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Black Coffee Love Pt. I

Pairing: Reader x Seb

Featuring: Sebastian Stan, the barista

Warning: fluff

Prompt: your favourite coffee shop happens to be the spot he decides to take shelter from the rain.

Song for the imagine here: (x)

Following Parts:

Part II

Outside, rain had started to drizzle down along the street and sidewalks, people hustling by pulling out their umbrellas. You had ordered your coffee already and you were pulling out your lap top, when the bell chimed loudly by the door, signalling that someone entered the coffee shop. You looked up briefly after opening your lap top, your eyes just level enough to see over the screen at the grey hat, shielding the new-comers face.

It was very rare when you saw new people at the café. It was a small café, hidden by the other large industries surrounding it. Making it barely ever noticed. The barista came over to you, placing your black coffee on the table, then walked off. You grabbed hold of the hot mug, enjoying the warmth that radiated off of it. You were wearing your favourite knitted cardigan, it kept you warm on the coldest of days.

The new-comer was looking around for a spot to sit, since the café was on the small side, most the seats were taken by frequent customers. The only spot open was at your small table, since everyone knew that you enjoyed your space when writing. It was always difficult for you to focus when someone was sitting in front of you. So, what did the new-comer do? Walk up to you. You glanced up at him as he cleared his throat.

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What's up buttercup?

A/N: I know this one is a little choppy and kind of just cuts off but I thought it was a good way to end it. This is probably one of my favorite things I’ve written so far just because I’m a sucker for this crap. Plus…omg 46 followers?! Last I checked I was at thirty something or another…Thanks you so much for all the follows and the notes. I love love love you guys💜 With that said, I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for reading ❤️❤️



Three minutes…two minutes and fifty nine seconds…two minutes and fifty eight seconds…

You didn’t pay any attention to the stopwatch on your phone. You didn’t need to, you were counting down the three minutes in your head. Anxiety rushed through you, just thinking of all the ways this could turn out even though there were only two paths this could take in the long run:

Pregnant or not pregnant.

Two minutes and thirty seconds…two minutes and twenty nine seconds…

You first suspected you were pregnant when you had been rifling through your bathroom drawers looking for a bottle of nail polish remover and you saw it.

The unopened box of tampons you bought almost two months ago, having run out of them while you had your last period. Without having to ponder it, you knew there was a definite possibility you could be pregnant. Nail polish remover forgotten, you bolted out of the bathroom, grabbed your wallet, keys, shoes, and broke several traffic laws to get to the nearest convenience store as fast as possible.

You hadn’t bothered with picking out the ‘most effective’ test. You grabbed the one with the digital screen that you knew would be the easiest to read and slammed money next to the cash register, barely waiting for your receipt.

Now here you were, an hour later, sitting on a closed toilet lid, hands wringing in your lap.

One minute and forty seven seconds…one minute and forty six seconds…

The white stick kept a heavy presence on the bathroom counter. You stole quick glances at it, imagining it flashing “pregnant” at you once the timer was over. Just thinking about this kind of outcome scared you to no end.

What the hell were you going to do with a baby?

It’s not like you didn’t have a stable job or home. You were a responsible adult. Theoretically, you could take care of this baby. But you just weren’t ready. This wasn’t supposed to happen until maybe one or two years after you got married and currently your relationship status with your boyfriend was serious but not marriage serious.

'Oh my god, Wade. What am I going to tell Wade?!’ You screamed internally.

This whole new can of worms brought on a fresh wave of fear. Wade had never said anything about wanting kids, it hadn’t come up yet.

You snorted, “Well it’s definitely going to come up now.”

You hadn’t even known you said the words out loud until Wade’s voice came from the other side of the door,

“What’s going to come up now?” He semi shouted so you could hear him.

You froze in panic, 'What the fuck is Wade doing here? He wasn’t supposed to be home until tomorrow!’

“Suggums, is everything okay in there? Need some help with the shower?” He asked suggestively.

At that moment, you were speechless. It was like your brain had become a blank slate. You scrambled for something to say, something that wouldn’t make him any more worried than you were.

'Maybe if I don’t say anything at all, he’ll go away…

…Yeah because that’s not being rude at all to the father of your maybe baby,’ you scoffed at yourself and ran your hands through your hair. You looked back towards your phone timer to see how much longer until you’d find out if you were going to be a parent.

One minute and twenty three seconds…one minute and twenty two seconds…

Wade, still on the other side of the door, grew increasingly concerned as your silence went on,

“(Y/N), honey, seriously is everything okay?” You could hear the worry in his voice and knew if you didn’t answer him, he would definitely break down the door.

“Yeah Wade, everything’s okay,” your voice came out unexpectedly raspy from the emotion clogged in your throat. Tears were starting to sting your eyes, threatening to roll down your cheeks. Wade, of course, saw right through this and busted the lock then walked right into the bathroom. It was a rare day where he wasn’t dressed in his Deadpool suit, but jeans and a black sweater with a t shirt on underneath it that depicted a kitten swinging on a wrecking ball.

You furiously wiped at the tears in your eyes and tried to get in a deep breath so you could have some semblance of calm. Wade strode through the open door, like he hadn’t just broke in. He saw you sitting on the toilet lid with red puffy eyes, and looked around for anything that could explain your mood.

“What’s wrong sugar toosh, happy to see-”

His brown eyes found your phone and more importantly, the pregnancy test, lying on the granite bathroom counter. Wade seemed to know what it was right away, without having to ask. Never one to shut up, Wade’s eyes widened comically as he let out a quiet,


You simply nodded your head, keeping your face down towards your lap, even though you could feel his eyes burning through the top of your skull.

“Is this because of all the sex we’ve been having? You know, it’s perfectly normal to be horny all the time, you don’t have to be pregnant to have those kinds of hormones, you know what I’m saying?”

Wade tried to joke, hoping you’d look up at him. When you kept your head hung, he let out a sigh and crouched down in front of you.

“Hey, talk to me, ah…there’s those sexy eyes I dream about every night,” he charmed.

You chuckled, glad Wade wasn’t completely furious with the situation. Knowing you couldn’t shut him out forever you explained,

“I might be pregnant-”

“I deduced,” Wade interrupted with a smirk on his face. You smiled and ignored him, pushing on through your words,

“Obviously it would be yours-”

“Obviously,” Wade repeated, this time getting a laugh and a push to the shoulder. He laughed with you and raised a callous hand to cup your cheek. Wade tilted his head as if he was taking you in, trying to decipher every little curve and edge to your face.

“So what’s the big deal? Or are you overcome with such joy at the prospect of birthing my prodigy that you couldn’t hold in the happy tears?”

The way Wade boasted about himself was one of your favorite things about him. The first being how well he was taking this so far. No one in the history of ever would be this calm learning that they may have accidentally impregnated someone.

“I just-”

You were cut off by the shrill alarm of the timer on your phone going off. Before you could read the test, Wade’s hand shot out and hid it behind his back.

“Wade, what are you doing?!” You shouted, and made a grab for his arm, desperately needing to find out whether or not the purchase of a crib was in your future. But Wade only shushed you and held a finger up to your lips,

“Nah ah ah, just wait a minute. Let’s talk about this. Why are you so upset?” Wade questioned. He raised his nonexistent eyebrows and waited for you to speak.

You let out a deep sigh and shrugged your shoulders,

“I don’t know. Just…”

You were at a loss for words until a sudden incredulousness took over you,

“Why are you so calm about this?! How?!” You shouted, throwing your hands up.

Wade merely laughed then patiently waited for you to calm down with him before he gave you insight. A couple minutes and a long silence filled with your heavy breathing later…he told you,

“It’s because I can’t stop thinking about a little kid running around this place, a little kid who I will love unconditionally and who will love me too. No matter how fucking disgusting my pizza for a face is. And I can’t stop thinking about how much I love you. I know you like to be prepared for things and this probably threw you for a loop, but everything is going to be okay. I promise.”

By the time he finished, Wade’s thumb was gently running across the top of your cheek. A new bucket of tears spilled over at Wade’s confession, making you feel more in love with him than you were five minutes ago.

“Plus a baby would give me an excuse to keep watching Teletubbies.”

A laugh bubbled up out of your throat and suddenly you weren’t so scared anymore. Suddenly, the prospect of a baby wasn’t so terrifying and something you were starting to want. And if there was anyone you would want it to be with, it was with Wade.

You cleared your throat and clasped your hand onto his,

“I love you too, you know,” You croaked out. Wade smiled and nodded his understanding. He then abruptly stood away from you and brought the test out from behind his back.

Wade blankly stared at the test in his hands, there was nothing in his expression to give away the result.

With each passing second, you grew more and more impatient. Finally, he looked up at you and met your expectant gaze with a frown. As you saw the corners of his lips tug down, your heart unexpectedly plummeted and you knew what the little screen read.

“It’s negative isn’t it?” You asked, defeated. Wade didn’t say anything, just kept looking at you with that same frown, giving you the time to ramble out random thoughts,

“You know what? It’s okay. We don’t need a baby right now, it’s fine. It’s not like we were trying or anything. This is not disappointing at all. It’s probably better this way.”

You stood and wiped the tears off your cheeks and headed out to your bedroom. Wade followed you, then stopped at the entrance to your room, leaning against the door jam. He quirked a hairless eyebrow and watched you through your vanity mirror.

“Do you really think that?” Wade asked seriously.

You halted your process of drying off your eyes and really thought about his question. You wanted to scream no and cry about the baby that never existed. You didn’t think that this was better than the alternative at all. But still, you shrugged a shoulder at Wade and stuck to your guns. Fake it till you make it, right?

“Yes, Wade.”

“Well suck it up buttercup because you’re pregnant.”

Wade’s words stunned you in place and caused you to whip around to face him,

“What?” You breathlessly asked.

Wade nodded as your feet ungrounded themselves and nearly ran over to Wade. You stole the test out of his hand and read the little screen that spelled out 'positive’ in little digital letters. A warmth of happiness you had never known before spread out all over your body and put the biggest smile on your face. Wade broke you out of your daze with his next words,

“Looks like we’re going to need to get Al down here to assemble a crib.”

