Lap goblin has achieved ULTIMATE RELAXATION POSE.

this is xoshi and i love him a lot.  his favorite things are yelling, being pet, and lying down in laps.  he also loves shoes, especially sticking his ENTIRE FACE in them. 

and that’s a lot of face, as u can see.

Nat and Tony taking a day off to have a spa day. they do the works. Mud baths, facials, massages, mani-pedis -they get matching black nails- then they go for a coffee and bagels and go to a pond and feed the bagels to some cute ducks cuz they love ducks then go home to their Super Soldiers curl up on their laps like the pampered cats they are and watch the documentary that had been watching, it’s totally a space documentary… Btw both Tony and Nat are totally wearing matching crop tops  and big round glasses with the cat eye frame. 

last night my sister and i went out so she could play pokemon go and a car drove into the empty parking lot we were in, took over a nearby gym, then left


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I know I need to take a break but honestly writing…

How about this (it’s a bit Yangsty :P): After the end of Vol 3 Yang adopts a cat that reminds her of Blake (seeing as Blake isn’t with her)

Yang scratches the right ear of the cat curled up on her lap. The cat, rather kitten, purrs softly as her new master pets her. Yang adopted the kitten not that long ago. Her father thought it would be a good idea to get another pet, since Zwei went off with Ruby. He saw that his daughter was depressed and lonely and thought another pet would be a good idea. For whatever reason, Yang got a kitten. For whatever reason she got a black cat with a heart shaped patch on her chest and bright amber eyes. For whatever reason she named it Bianca.

The kitten is a sweetheart but is very shy. When Yang first got her, Bianca darted under the bed, wanting nothing to do with Yang. Hell she was wary when Yang first picked her up. When the kitten did that, Yang scoffed and walked away, not really caring at the moment for the animal. After some time, however, when watching some TV, Bianca came and sat on Yang’s lap. Now the cat follows her everywhere.

Bianca flips over on her back and starts to chew on Yang’s hand. The blonde swats her hand away, chuckling a little. She hasn’t had a good laugh in god knows how long. This little fur ball has brought her some hope. When Bianca chews on her fingers again, her kitten teeth nipping away like needles, Yang does not stop her right away.

“You are a handful; you know that?” Yang says. She takes her hands away. Bianca flips back onto her feet and looks up at her master. She gives a small, yet prideful, meow, practically telling Yang ‘Yes.’

“God, you are a sassy cat. And you got a lot of attitude.” Yang says with a smile. She starts rubbing Bianca’s head. Her smile slowly starts to turn into a frown. “Just like someone else I know.

“You remind me a lot of her. A cat, jet black fur, or in her face hair, your golden eyes, your attitude and how you didn’t want anything to do with me at first but then you came to me. Hell you love tuna also and I bet you’d look gorgeous in a bow.” Yang sighs. Her vision has become blurry with water. Her voice cracks as she speaks again.

“You also love getting starched behind the ear and I swear that glare you gave me when I accidentally spooked you and you fell into the sink full of water is the same exact look she would give me if I spooked her, and caused her to fall into some, also. She…She would have loved you. Maybe…Maybe even more…then me…”

Tears rolls down her face. She hugs Bianca close to her body, sobbing. “I miss her, Bianca. I miss her so much. I wish she never left. Why did she leave me? Why? What did I do to make her leave like everyone else in my life? Why?”

Bianca gives Yang a head-butt under her chin. Yang looks down and sees her kitten staring back at her. She head-butts her again before purring as loud as she can. A small smile forms on Yang’s face. She wipes away some of her tears before giving Bianca a kiss and keeping her close.

“I miss her and you remind me so much of her. Her name is Blake and I named you freakin’ Bianca, god what is wrong with me? But I can’t change that now. You’re with me now and I know you will never leave me, right?”

Bianca’s purrs grow louder.

“Thank you. You don’t know how much that means to me.” Yang sniffs. “Come on. Let me get you some tuna snacks and then we can binge watch shows on TV. I think they are having a marathon of something in about an hour.”

So I think I’m going to adopt a new cat this week. My local shelter is close to overflowing and they are a no-kill shelter (hurray!) but they have so many they are waiving adoption fees for most cats so this would be a good time to get one. There is one in particular that I have my heart set on, he is beautiful, but I am super excited to go get a new family member. 

Unless I talk myself out of this. My current cat is going to hate me for this I just know it.