsu | Game Start + Prologue

Butterscotch couldn’t have asked for anything more perfect.

Well, no, that was a lie; there was always room for improvement in everything. However, given the circumstances and the opportunities presented to him recently he would feel fairly confident in saying that this ‘field trip’ was something he planned on enjoying immensely. The heat that hung around Butterscotch only added fuel to the fire of his glee. It was almost disappointing that he had to step into the train and abandon the train platform, and even more disappointing when he became drowsy while sitting on the train. With his companion nestled his lap (a leopard gecko, who already appeared to be fast asleep), Butterscotch closed his eyes and dozed off within a matter of minutes.

The next thing Butterscotch knew, he had a lizard on his face.

Waking up on the ground was nothing new to the boy. It was a bit odd that he didn’t recall getting there but he would admit this wasn’t the first time he ended up waking somewhere with no recollection of falling asleep at. Carefully he reached up and removed the gecko from his goggles (How long had she been sitting here, anyway? Thanks for the delayed wake up call, buddy) before sitting up and examining his surroundings. There were others with him who had boarded the train just as he had and who appeared to be out of place, just like him (which was comforting). There appeared to be no immediate need to fret.

Right as he got himself to his feet and placed the gecko on his shoulder something on him emitted a soft and unfamiliar ‘ping’. That certainly wasn’t his cell phone. Quickly Butterscotch patted himself down and pulled out what appeared to be some sort of phone from his pocket. Words appeared on the screen before he even had a chance to examine it, laying out the ground rules for where they would be residing at (or so he assumed. That made the most sense, didn’t it?)

Well then, good to know. Butterscotch continued to hold the foreign phone in his hand as he went right back to patting himself down, looking for his personal cell phone. From his coat pockets down to his pants pockets he couldn’t seem to locate his missing phone. He glanced back up into several faces of the people standing around him and stood still, hoping to hear something about finding a missing phone or something about where their other belongings had gone to. Alas, nothing of the sort came up, leaving the Herpetologist quite miffed. Looked like he would have to find the answers to his questions himself.

As quickly as his need for answers appeared, they disappeared in a blink of an eye. Butterscotch had turned on his heel to look around the area when he bumped ran into someone. Not the best way to make a first impression. Butterscotch stopped himself in time and took a step back, putting some distance between himself and… someone who looked very much looked like they had come well prepared to take on a cold winter’s day. He had to give them a mental applause for facing the blazing sun with a scarf around their neck.

“Ah, my apologies.”

Butterscotch had only remembered several seconds after almost colliding into them that apologies were in order. He took another several seconds to scan the other over, noting the mask covering their face. Good to know that Butterscotch wasn’t the only person wearing one! Glancing further down, Butterscotch noticed the phone in their hand. He raised his free hand and motioned towards the other’s phone.

“Did you happen to find that on the ground? I seem to have misplaced my phone. Quite, embarrassing, really, but these things happen!”

If it was his phone then that was one thing to cross off his growing list of things to look into.