Before he could prepare himself, you tackled him in a bear hug, dropping the pregnancy test to the floor. Wade let out a boisterous laugh and wrapped his arms around your waist,

“There we go, that’s more like it.”

His large hand rubbed circles on your back and he buried his face in your neck. You clutched onto his broad shoulders for dear life, never wanting to let go. Needing to show him how much you loved him, you pulled back and framed his face with your hands so you could bring your lips to his.

Wade responded strongly, cupping the back of your head and encircling your waist with his arm. When the need for air arose, the both of you broke apart. Wade pressed his forehead down onto yours and stared into your eyes with pure adoration.

Without warning, he dropped to his knees and slid a hand to caress your still flat belly,

“Hey there little one, it’s your daddy. You probably can’t hear me because you probably don’t have ears yet but you should get used to the sound of my voice now. They don’t call me the merc with a mouth for nothing. Well, your mommy calls me the merc with a mouth for a whole other reason, and that’s probably one of the things that led to you being alive. She cannot resist the talents of my tongue-”

You smirked when Wade let out a sharp “Ow!” after you smacked him on the back of his head.

Wade laughed and brought his other hand on top of your stomach and pushed your shirt up. He moved his head and hands around, looking and feeling for something.

“You’re gonna get so fat.”

The sudden statement caused you send another smack to Wade’s head but you still laughed and looked down at his face.

You took in the brightness shining from his eyes and the absolute glow his smile portrayed. Seeing that, you knew everything was going to be okay.

Wanted - Jungkook scenario (angst/fluff/slight smut)

Originally posted by pjmjjk

A/N: New story or short story I’ll be making! Hope you enjoy! 
SEND me your thoughts on this! Thank youuu ^^


Members: Jungkook x You ft. Jimin & Taehyung
Genre: angst, fluffy, smutish
Warnings: badboy, cussing, mature
Word count: 2860

It’s your fault. Your fault to feel like this, when you don’t have near chance.
He was just so attractive. Hot, sexy. He was everything any girl would want. He was kind of guy girl’s just fall in love with even without knowing him.
He was your secret crush, well not exactly a crush. You wanted him to fuck you. But maybe a crush too. Your feelings are bit mixed and you don’t know what to feel.

You keep on thinking how girls get lucky. Especially ones who get to be in a “relationship” with him.
Sometimes you just can’t keep your eyes off him. Watching his moves. His hand on girl’s ass, back, thigh.
Those two other friends of his are hot as fuck as well, but they less player type. More relationship type or friends with benefits. Even though Jungkook is the second one. But what if he falls in love with a girl that he actually wants to take a bigger step, be in a romantic, caring relationship. Not just fucking.

You would be jealous. You are jealous even now. Worse thing is he doesn’t even notice you.
Being senior year in the dumbass high school, you have little time to actually, maybe have him notice you. At least that.
You all seniors are the most important people in high school now. Other students looking at you like that they are in love with you. Not saying they aren’t but still.
You guys are the most popular ones in there. Doing shit around the school, getting in detention, having bad grades. At least half of you seniors don’t give a fuck about collage or grades.
It’s last year, you need to make it the most memorable.
Party’s, lunches, driving around, handing out at day or night, getting drunk, high, falling in love, getting your heart broken.
That is what last, senior year is all about.

Jungkook wasn’t this way before. This bad boy, fuckboy attitude. He was actually a sweet guy, good guy, a friend. You know because yeah, you talked to him before. Only in few classes that you had together. But even then he only just used you to get the test answers, to have someone to talk to till one of his friends come. Well mostly two of best friends Taehyung and Jimin.
You knew in the back of your mind, what you guys have is just not even a friendship. But you kept trying and talking because you liked talking to him, being next to him. As time passed more and more he got away from you.
He changed during the third year. You’re guessing he just didn’t want to be a sweetheart anymore and change a bit. He now didn’t even look at you anymore. Acted like you were a stranger.
People say it was his girlfriend, well ex now, who changed him a lot. Soon as they broke up, he finished with a lot of girls. With few even had sex, so you are guessing he liked that. Liked just having sex with different girls. Be with one for few weeks, throw her away and find a new one within days.

You yourself been working out. Getting yourself in even more shape. Actually boys chased you, but only thing you wanted was him. Jungkook.
“Have you been listening to me?” your friend asked and you snap out of your thoughts, who are always the same
“Y-yeah” you said and looked at Rose. Best friend of yours. You been best friends since you were little kids.
“Yeah right. You thought of Jungkook, didn’t you?” she raised an eyebrow and you laugh, and shake your head “no”.
“Don’t lie. I know you” she smiled and sat next to you on your bed
“Well… I can only think or imagine him, because he doesn’t know me anymore” you sigh
“There’s a party tomorrow night, and he’ll be there” Rose smiled looking at you
“He has a “girl” you know that”
“So what?” she said standing up
“I’ll better get home… I’ll pick you up tomorrow” two of you hug and she leaves

You take your laptop from the work table and sit on your bed.
You go on Jungkook’s Instagram page.
“Damn 5K followers” you said to yourself
There were few pictures with his “girl”. One of her neck and her hickeys that he made, one with him kissing her. Other pics with his best friends, few of him and him shirtless.
“God” you said and close the laptop feeling like a god damn stalker or that you have an obsession over him.


“You look sexyyy” Rose smiled as you got into her car
“Thanks” you smiled

In school Rose and you walked together until she jumped into a hug of her boyfriend.
“Whats good Y/N” he smiled while hugging Rose
“Whats up Troy” you smiled
“I’ll go, since I look like a third wheel here” you laughed
“See you later girl” Rose smiled and walked away with Troy

“YO JUNGKOOK!” a guy shouts and pushes you making all of your stuff fall on the floor
“Thank you asshole” you said and rolled your eyes

Jungkook smiled hugging the guy, but looks behind at you.
“Wait just a second.” He said and tapped guy’s shoulder walking over to you

You kept cursing to yourself picking up papers. Few people step on your stuff without caring.
“YEAH THANKS!” you shout and turn your face finding Jungkook kneeling in front of you

Your face goes shook.
He laughed
“Sorry about my friend… And fuck those other people you yelled at” he smiled and picked up few papers and notebooks
“You didn’t have to come apologize for him.” You said and two of you look at each other
Both of you stand up, and he gives you your stuff.
“He wouldn’t even apologize you know. I’m just being… Good” he laughs
“Right.” You had a small smile on your face as you nod your head
“Thanks anyway” you added
Jungkook just nods his head with a side smile and walks away.

“What the fuck was that?” you could hear his friend being shocked for him helping you

You quickly take your phone out of your pocket, sending a text to Rose who is probably making out with her boyfriend, but still.
Walking into the classroom, while texting you hit someone.
“Seriously?” he looks at you
“Yeah.” You raise your eyebrows and pass him
“At least watch where you going” he kept following your body
You just look up at him and sit down at your table.
It was Taehyung the guy who sounded so “annoyed”. He soon after walked in with Jimin and Jungkook.
“Well great” you sigh

In this class Jungkook was sitting behind you, which makes you now even more nervous because he actually helped and talked to you today.
You kept looking at your phone, in the back you can hear their laughs, Jungkook’s voice.
Only thing you wanted is this class to end faster than ever.

Soon as bell went off you grabbed your stuff walking out.
You sat with Rose outside on the fresh air.
“Damn that is something new” she smiled winking at you
“Oh stop” you roll your eyes and your eye land on Jungkook and his girlfriend.

Him leaning against the wall. His hands on her ass, while they made out. You lick your lips and continue to look.
Her hands travel down his chest, almost touching his dick. His hand travels up her neck, looking like he deepens the kiss, more passion.
Bell goes off and he pulls away, looking up catching you looking. You look away quickly and you wanted to kill yourself how embarrassed you felt him catching you staring. He smirks, watching you leaving and throws his arm his girlfriend.

“AND DONE” you shout as you walk out of the bathroom
“YOU LOOK FUCKING AMAZING!” Rose shouts smiling
“WE look bomb af” you smiled pointing at her

Grabbing what you need, Rose and you head off to the big party.
“Rose!” Troy said putting his hand in the air, so you guys noticed him and walked over to him.

You smiled looking around the huge room. You already loved the songs, the atmosphere.
You started to move your upper body a bit along the song.
“Drinkss” Troy hands you a cup
“Thanks” you smiled

Rose and you danced, with your glasses in the air.
You noticed Jimin and Taehyung dancing with their girls. No sign of Jungkook. You already assumed he’s fucking or at least doing something with his girl.
You were still bit embarrassed of what happened today at school. All you could think of is him catching you staring. You laugh at yourself and shake your head.

Walking over to the corner of the room, just because you needed to relax a bit. Your feet already hurt because of all the dancing.
As you stood you had a clear look to whole damn room.
You take a breath as you see Jungkook sitting on the couch. He kept looking to the side, staring up and down at you, leaning back, he licks his lips. His head turns around as his girlfriend climbs on top of his lap.
You lick your lips, with your body feeling hot. You wanted to look away, but you want those same things to do to him and him to you.

She slowly kept grinding on his lap, kissing him. Her hands on his cheeks. His hands around her waist, slowly coming down on her ass grabbing it, making her grind more, faster.
“Yah Jungkook!” Jimin shouts breaking their hot time.
Jungkook was bit annoyed for Jimin getting the stuff done too soon.
His girlfriend moves from his lap, sitting down next to him. Jungkook looked to the side to see are you still there, but you were gone.
“I got the stuff” he smiled and showed two joints in his hand
“That’s what I am talking man” Jungkook smiled being happy
“We gonna do this now or?”
“Nah later, when we get bit drunk”
Jimin smiled and nodded his head
“Let’s play 7 minutes in heaven” Taehyung walked up to them
“Who else playing? Rose and her friend and her boyfriend” Taehyung explains
“Let’s do it!”

They all walked together to another room. Three of you were sitting down already on the floor waiting for them. You didn’t know Rose is a friend to Taehyung.
“Here we are” Taehyung smiled and sat down
Your heart skip a beat as you saw Jungkook walking in, but he was alone, without his girlfriend.
“Where’s your girl Jungkook?” Troy smiled
“She went to hang out with her friends” Jungkook simply said and sat down, looking up noticing you are playing too.

“So first. This is Y/N to all of you who don’t know” Troy smiled
“Nice to meet you” Jimin smiled winking
“It’s odd that you’re playing” you quickly said whispering
“What?” Taehyung said
“I meant for him. He has a girlfriend”
“She’s not a girlfriend. Don’t worry baby” Jungkook smirks and you felt like your face is pure red

“Ya’ll know the rules” Jimin said
“Only two of these can go together, with no one other” he added pointing at Troy and Rose

You actually didn’t believe you were in this game. You played games, but not like these.
“Okay I’ll spin two times. One and then one to go with him/her” Jimin laughs
“Just spin it” Taehyung pushes him slightly

Bottle spins in circles and slowly lands on a gap between Rose and you.
“Nothing…Again” Jimin said and spins again and this time lands on you
“Oh fuck.” You laugh
“Nicee. I would like to be with you” Taehyung flirted
You just shake your head.
“Lastt one”
Jimin spins, two times it landed in a gap. You were already getting so fucking nervous and anxious. Bottle slows down and it points at him. Jungkook.
“Oh damn” Taehyung puts his hand over his mouth

Jungkook smiles and stands up.
“You going or what?” he looks down at you
You nod your head and he helps you to stand up.
As you approached to the door that leads into this closet, you were getting more and more nervous. He opens the door, letting you in first.
“Get her Jungkook” Jimin said and you roll your eyes and Jungkook only winks walking in and closing the door behind him.

Pure dark. You couldn’t see anything, not even him.
You could hear your heart beat, like that your heart will jump out of your chest.
“You had sex before, right?” he spoke
“Y-yes” you swallow hard, feeling his body closer to yours. His hand was on your hip.
“No need to be nervous babygirl.” He almost whispers and you feel his face close to yours, and his lips on yours.
First time kissing him was like you’re in heaven. His lips soft, smooth. Nicely working against yours.
“Do I make you nervous, maybe?” he said tilting his head, giving you a long peck on your lips
“No.” you stuttered out
His hand runs slowly down your body, cold fingertips touching your warm skin of your thigh.
“You’re lying. You’re scared” He said, you wanted to scream.
A rush of confidence made you step forward. You lean forwards, pressing your body against his.
Jungkook bit his lip, smirking. His hands run down on your sides, your ass pulling you closer to him, while he began to kiss your neck. You reach between you two and pull Jungkook’s shirt over his head. He did the same to you. You run your hands down his abs, to his pants. He smiled, tilting his head kissing your neck again. One of his hands grabs one of your breasts.
You could feel his warm breath against your skin as he kissed your collarbone, then your breast. You moan a bit.
His other hand reached down, under your skirt. Touching your wet panties.
“Fuck Jungkook. Please I want you now” you said and Jungkook pulled away from you
“Sure babygirl” he said

In a second he pulled his pants and boxers down. Quickly his hands pulled your panties down. His lips attacked your neck as he lifted you off the floor. Your legs wrapped around him and your back was against the wall. Jungkook entered you in one swift motion.
“Fuck” he said as he slammed into you fast. You kept moaning, moaning his name. You felt such a pleasure as he moved.
Your nails were digging into his back, leaving red straight lines across his muscular back.
“Don’t stop” you stuttered out

Both of you came. Your whole body shook. Whole closet was filled with a sound of your guys heavy breathing.
Jungkook pressed his lips against yours softly this time.
“Well damn.” he said and two of you laughed a bit, getting dressed up again.
“GUYS DONE!” both of you hear Jimin shouting

Jungkook grabbed your wrist pulling you towards him. His lips pressed yours again.
“I wanna do this again” you got shook by his words, but had a smile on your face
“Guys you been there LONG ENOUGH!” you heard Jimin shouting

You fix your hair and two of you walk outside. All eyes on you two.
“Jesus Christ did you do two rounds in there since you been longer than 7 minutes” Taehyung smiled winking
Jungkook and you sat down again. He took his cup and drank it, looking at you. You smile biting your lip and looked away.
“So it’s like a secret?” Taehyung asked
“Tae. Why would we or I even tell you how we fucked?” Jungkook looked at him
“Rightt… I just think it was hot since we could hear you two” Taehyung leans back on his palms.
“Oh God” you laughed and covered your face

Walks in is Jungkook’s girlfriend.
“Jungkook what are you doing?”
“What kind of stupid question is that?” Jungkook looks up at her
“Well I was looking for you..“
“I just wanted to tell you, I am going home so I’ll text you” she added
“Okay, bye” Jungkook said and she leaned down and kissed his lips

“I want to dance.” Jimin said
“Let’s go” Troy said

All of you stood up, walking down to the dance floor.

“Y/N. That is a familiar name” you turn your head to the side looking at Jungkook

He looks down at you

“We used to “hang out”…” you said, he raises his eyebrows in disbelief
“You always helped me with test and those that other shit, right?”
“Damn, you got a lot hotter since then. Like fuck” he smirks

You shake your head smiling
“Maybe we can hang out sometime” he said looking down at you
“Not that I don’t want to but I can’t.”
“Nonsenseee” he laughs
“Come on baby, I know you want me again” his lips were at your ear whispering

You look up at his dark eyes, with his smirk on his face he walks away.
“I’m LEAVING!” he shouts to Taehyung and looks at you one more time and leaves.

Daddy (M)

Requested by: Anon!!  I hope you like this <3

Characters: T.O.P (Choi Seung Hyun) x You (OC/Reader) x Song Mino x Other YG Fam

Genre: Smut, smut, smut, and smut and a bit of fluff I think

Beware of: T.O.P AS THE ULTIMATE DADDY, Spanking, Overstimulation, Orgasm Denial, Bondage, Squirting… Basically all of the things that will permit me to enter hell thank you very much

Length: 2320 words

Plot: You are the very lucky girlfriend of one of Korea’s most beautiful men, TOP.  YG held a party for the entire company and you get the chance to meet TOP’s band members as well as co-workers.  However, he caught you flirting with one of his dongsaengs, though you really are not flirting but then again that’s what he was thinking – so you have to leave the party early for you to be punished by him in bed.




You were in awe when you and your boyfriend entered the classy place that YG rented for their yearly gathering.  There is no special occasion in particular, YG just wanted to throw a party because of the entertainment’s success for the last year.

This is the first time that T.O.P will be bringing you to a company party, and you only met one of his band members, since he really is a private person and you’ve just been in a relationship for six months.  So you are technically a guest in this particular party.

You’ve entered the place and happy that there are no media men, since TOP would want to make sure to keep your relationship private as much as possible.

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My Chair (M)

Originally posted by daenso

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 2000

You frantically dug through your purse in an attempt to find your keys, eager to get inside, have a shower and relax in the brand new lounge you bought for the apartment. It was probably the comfiest single-seater couch you’ve ever sat on and you had no hesitation in buying it. You just had to hope your roommate wasn’t home to ruin it for you.

Your roommate, Chanyeol, would never pass up an opportunity to annoy you with his antics. You had only moved in 3 months ago and there was not a day that went past without him cracking a terrible joke or teasing you playfully. But 3 months was enough time for you to realise that he was really a cheerful and bubbly person who always had a smile on his face, and you appreciated that as he could cheer you up on the worst of days.

You finally found your keys and unlocked the door before stepping through and letting it shut behind you. All the lights were off and you assumed that Chanyeol wasn’t back home yet. You threw your purse onto the chair by the doorway and headed straight for the bathroom.

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hbowarrior  asked:

Is the sleeping meme over? Could you please do Gramander??? ♥♥


  • Who is a night owl: They both are night owls. Percival stays up to finish up the report on a very important case and he does this while he’s down in Newt’s suitcase, once in a while glancing at his beloved walking to each and every biomes, making sure the creatures are settled in for the night.
  • Who is a morning person: Percival wakes up earlier than Newt even during weekends. And if he doesn’t have any pressing matters to attend, he will lie in bed, watching Newt sleeps, counting the freckles on Newt’s face and getting lost in the warmness of Newt’s body.
  • Are they cuddlers: Newt is a shameless cuddler. Always plopping on top of Percival’s lap whenever he feels like he doesn’t get enough attention, hugging the older man and nuzzling his neck and Percival never voices out any complain because he secretly loves it when Newt demands for his attention.
  • Who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon: Newt is the big spoon because he is such a giver and he loves the fact that he’s slightly taller than Percival and it makes him smiles whenever Percival pulls Newt’s arm to hug him closer and with his chin on top of Percival’s head, they fall asleep like that. Tangled together.
  • What is their favourite sleeping position: Newt sleeps burrowing into the mattress, a ball of tight bundle of energy while Percival sleeps on his back, body poises for fight if there’s need to be.
  • Who steals all the blankets: Newton Artemis Fido Scamander is the blanket stealer! And not only that, he always kicks Percival out from the soft, warm cocoon.
  • What they wear to bed: Percival wears silk pajamas, Newt wears union suit.
  • Who likes seeing the other wearing their t-shirt: Percival Graves makes quiet satisfied noise whenever he sees Newt wearing his silk pajama top, because the top is wide around the shoulder but so very short that it only gently drapes just shy over Newt’s thighs.
  • Who falls asleep mid-conversation: Percival I Don’t Need To Rest Graves. He works hard at the office and sometime he brings work home and if he falls asleep in the middle of Newt talking about his Erumpent needing a mate, then it’s excusable esp. when Dougal is softly playing with Percival’s hair.
  • Who wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares: Percival always does. His dreams are full of mismatched eyes and someone wearing his face and lately, his dream is plagued with Newt being taken away from him so Newt will always gently holds Percival; stroking his cheeks and neck and mouth, coaxing his lover to come back to him.
  • Who accidentally punched the other in their sleep: Newt because he’s full of energy and even in sleeps he’s ready to defend his creatures.
  • Who can’t keep their hands to themself: honestly, they both have wandering hands esp. Newt. he loves to act all innocent and tenderly caressing Percival’s taut belly, smiling that shy smile when Percival looks at him. And when Percival flips him on his back, Newt will always let out a soft laugh, dirty and sly as he pulls Percival for kisses.

send me a ship and I will tell you: (sleeping!)

trying something new - g.d

(rated mature) i was alone in my apartment with literally nothing to do. i could call my boyfriend to hang out, but he told me he would be going to a neighboring city with his twin brother so i let him enjoy their time together. i didn’t feel like reading or watching any movies, so i went to tumblr and scrolled through a bunch of random stuffs i’ve taken interest at.
i was looking through random blogs when a particular pink themed one caught my eye, so i clicked on the profile. the three newest posts were fairly innocent, but as i dug deeper, i saw things i’ve never seen before. me and my boyfriend, we were adventurous in bed. i have to admit that fact. but we’ve never really tried stuffs like this. now looking at it, what me and my boyfriend were doing was super innocent compared to this. the tumblr blog was about dd/lg relationship. which is daddy and little girl. i’ve honestly thought that this was just a kink, but people actually have a lifestyle, and there’s even a community for it.
the owner made the dynamics of their relationship so pure, but there’s a sensuality in it that i’m intrigued by. i passed by a post with a video as the post. i didn’t clicked on it yet, but the thumbnail showed a girl, hopefully legal, and an much older looking guy putting his hand around her throat. her face was red, but somehow she looked sated in it.
i played the roughly 5 minutes video because tumblr doesn’t allow videos to be more than 5 minutes and it started with the girl laying on her bed with a bunch of stuffed animals circling her. i assumed she was sick because she’s just laying there. then the video transitions as the man in the thumbnail approaches her and she immediately jumps upwards, putting her arms around his neck to kiss him. however she stopped when the man put his left hand on her right cheek. she became timid all of a sudden. i find myself scooting closer to my laptop.
“what did i say to you about touching yourself when i’m not around?” the man starts. the girl slightly trembles, but her composure gives the impression that she wanted it. “i am not allowed to touch myself,” she replies. my eyebrows twitch in amusement. “that’s right. what does daddy call bad girls?” a noticeable swallow noise comes to my ears. probably from the girl. “daddy calls bad girls his slutty princess.” i paused the video immediately, embarrassed with the fact that i’m enjoying this new discovery. i was turned on.
i felt moved to click on the video again to watch it. the video changes again and the girl is now on the man’s lap, his hand guiding her hand to touch herself. as a few seconds pass, he lets go of her hand and she’s doing all the wicked deed by herself, but she’s begging for it.
“who is daddy’s favorite whore?” he cooes beside her ear. “you, daddy!” she whimpered faintly. a crazy thought just appeared on my head. i wanna call my boyfriend daddy as well. and i want him to call me humiliating names and degrade me.
the girl’s moans intensifies as he says crude things to her. he chokes her with his hand and she asks for more. he gags her with his dick but she can’t stop taking it farther inside her throat. my hand makes it’s way to my panties, and i start to rub myself through the already damp fabric. i feel bad, but my body feels electric as i imagine my boyfriend doing the things the man had done to the girl in the video. i slip my fingers inside of me after taking off everything except for my bra.
i tease my clit with soft, light circles and i made myself moan. i’m not the loudest in bed, but my boyfriend loves it when i make sudden gasps and when i spasm as i’m under his control. my breath hitches in my throat as i feel my high coming, like a tidal wave washing through out my system. it was coming, and it was coming hard. i felt my insides clench under my fingers.
i usually can’t come without my boyfriend, but for the first time ever, i have made my legs wet. i put my hand on my mouth, surprised and scared because i’ve never made myself……. come with liquid at the same time. i was confused. did i peed myself?
“fuck fuck fuck,” i chant as i try to take the sheets off the matress. “leave it, princess.” a familiar voice pierces the sex smelling room and i grab the bedsheets to cover my naked self. “fuck, grayson?” i asked to the stranger. but i knew it was him. he was the only person who knows the code to my apartment. “had fun touching yourself, you slut?” my eyes widen at the new profound side of grayson i’ve never experienced before.
the feeling of watching someone getting called names and the feeling when you’re the one who is getting called is totally different. you really do feel small and humiliated. but i can’t say that it doesn’t make me excited. “what were you doing, touching what’s mine?” grayson leans on the door frame and i could feel myself getting weaker by the second. my boyfriend is buff, and the summer sunshine has made his skin bronzer, which made his muscles look bigger than ever. he had the manliest hands and fingers i’ve ever seen, and now its gesturing me to come towards his direction. i was ashamed with how naked i was. i wanted to test how he would react if i stayed still. so i did.
“why the fuck are you not moving?” all of a sudden he is already beside me, one hand pinning both of mine above my head. he looked into my eyes for a few seconds and the next second he’s smiling because of my expression. “you’re such a cute kitten,” he compliments me but i felt like that was just a bait to make me feel like i’m in a safe situation. but i knew better. “not only your face is cute though. you’ve got cute hair,” he speaks as his other hand combs through my hair.
“cute ass,” he lets go of my pinned hands and puts it around his neck. i comply and rest them there. i’m sitting on top of his lap now, and i could feel his rock hard cock against my ass. he makes figure eights against my butt skin before slapping it playfully. “cute tits,” he pinches my right nipple knowing i’m more sensitive on that side than my left. he loves paying attention to that whenever we fuck. “grayson, please” i wail as i bit my lip.
he was torturing me with all this coy attitude, and i’m not sure if i hate it or if i love it and want him to play around more with me. “shut the fuck up and let me talk.” i felt myself getting smaller every second. we’ve dated for a year, but he has never raised his voice like this before. i shut my mouth and let him continue.
“you know what i love most about you, though?” i shake my head, still afraid he’ll tell me to shut up again. he snakes his hand to my inner thigh and move dangerously close to my private part. “i love how sensitive you are…,” he traces the outer part of my pussy and i jolt on his lap. he laughs, the kind of laugh that has a little bit of weight in it and it eases me a little bit.
“make the noises you made before, baby,” he teases me, biting my lower lip. i lean myself on him, rubbing my naked chest against his clothed one. i peck him on the lips but he doesn’t respond. i pout against his lips and he smiles again. i know who grayson is deep inside, and he’s soft all over. “stop trying to be cute,” he grunts and i giggle. “you made me mad because you couldn’t wait for me.” i tug his shirt demanding it to be taken off. he did, and i decided to kiss all over his chest to make him laugh even more. “i’m sorry gray, i’ll wait for you next time okay.” he smiles and kiss my cheek, then my nose. “i love you, princess.”

robb stark: be patient

ANON REQUEST: imagine where Robb Stark and the reader get married and the reader is a Lannister. Also can it be when Ned and everyone was still alive ◔ AND ◔  Robb Stark were Robb and the reader are trying to get pregnant. Also can it be smut.

x  ◔  x – these are the requests, i have just combined them ya feel

You groaned as the the bed creak and a heavy weight was atop of you. You peeked at the man beside you, and almost half of his body is on top of yours. You pushed him off, but he wrapped his leg around yours and he stayed on top of you. “Robb,” you whined.

His voice was muffled by the furs and he didn’t move. You pushed him off again, and he rolled away from you. He pushed himself off the bed, and sat at the corner, looking deviously at you. You pulled up the covers up to your mouth, and he came closer at you. He leapt at you and started tickling your sides and your neck. “Robb!” You screamed. “Stop it!”

He laughed as you wriggled on the bed, and he did stopped tickling you. “That’s for pushing me.”

You pushed him again, and you quickly ran towards the door, but he shut it close and tight. He towered over you, and he trapped you against a wall. He crouched and wrapped your legs around him, pressing himself onto you. He started to kiss you on the lips, on your neck, and on the bare skin above your breasts. He slowly unlaced his breeches as you fumbled with your dress, but both of you stopped when a knock came on the door.

“Robb,” the loud, deep voice came from Lord Stark and both of you sighed. It’s been awhile since both of you had a long time together, and so you groaned. “Your presence is needed in the council.”

Robb softly placed you down, and fixed his breeches. He opened the door, and welcomed his father. You greeted Lord Stark with a smile. “I will be there.” His father, nodded at you and smiled. “I want many granchildren, from both of you.”

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Forever: Monsta X I.M Smut

I hope this was special for you. I’m really sorry if this is shit too… T.T

“Okay hyung… You can leave now” Changkyun mumbled to Minhyuk, watching you play video games with him.
“But I just want to spend time with my (Y/N)!” Minhyuk moved closer and squeezed you in his arms. Causing you to drop the game controller and lose the game.
“Ah. Oppa you made me lose!” You pouted, kicking your legs in annoyance. But that only made Minhyuk squeeze you tighter.
“You’re so cute!” He squealed. And you couldn’t help but smile wide as he squeezed your cheeks; giving in to his antics.
“No But hyung you really should go” Changkyun lifted Minhyuk by his shirt and pushed him out the front door.
“but… But…” You heard Minhyuk mumble as he was thrown out the apartment “fine… GOOD LUCK!” Minhyuk screamed through the door; a shaky Changkyun walking back.
“What was all that about?” You asked, noticing the nervous energy that was surrounding him.
He shrugged his shoulders and sat beside you; “I have something for you” he stated a nervous look in his eyes.
You smiled widely, “Really where is it?!” you asked, looking around him to see where he might have been hiding it. He took your hands and led you out of the living room and down towards his bedroom. You skipped behind him giddy for your present.
“Whoa it’s actually really clean in here! And it smells good too!” you giggled, throwing your bottom on his bed, bouncing up and down on the soft mattress. He pulled out a jewelry bag from his closet and settled himself next to you. You held out your hands and closed your eyes; surprised that he had actually gotten you a gift.
Normally his gifts were surprised kisses or he would pull out a “heart” from his pocket. He would swear he wasn’t cute at all, but when it came to you he was the cutest person of the whole group.

You felt the cold metal hit your palm and you wondered what it was; opening your eyes you found a shiny bracelet. You gasped at how pretty it was, wrapping it around your wrist as hastily as possible. He smiled at the way your face lit up from the present he gave you.
“Kihyun hyung told me you would like it. I’m not really good at these things…” he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.
You kissed him immediately. You could feel his lips curl into a smile as he kissed you back.  His body slowly pressing you into the bed. You held onto the back of his neck as the kiss became more intense. Whimpering as his hips bucked into yours.  
“Changkyun I…” you pulled away from his lips, a blush creeping on your face.
He quickly pushed himself away, “I-I’m sorry, we don’t have to if you don’t want to; I just… God I’m sorry…” he paced across the room, his nervous and shaky hands running through his hair.
“Changkyun… Its fine… I want to” You stated, pulling your body into a sitting position.
“I know it should be perfect and romantic. You deserve it. But I’m just no good at… Wait what?!” He gulped, the rest of his words escaping him. A confused look on his face as his pacing stopped to look at you.
You pushed yourself off the bed, walking towards him, hoping to reassure him.
“I could tell something was up when there was barely any of your members here, Minhyuk being weird, and then giving me the bracelet in your unusually clean room… Kind of gave it away..” You hummed, wrapping your arms around his neck.
He pulled on your hips, “Was it that obvious” he questioned.
“Yes… And while I do think it could have been a smidge more romantic setup. I want to do this” you reassured.

“Really?! With me?!” His eyebrow cocked up, with a surprised expression.
“No. With Minhyuk… Maybe we should call him back home…” You moved away jokingly and went for your phone. But his arms pulled you by your waist; your back into his chest. His hands moving your hair to the side and lips attaching to your neck. You giggled at his actions; his lips at your skin making your giggle quickly turn into a whimper.
“I like that sound” his voice husky at your ear.
You felt the confidence envelop your body, it was something you had never felt before. Gripping his hands and turning him around you.  You pushed him onto the bed, and he landed with a huff; looking up at you with wide eyes. You climbed on top of his lap, straddling his hips. You could feel how nervous he was, the way his body trembled under you.
You continued to kiss him, your lips traveling down his neck, nibbling at whatever skin you came in contact with. Your grabbed the hem of your shirt and pulled it over your head.
“Whoa” he said, staring at your chest. Causing you to blush and cover yourself in embarrassment. He reached around and unbuckled the clasp, snaking the bra off your shoulders and body.
“No! No!” He swatted at your hands and tugged them apart. He looked up at you with a wanting look.
You sighed and your shoulders dropped; knowing exactly what he wanted.
“Go ahead” you sighed pushing your chest out.
He placed his hands on your breast, kneading them with his finger flicking your nipple. You moaned unintentionally from the feeling. Causing him to look at you surprised, which in turn caused you to blush; a red tint creeping along your cheeks.
“I really like that sound” he pulled you off his lap and laid you onto your back. Tugging at the end of his shirt between your fingers, signaling him to remove it. You worked at the button of your jean, sliding it past your hips; Changkyun helping you pull them off the rest of the way. You could see the evident bulge in his jeans, knowing he was just as worked up as you made your body radiate.
He lifted himself to unbuckle his own jeans and snake down his boxers. Moving back to you he kissed along your hips, his fingers sliding down your panties passed you legs and onto the floor with the rest of the clothing.
His hands rubbed your sides as he crawled back up to your lips.
“Are you ready?” he looked at you, moving away the hair that fell to your face and tucking behind your ear. “We don’t have to do this…” he whispered.
“Changkyun, does it look like I don’t want to do this” you hummed.
He gave your whole body another look over, the pink hue washing over his cheeks as he smiled like a child and shook his head. His fingers traveling down your body and to your womanhood. Rubbing his fingers along your slit, kneading your hard nub, until he slipped a finger in you. You felt the slight sting when he added another finger as he pumped slowly; whimpering softly as the feeling turned into pleasure. He pulled his fingers away and positioned himself right at your center; wrapping your thighs around his waist so that you felt as comfortable as possible. He pushed into you slowly, there was an odd pressure and slight sting when he entered you. Your eyes watering from the sting that ran up you body. He comforted you with kissed along your face; trying to distract you from the pain. He stayed still a while, for you to adjust to him. And you exhaled and moved your hips, signaling him to move.
He whispered sweet-nothings in your ear, as his pace picked up slightly. The pain now turning into pleasure and your body wanting more and more of his thrusts. Your moans were driving him insane, he wanted to grind into over and over again. But the idea that he might hurt you held him back.
“Kyunie~” you mewled. He grunted, not being able to form words at how amazing you felt wrapped around him.
“Faster” you begged, needing him to hit that spot he was hitting continuously at a rapid speed.
Heat emanating off your body, boiling with pleasure. His paced picked up and he indeed hit that spot perfectly. Your toes began to curl and your heart would have beat out of your chest; you wouldn’t last long. He admired your body beneath him; the way you wriggled from pleasure. He wouldn’t be able to prolong this. His thrust began to go sloppy and you could feel his body begin to twitch.
Sweat forming on his chest, glistening down his arms, his hair sticking to his forehead.
You could feel the knot deep in your stomach release and your eyes shut while you pulsated around him. The feeling new to him; the way you wrapped around his length made his orgasm come right after you.

He placed the blankets over both your bodies, pulling you into him. He caressed your back; while you traced your fingers along his chest and arms.
He gripped your bracelet clad wrist and pulled it up towards the light.
“Promise me you’ll wear this forever” he hummed.
“The members helped you with everything didn’t they… Who told you to say that?” you chuckled. He was not necessarily the most romantic but he was saying and doing the most romantic things.
“Just promise me” he released a chuckle himself while laced your fingers with his.
“Forever?” you looked up at him and he nodded, placing a kiss to your fingers. “Okay, I promise” you snuggled your head into his chest.

The sound of the front door opening and closing, followed by the loud voices of his members piling into the dorm. Your hear beating fast as you heard the members call out both your names; giggles emitting down the hall, coming closer to the room…

Sexy As Hell



Thursday 1:15 PM.

Brett’s POV

I woke up at 7:30 AM, took a long shower so I would look my best for my consultation at 1:30 PM. I haven’t drink since my last appointment at the clinic. Some how I couldn’t take (Y/N) out of my head, the ways she pronounced every word with her big round lips and the way she smiled when I told her about me. I still couldn’t comprehend why I couldn’t use all of my werewolf powers with her and how I didn’t affect her at all. This woman was starting to drive me Insane. I ate breakfast with Theo and told him all about (Y/N). It was raining in beacon hills today so I was wearing black jeans, black tank top and a black leather jacket. My hair was in its best messy way and I had my aviators on. My mom was working today so I drove myself to the clinic fast. And I’m here waiting inside my car because I was way to anxious to wait till the right time to drive up here. But I also don’t want to look desperate to see her and go in way too early. So I’m sitting here like an idiot holding a big caramel ice latte because she told me that was her favorite drink and I don’t even know why I brought her one but I did.
It was 1:25 PM when I finally decided it was a good time to go into the building. The same older woman greeted me and said that the doctor was already waiting for me in the same room from last time. She was grabbing her jacket so I guess she was ready to take her lunch break. I walked the small hallway and knocked on the door hearing the same sweet voice telling me to come in. I opened the door and I saw her sitting at her desk. She was sexier today. Wearing a white v neck shirt letting me see her boobs a little better this time, white ripped jeans, a black leather jacket and black heels. Her hair was falling over her face in long straight layers, she wore big square glasses today. Which made her eyes look even more welcoming.
She smiled at me when she saw that I was standing there awkwardly holding the coffee in my hands and I thought I saw her checking me out and biting her lips afterwards. But her heartbeat was still steady so I must be imagining things. “Hey Brett, how are you today?” She asked and I realized I was staring at her boobs. I cleaned my throat and smirked at her “you know, the usual. I bought you some coffee” I said stretching my arm out so she could reach the beverage in my hands. “Thank you. I really needed some” she said with a little laugh. Sexy as hell. “Well shall we start?” “Yeah sure, i don’t have any choice anyway” I said shrugging my shoulders and sitting down on the couch. She got up from the table with her notebook and she walked slowly, she was still a lot shorter than me with heels on. But they made her look so fucking sexy I was already getting turned on. “Now, how was your week? Did you talk to Susan at all? Did you go out for drinks? Smoke? Hung out with your friends? Fill me in” she said sitting down next to me “It was ok. I didn’t talk to Susan and no I didn’t do much. Just stayed at home, ordered pizza and watched a couple of movies” “Sounds like fun” she said and I giggled. “Yeah but I really need to start working out again, I’m getting out of shape” “I think you’re perfectly fine” she said biting the top of the pen and looking me up and down. Fuck I was starting to get a boner and she was close enough that I could smell her perfume all over me, her chest was going up and down with her respiratory movement and I couldn’t stop staring at her boobs. I would love to be biting them right now. “So you think I’m hot” I said smirking “well if we are being honest. Yes you are pretty hot and in shape. Now that doesn’t mean I was to sleep with you” she smirked a bit sarcastic and that only made her sexier. “Are you sure?” I asked cheekily. She smiled not saying anything so I moved closer and closer, and she didn’t move one muscle nor pushed me away. When I was inches away from her neck I whispered “are you sure you don’t want me to show you a good time? You looked stressed and I really don’t have anything new to talk about for one hour, maybe we should try another method of therapy huh?” She sighed and looked at me “Brett, we have to be professional. Your mom hired me to take care of your problems. And that’s all I’m going to do” frankly I didn’t pay much attention to what she said. I was too busy staring at her lips “You could start by taking care of this problem” I said grabbing her hand and putting it on top of the bulge in my pants, she looked at me in a warning way and sighed closing her eyes. But she didn’t move her hands. Her heartbeat was still steady. So either she was really professional or she was very hard to turn on. When she opened her eyes they were glowing. Deep purple. I was taken back in shock and my mouth fell open “your eyes…” I began and she got up quickly and walked to her desk standing with her back turned towards me. “ it’s the lighting in here ” she tried to play it off with a pretty lame excuse and I walked over to her trapping her between me and the table “look at me” I asked softly and she shook her head “please back off. You’re too close” she whispered and I closed even more our gap “look at me (Y/N)” I said demanding and she did as I told, staring at me with her big brown eyes. I shined my bright yellow eyes at her and she looked as surprise as me when I saw her real eyes a couple of seconds ago. “What are you?” She asked cupping my cheek “a werewolf” I said bringing my eyes back to the turquoise color “what are you? I’ve never seen eyes like that before” I whispered just inches away from her lips “ A witch” she said moving her nose with mine and I looked at her. Aren’t witches supposed to be ugly and old and all that bullshit? I really didn’t care right now. All I wanted to do was kiss her and fuck her senseless “I’m not a monster” she said with pain in her voice “of course not, you’re not a monster. Neither am I. We are supernatural creatures. That doesn’t mean we are bad or murderers” I said laughing a bit and she smiled looking down and blushing “that explains why I couldn’t pick up your heart beat rate” I said letting her free and she took her leather jacket off. “Yours was going crazy every time you saw me. I guess I really turned you on huh?” She said taking two beers out of the mini bar and I blushed “not fair, you’re drop dead gorgeous, you would turn everyone on” I said getting one of the beers and taking a sip, she walked up to me and smirked reaching for my leather jacket taking it off with a fast move.
Her hands trailed up my arms causing me goose bumps and my heart beat was starting to speed up, my free hand instantly gripped her hips and I pulled her close “can you hear my heartbeat now?” She whispered and bit my earlobe afterwards. I listened carefully and I could hear her heart pounding in her chest like she just finished running a mile long. “Why can I hear it now?” I asked with hoarse voice and she looked at me, putting her arms around my neck “because you know what I am, because I’m letting you in, because I’m not protecting my true form around you anymore” she said and my hand slid down to her butt gripping it firmly “human or witch. You’re fucking up my head, so if you’re not going to let me tear you apart stop teasing me” I said kissing her neck and setting the beer down on the table so I could touch her everywhere while I still had the chance. “This is wrong…” She said moving her head so I could have better access to her neck “why does it feel so right? I want you, you want me. We are both single adults. What’s wrong with that baby girl?” I asked turning us around so she was trapped between me and the desk, for the second time this afternoon. “Someone could find out and I’m your therapist” she said playing with my hair “so fucking what? Tell me that you don’t want this and I’ll stop” I said not believing my own words while I slowly pulled her shirt up. “Brett…. Oh fuck it” she said grabbing me by the neck and kissing me.
Her lips were soft and she tasted like coffee, I pressed her body against mine trying to feel every single little piece of her. I felt her tongue against my bottom lip and I slowly opened up my lips playing with her tongue with my own. The kiss was slow but the moment she pulled a bit of my hair and scratched the back of my neck I didn’t hesitate in kissing her with more pressure. I just wanted to be rough with her. I just wanted to make her scream my name. And beg for me to let her cum.
She pulled away and looked up at me with her glowing purple eyes and I was pretty sure I could of came right there. She was so beautiful, her hand caressed my cheek again but this time long black claws lightly scratched my face. “I’m not pretty when I’m like this” she whispered looking down. “I think you look even prettier like that” I said and she smiled and I smiled back noticing my fangs “I like the werewolf look on you” she said winking at me and I bit her lip drowning blood from it. Somehow she seemed to like that. She stepped away from me and guided me to the couch. Making me sit down. I pulled her making her sit on top of my lap so she could feel how much she was turning me on. She kissed me again managing to mess up even more my messy hair. My hand were on her butt moving her slightly trying to cause us both some relief. I could smell her arousal and it was driving me insane it was almost like I could feel every single little touch she gave me times ten. It was making my dick throb inside my boxers that was already wet with pre cum. We broke the kiss gasping for air and I quickly began kissing her neck, finding one of her sweet spots right below her earlobe sucking and biting on it making sure to leave a mark. The sound that came out of her mouth made me lose all of the rest of self control I had left. My claws quickly tore her shit in half and I could see her white lace bra. A low growl left my lips and I ripped her bra apart too, not having time to take it off. Her boobs were even better than what I pictured. Perky round and hard. I looked up at her and she bit her lips making me press her hips down on mine, another one of her moans filled my ear and my mouth automatically started kissing and liking her left boob while my hand took care of the other. Her nipples were hard and I quickly put one inside my mouth circling my tongue around it, biting and sucking on the skin, switching between both of her boobs giving them the attention they deserved. Meanwhile she was a moaning mess on tops of me, pulling my hair, scratching my neck and bringing my face even closer to her skin. I was starting to sweat so I quickly took off my tank top letting go of her boobs for a moment.
When I looked at them again they were full of purple and red marks, some of the marks had bite marks and her nipples were even harder now, dripping saliva. I sucked them dry for a little while before she pulled me away earning a low growl of disapproval from my part. Her hands went down my chest, scratching my pecs and abs and she started kissing my neck. She made me numb like no other woman had ever made me, I could feel her sucking on my skin and kissing her way down to the hem of my pants. I was already in pain and my dick needed attention. She unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down with my boxers setting me free. I winced when cold air hit my head and when her lips touched it my eyes rolled back. God she was going to kill me. Her hand grabbed my dick firmly and she starting moving her hand up and down slowly teasing me. My lips were already bleeding because of how hard I was biting it with my fangs. Her claws were scratching my thigh while she circled her tongue around my head. “God you’re beautiful” I said making a ponytail with her long dark hair and she hummed with her mouth around my cock and I twitched. I wasn’t going to last long “you’re going to make me cum” I said and she bobbed her head faster, she tried to take more of me in but she couldn’t take it all the way, which she took care with her hands. She let my head go with a pop and licked my dick up and down putting it back in her mouth. My hand moved her head faster and when I realized I was trusting in her mouth ready to release. She didn’t complain. She looked at me and then down focusing on making me cum “fuck I’m coming” I growled releasing inside her mouth. She swallowed and liked me clean.
I was panting and sweating like crazy and I couldn’t wait to taste her. She got up from her knees and I grabbed her throwing her in the couch next to me. I kissed her again and unbuttoned her skinny jeans taking them off of her body fast. She was wearing a mini thong that barely covered anything. I looked up at her and she smirked at me “naughty girl” I growled against her neck biting down and she moaned scratching my shoulders. I opened her legs and started massaging her clit through the thin fabric of her panties. She was soaking wet and she couldn’t keep her moans in. I ripped her panties apart throwing it over my shoulder and got down between her legs. She looked at me sleepily and I began liking her labia, she closed her eyes immediately “look at me babe” I demanded and she opened her eyes watching while I slowly opened her lips and liked her clit causing her to pull my hair, I sucked her clit inside my mouth and nibbled on it a couple of times and all I could hear was her heavy sighs and her low moans. I slid one finger inside of her pussy and my dick throbbed when I realized how tight she was. She buried my head between her legs and I ate her faster making sure I was moving my finger up and out of her in the same speed. “I’m going to.. Ooh Brett” my name coming out of her lips made me work even harder.
Her lips parted and her mouth fell into a O, her head fell back and she arched moving herself against my face I closed my eyes and hummed around her clit sending her over the edge. I could feel her toes curling against my back and the loud moan that came out of her mouth made me not want to stop. But she was too sensible and I didn’t want to hurt her. I liked her cleaned and made my ways up her body. She still had her eyes closed and a relaxed expression was present on her face. “How are you feeling now?” I whispered trailing her arms with my fingertips. “Much better” she said with a low voice and I giggled.
She hugged me and started kissing me slowly again. She was perfection. I hear a pound knock on the door and we both looked at each other in panic. She got up and answered “yes? I’m still in section” “oh I’m sorry Dr. (Y/L/N) but your next patient it’s already here” I heard her receptionist voice and I growled frustrated. (Y/N) looked at me and started to put her jeans back on, since I ripped her underwear, bra and shirt I looked at her with a question look “how are you going to talk to q patient with your boobs out?” “ I have another shirt in that drawer in the table, and I’ll just put my jacket on so my nipples won’t peek through the material” she said pointing at the drawer. I nodded and put my clothes on watching her do the same. After we were both dressed she looked at me a little embarrassed “I’m sorry about this” she said scratching her neck and I smiled grabbing her hips and kissing her lips fast “ it’s ok, can I make another appointment tomorrow so we can finish this? ” I asked putting my forehead against hers. “How about I give you my number, and you can come over later?” She said and I smiled big “I would love that, so can I take you on a date or are you just using my sexy body?” I said and she laughed kissing me “maybe”

Third part ?

I haven’t changed my bed sheets in too long and I feel dirty. I have no motivation to change them though. My professor keeps urging me to turn my topic proposal in for my research paper. It was due two weeks ago. I can find my way to my lap top. I feel out of place in my friend group. Like I don’t belong. I can’t talk to any of my friends because they don’t understand. I’m so lonely I can’t fall asleep at night. I’m resorting to posting my emotions on my blog even though I know no one would see them and I don’t want anyone to see them just becaus do need them to be out there. Not in here. I’m finally seeing my psychiatrist on Tuesday. Part of me is terrified. I’m terrified she’s gonna think I’m crazy. And I mean maybe she should. Legally if they think we are a harm to ourselves they have to inform authorities and could send us away. So do I tell her I almost crashed my car on purpose the other day? Or that I almost stole my step dad’s pain meds? I know I should because it’s important for her to understand how my mental state is (not gr8) but I don’t want to be labeled as crazy. I just need her to tell me how to fix this. And how to make it stop. The only solutions I can see are drastic life changes that would probably just make things worse. I just want to feel ok again. I just want to feel loved again. Why doesn’t anyone love me?

welcome to the family!! do you have any cuddling hcs for the us and ut skeles? (they’re cuddling with their s/o i mean) and have a good rest of your day, dude!! / US and SF bros cuddle headcanons, please!

 TANKS BRO! YOU HAVE A GREAT REST OF YOUR DAY AS WELL! (I went ahead and combined 2 asks, to make it a bit easier for reading, since it was only 2 extra characters. The headcanon answers are below the cut) 

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Just Sorry? A Mini Series (Chapter 3/??)

Warning: This chapter contains mild smut. Following chapters will contain Smut, Angst, Explicit Language, Daddy Kink, Rough Sex

Previous Chapter: 2

Word Count: 2141

“Okay so, a meeting on Monday, dinner party on Tuesday, graduation speech on Wednesday…” Natalie continued to give Jaebum an overview of what next week’s schedule was going to be but the other wasn’t registering a thing the woman said. All morning his head had been spinning as he tried to figure out what had him constantly thinking about you? Catching feelings for a woman was certainly not on his life agenda and he needed to gain control of it before things became to hectic.

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inlovewithkook  asked:

i love your analysis really you're able to deliver the ideas w/o made me uncomfortable ugh i don't know if it makes sense but it makes me wanna talk to you abt jikook for hours ;~; anw i'm here on a mission. can you please do the analysis of that glorious ot7 pic on jimin's birthday after mubank comeback stage in which jimin was sitting pliantly on top of jungkook's lap. thank you and don't feel pressured to do this, i just love your take on jikook is all ^^

I’m feeling so flattered right now. Thank you hon!!!! I’m glad you enjoy my posts!! You’re not pressuring me or anything so don’t even worry about that!!! 

Okay so first off Jimin’s ot7 birthday photo is most definitley iconic if not for only this one thing. When I first saw this my brain kind of went haywire, I mean Jungkook’s face in particular is just-if you google search smug boyfriend and click on images you’ll find his face plastered repeatedly. (I’m not even going to get into the hand he has on Jimin’s nipple. I’m not) I mean seriously what the fuck, he doesn’t even try to be subtle about it or anything. Meanwhile Jimin just looks so soft and happy sitting on his lap. (When I had first seen the photo I thought Jimin had his arm wrapped around Jungkook’s neck and I was two seconds away from having a melt down but my brain was like “Bitch chill, that’s not his arm it’s Taehyung’s, look at the fabric of the shirts.What is wrong with you?”)

Now one thing a lot of us probably noticed was that Jungkook very much kept his distance from Jimin for a majority of his birthday, (He kept his distance on-camera at least. You and I both know that all Jungkook probably wanted to do was shower him with affection and love but I think they were either told to tone it down or it was a personal decision on their part, I don’t know. You decide.) With that being said during their 21st Century performance, they actually had some sweet and subtle moments that had happened before the performance and that iconic ass photo. I think this was their last performance for that day which honestly explains (for me personally anyway) why they had these little moments (as well as why they basically said fuck it in that ot7 photo lmao) They had kept their distance from each other for once again a majority of the day, and I’m not saying they missed each other but listen they missed each other.

(gif credit)

Here we have our classic “Jimin is my sun and moon, so of course I’m going to orbit around him” Jungkook. The thing about this that gets me though is that he was already standing beside Jimin. This was so unecessary on his part but of course he wanted to be closer to him. (Pay attention to the body language, look at the way Jungkook looks down before moving closer, the way he looks off to the side. He tries not to look at Jimin, tries to look as casual as and inconspicous as possible. Now pay attention to Jimin, you see the way he starts fiddling with his sleeves, the way he immediately picks on them the moment he senses Jungkook getting closer. If you watch the video as soon as Jungkook goes back to his original spot that’s when he stops the motion. I’m low-key starting to think that sleeve playing is a nervous tick of his, I’ll definitley be keeping an eye out for that in the future.)

The funny thing about this fake sub is that it’s probably not even that off base to what actually happened on this day like ya’ll have already seen the birthday photo. Come the fuck on. Although we don’t hear what’s being said, (Don’t know if that’s a tragedy or a blessing) It doesn’t even matter because look at the way Jimin lovingly looks at him, the way he smiles when Jungkook is finished talking. It’s so soooooft and gentle and he unconsiously steps towards him soon after and gOd, it’s intimate. It’s so intimate and I use that word a lot when it comes to these two but honestly look at this, look at the way Jungkook shyly averts his gaze, the way he can’t look Jimin in the eye. Look at the way his smile grows as soon as Jimin smiles. HE’S NOT EVEN LOOKING AT HIM DIRECTLY BUT HE’S STILL PAYING ATTENTION TO HIM. IT’S THE SAME AS THE GIF ABOVE WHERE JIMIN ISN’T EVEN LOOKING AT JUNGKOOK BUT HE CAN STILL SENSE HIM COMING CLOSER LIKE THEY’RE BOTH SO ATTUNED TO EACH OTHER. THEY LITERALLY JUST ORBIT AROUND EACH OTHER. IT’S RIDICULOUS. *Bonus: Look at the way they’re mirroring their arms and hands. Kill me.*

(FYI: these next two moments happen after the performance.) Here we have another case of the classic “I’ll do anything to make Jimin laugh and smile because nothing gives me greater joy than Jimin’s laugh or smile” Jungkook. To make it even more obvious he looks right at Jimin as soon as he’s done the dance move, like it’s so clear that the purpose of this was just so that he could make him laugh. (Honestly find yourself a significant other who would willingly embarrass themselves for the sake of your happiness.)

I love this because they’re gazing at each other but then it’s this quick realization of “Oh shit, we’re in public.” Look at the way they both touch their noses afterwards, the way Jungkook tries to play it cool by dancing. (also I see the lip licking, Jimin. You ain’t slick.) My favorite part about this though is the way Jin looks so awkward in the back like as soon as he sees them staring at each other he looks away. I can hear the eternal monologue from here “They’re fucking doing it again. Honestly why do Namjoon and I even bother with these two.”

WELL, I’M DONE RAMBLING.Thank you again for the kind words!!! Your message made me smile! I hope this is what you wanted.

anonymous asked:

I was enjoying your 19th Century AU a lot! Are you going to continue it? Thanks for your great stories!

Sure am, anon! Thanks for your ask. I must confess, I’m a slow writer sometimes, if only because I write a lot for work so occasionally I don’t feel like doing it at home even though I have dozens of ideas pinging around my brain. So I jot them down and work on them later. But I’m always writing something, rest assured! :D

This one still has a ways to go before I forsee an end!

19th Century AU - Part IV

Previous: Part I | Part II | Part III

If there was one thing that Claire excelled at, it was copying documents. Often her father had her make fair copies of contracts for the farm. She had a steady hand, a good eye, lots of patience and time to practice. This skill had come in more useful than she’d ever expected. It had taken a few months but Claire had successfully copied all of Jamie’s transcripts and changed them so they looked like they were her own.

Charles Beauchamp had been accepted to Cambridge with impeccable grades and a very convincing letter to the Dean of Admissions. There had been some worry over whether or not Charles would be accepted for the fall term given the short notice of the application but for such an outstanding student they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have him start as soon as possible.

When the letter came (addressed to Charles of course – luckily it was Claire who waited for the postman every day) a sense of panic suddenly set into her mind. She now felt obligated to go through with her plans because she had done so much to make them happen. Even things with Jamie couldn’t change how badly she wanted to sit in a classroom and learn new things. She had a plan, and with the help of Jenny Fraser she soon had a disguise good enough to fool even her parents. With it on she truly felt like a University man, a junior fellow, like someone who deserved to sit amongst the smartest men in Britain, even if her smarts truly belonged to someone else. Short brown hair (a wig), a thin brown moustache (glued on each time with a mixture of flour, egg whites, gelatin and yeast), and cloth bindings tight enough to leave her chest as flat as a board would get her through her school years.

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Slowly, sensually, your
fingers slide –
my chest, my abdomen,
to my groin, where you
let them rest.
Your fingertips play with
the fabric, begging to be
Your flustered face, your
wide-eyed gaze.
I try to reach,
but you won’t let me play.
This is your show; you’re
in control,
I have to stay –    patient.
I fold
my hands behind my head
to keep me from touching;
keep me from guiding you.
You say, “close your eyes.”
and I do.
You say, “I want you to feel.”
and I do.
Your fingers are cold, but
I like the sensation,
as you cup,
and grasp me
into an upright position.
Your breath is hot, so hot,
filling me with anticipation.
Your lips are soft, so soft,
caressing me; tenderly
kissing me,
from the bottom up, slowly,
‘til you reach the top –
and I feel your
licking me; lapping up
all the juices already flowing
from me. You are killing me.
… and
when I reach, or thrust;
if in any way I try to
take the lead,
you stop.
What are you doing to me?
Forcing me to control my body,
making me
discover the boundaries
of pleasure and
What are you doing to me?
Driving me crazy
with lustful need.
I open my eyes 'cause I want
to see –
you let go of me with
                                  a loud
A shiny silver thread snaps,
sticking on; drizzling down
your chin.
You look at me with a
fiendish grin,
for a moment you seem
in sweet anticipation,
you’ve seen that
on my face
I’ve lost all control; a beast
You are mine now.
Gone is the
—  Tease III - M.A. Tempels © 2016
(Tease I, 
Tease II)
One Direction Preference

You Fall Asleep on His Lap *Requested

Liam: You were both highly intoxicated, stumbling into your apartment. Your legs were exhausted from the heels you had been wearing and overall, you were just so tired. Your mind was so far behind from your movements—you felt so hazy by the time you found the couch your heels were kicked off and you were suddenly shorter than a minute ago, but with the alcohol in your system you didn’t recognize the reason why. Liam, whose hands were securely on your waist this entire time, tightened his grip when you made it to the couch and with a loud thud; he plopped down and pulled you on top of him. Through a fit of giggles you fumbled around on the couch, getting situated. “Tonight was tons of fun,” You sighed, laying your head down on his legs. Liam smiled down at you; even in this state you could see the twinkle in his eye. He nodded in silent agreement, taking a strand of your hair and twirling it around his finger. You sat like that for too long to realize and before you knew it you were long asleep.

Zayn: “Then she wouldn’t go to sleep no matter how many times I tucked her in or played with her hair or read her a story, she just wouldn’t go to bed.” As you explained your rough day with your daughter will Zayn was at work, he drew shapes on your back, in a soothing motion. Taking care of a 3 year old was much harder then you expected and while Zayn was at the studio most days, for long periods of time, you found yourself getting more and more tired each day you had to do it. Tonight was just like any other night, he came home, ate the dinner you had prepared hours ago and got ready for bed. You lay across his stomach as he continued this motion, eyes beginning to get heavy for the both of you. He chuckled softly, “What do you expect she is your child.” You smiled to yourself, but felt too tired to think of a good comeback. With one final yawn, your eyes shut, overriding the need for you to keep them open. Zayn wasn’t far behind; the tracing motion resided and soon he too was fast asleep.

Louis: There was a loud action movie playing in front of you, but as it moved along, you had long ago lost interest in whatever it was that was going on. With your head resting against a pillow on top of Louis’ lap, you could feel yourself getting sleepier as the pointless plot continued to play. “What’s the point of this movie Lou?” You ended the sentence with a huge yawn, making your eyes water. Louis smiled at the sound, eyes going from the screen to you, “What’s the point?!” He began, chuckling, “Well, that guy, no not that  one,” he pointed at the screen, “The other one, well he stole money from that other guy,” Hand moving to point to the other guy on the screen, “and now that guys wants revenge so he kills his family and it leads to all of this. Have you not been watching at all Y/N?” You yawned once more, “To be honest, no. It’s kind of boring. You know I don’t really like these movies.” His eyes returned to the screen wanting to finish it while you closed your eyes, hoping your dreams would be more exciting.

Niall: The two of you sat on the floor, for some reason neither of you could name. Soft music played from his phone as you talked about anything, your favorite pass time. Your head rested against his legs as they were sprawled out on the floor, back resting against the couch. “I dare you not to fall asleep on me.” He jokingly stated. You turned your head, looking up at him, “Hah! I dare you not to fall asleep on me! Did you forget that you are always the first one to sleep in bed every night?” You returned with sass. “I’m a busy man! What can I say?” You rolled your eyes at his remark, “How about the first one asleep has to clean the bathroom tomorrow.” Niall smirked, “Oh you’re so on.” So then started the contest, neither of you moved, just kept talking to try and stay awake, and you could both talk for hours. There was that familiar silence fallen over the room and when you looked up at Niall, you saw that his eyes were shut. Smiling to yourself, you shut your eyes as well, anticipating him cleaning tomorrow.

Harry: Harry and you lay in bed, you with a book in hand, him with his phone in his. Resting your head on his lap in a way to get more comfortable you were consumed by your book, but seeing as it was later at night, you were beginning to get tired. Once a yawn escaped your lips you realized you were much more tired than you thought. “Is your book about gravity?” Peaking over the side of your book, you saw him giggling, “Because it’s impossible for you to put it down!” You watched he smile on his face grow as you raised an eyebrow, “Was that supposed to be a joke?” He nodded, “I thought it was quite clever!” You shook your head at him yet again. Shutting your book and tossing it aside, you grinned at him, “That might have been one of the worst jokes you’ve ever told.” He shrugged, “I thought it was quite good.” He took his hand and ran it through your hair, making you rest your eyes. “Keep telling yourself that babe.” You yawned once more, keeping your eyes shut as he played with your hair, putting you to sleep. 


** ‘Another One’ *DJ Khalid voice* LMAO
This is the most graphic I’ve ever done lol. It gets pretty steamy. But it’s still cute. Comment, reblog, like & follow! Love y'all xoxo **

“Babyyyyyyyyyyy. Come. Sit. On. My. Face.” Justin emphasized each word with a swat on your ass. You were currently laying on the couch trying to get some work done but your nuisance of a boyfriend would not let you up. It kind of boggled you when he was super horny. He turned into a needy little child, not a sexy seducer. This led you to roll your eyes at his antics.

“As much as I love that idea. I’m kind of busy right now…” You don’t look up from your lap top but you can practically feel Justin burning holes into your head. You hear him let out a whine and he plops his ass on the ground, his body adjacent to your face. Now, he’s literally sitting criss cross applesauce in front of you with the biggest pout and his chin resting on his palm. You shoot him a look and he huffs.

“But baby…” He whispers as he leans forward and skims kisses along your cheek.

“Baby.” You mimic him and signal to your laptop. This doesn’t defer him but he merely sees it as a challenge to win your attention. He starts to nibble on your ear, and fuck he knows you love that. With a guttered moan you lightly push his face away. However that just makes him change location and he starts to pepper kisses along your neck. You try to ignore it and continue to type but he gets to your sweet spot and sucks it tenderly. With a loud moan you push off the couch and sit up.

“Justin, I need to get this done!” You let out an annoyed breath and snatch your laptop and place it on your lap. You’re super stressed and the next words that come out your mouth are an intent to hurt.

“Like gosh, I don’t find it attractive when you act like a needy little boy. If anything it’s a major turn off. It doesn’t help that you act like this every single time I have something more important to do then you.” The words slice through the air like venom and it shocks you at how cruel it sounds. You immediately don’t believe the words that came out your mouth and you stop typing in shock. You feel your eyes water and you glance up from the screen to see Justin’s reaction.

He’s still in the same position on the ground but he’s half leaned up on his knee. If anything- It looks like you kicked him down just like you sucker punched his ego right then. Your eyes skim his face and he won’t look at you. His emotions are out bare, and hurt is plastered all over his face. He blinks a couple of times to clear his thoughts and you wait with baited breath to see what he has to say.

“Wow baby, major boner killer huh?” Justin voice cracks a little and you can tell he’s trying to hide how hurt he feels from what you said. He rubs the back of his neck and a light blush coats his neck. You embarrassed and humiliated him and you feel like shit.

“I’ll leave you alone…sorry.” He sounds like a kicked puppy and automatically you’re planning ways to grovel for his forgiveness. He’s the sweetest and you’re the biggest bitch. Before he can totally walk away you grab his hand and stand up. He won’t look you in the eye.

“Jay…” You caress his hand and try to coax him to look at you. He finally does and you can see the insecurity shine in his eyes. He gives you a weak smile. You automatically lean forward and give him a soft kiss.

He’s caught off guard and doesn’t respond. Your lips move gently against his and still no reaction. With a sad sigh, you squeeze his hand that’s being cradled in your left and lean your body till its flush against his own. With your other hand, you lock it into his hair and tug him down till he’s leaning into you. You know he loves it when you do that.

“Kiss me back baby..” You fan your lips across his so he can feel the sexual tension. His eyes are closed and when you see him dart his tongue out to lick his lips you attack.

You openly kiss him, and envelope his lips between your own. You try to pour your apology into the kiss by light nibbles to his bottom lip and tender caresses on his scalp. After a few moments, he starts to get into it and your tongues dance sensually. When air is needed he separates his lips from yours and creates an inch of space. This doesn’t stop your apology tour, you move a kiss to the corner of his mouth, his jaw, and then towards his neck.

Justin’s breathing is becoming more rapid as you get closer to his sweet spot. You feel him shutter as you seductively run your tongue across his neck. A combination of wet kisses and nibbles has him panting in seconds. By now Justin is gripping your waist and your hands have moved to sensually rub the v of his hips, dipping every once in a while to peak into his underwear.

“Y/n…” Justin moans as you give him a hard bite. “I..I forgive you. Yo–ah -you have to finish work…right?” He lets out a load groan with his head tilted back as you slowly slide your palm into his pants and grip him and then release.

You don’t respond, and with Justin’s distracted state you easily push him onto the couch. He looks up at you confused before you push his legs open and kneel in front of him. Leaning up with your arms supported by his legs, you place your face centimeters away from his own.

“I owe you an apology Jay…” You whisper across his lips. Justin’s eyes are half lidded and he’s staring at you in awe. He’s distracted by your hands rubbing circles on his thighs.

“No…” Justin leans forward to try and capture your lips.“ Baby stop its okay…I just wanna kiss.” Justin whines as he tries to reach your lips once again. You give him a chaste kiss to get him by but you silently wait till he opens his eyes to see how serious you are. Once he does you give him your heart.

“I love you and I’m sorry for being mean…” You whisper intimately. Justin gives you a weak smile and shakes his head. You kiss him lightly on the nose. “No really baby, I love your cute little horny self. You turn me on all the time!” You enthuse vibrantly. Justin lets out a chuckle and rubs your hips.

“It’s okay. I know you didn’t mean it. It just wasn’t the reaction I was hoping for when I offered to eat my girl out like a happy meal.” Justin says it so innocently that you can’t help but let out a loud laugh and he soon follows. With new found determination, you stop laughing and Justin abruptly stops with you when he notices your change in mood.

Your eyes turn hot molten and you seductively lean up and lick his bottom lip. Justin’s grip on your hip tightens and you slowly push his pants to slide them down to his ankles. He watches you with fascination as you lean back and pull his underwear down.

“Baby?” You question. Justin watches as you take him in your hand and begin to stroke. He continues to groan and you slow down till he gets the hint that you want him to respond.

“Yes, baby. Wh–what?” Justin looks down at you while struggling to speak. You swipe your tongue out quickly and give him a quick lick and a peck to his tip. He lets out a hiss as you do so.

“Sing for me.” And with that command Justin’s moans fill the room as you finish your work.

5sos everytime they shop for groceries probably
  • luke: guys omg we have to eat healthy
  • mikey: i just want chocolate can we leave
  • calum: omg these look like boobs, omg ashton look
  • luke: those are cantaloupe you uncultured swine
  • mikey: *sits down in the middle of aisle and pulls out lap top*
  • ashton: these are squishy omg is this what boobs feel like
  • luke: those are moldy grapes ashton stop
  • mikey: are we done can we go home
  • calum: omg they sell condoms here
  • ashton: *takes every box and puts it in the cart* alright boys, all ready to go
  • luke: you literally got nothing but condoms you dumbass
  • mikey: im hungry
  • calum: omg can we buy expensive champagne
  • luke: you're like 12 calum shut up