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“Babyyyyyyyyyyy. Come. Sit. On. My. Face.” Justin emphasized each word with a swat on your ass. You were currently laying on the couch trying to get some work done but your nuisance of a boyfriend would not let you up. It kind of boggled you when he was super horny. He turned into a needy little child, not a sexy seducer. This led you to roll your eyes at his antics.

“As much as I love that idea. I’m kind of busy right now…” You don’t look up from your lap top but you can practically feel Justin burning holes into your head. You hear him let out a whine and he plops his ass on the ground, his body adjacent to your face. Now, he’s literally sitting criss cross applesauce in front of you with the biggest pout and his chin resting on his palm. You shoot him a look and he huffs.

“But baby…” He whispers as he leans forward and skims kisses along your cheek.

“Baby.” You mimic him and signal to your laptop. This doesn’t defer him but he merely sees it as a challenge to win your attention. He starts to nibble on your ear, and fuck he knows you love that. With a guttered moan you lightly push his face away. However that just makes him change location and he starts to pepper kisses along your neck. You try to ignore it and continue to type but he gets to your sweet spot and sucks it tenderly. With a loud moan you push off the couch and sit up.

“Justin, I need to get this done!” You let out an annoyed breath and snatch your laptop and place it on your lap. You’re super stressed and the next words that come out your mouth are an intent to hurt.

“Like gosh, I don’t find it attractive when you act like a needy little boy. If anything it’s a major turn off. It doesn’t help that you act like this every single time I have something more important to do then you.” The words slice through the air like venom and it shocks you at how cruel it sounds. You immediately don’t believe the words that came out your mouth and you stop typing in shock. You feel your eyes water and you glance up from the screen to see Justin’s reaction.

He’s still in the same position on the ground but he’s half leaned up on his knee. If anything- It looks like you kicked him down just like you sucker punched his ego right then. Your eyes skim his face and he won’t look at you. His emotions are out bare, and hurt is plastered all over his face. He blinks a couple of times to clear his thoughts and you wait with baited breath to see what he has to say.

“Wow baby, major boner killer huh?” Justin voice cracks a little and you can tell he’s trying to hide how hurt he feels from what you said. He rubs the back of his neck and a light blush coats his neck. You embarrassed and humiliated him and you feel like shit.

“I’ll leave you alone…sorry.” He sounds like a kicked puppy and automatically you’re planning ways to grovel for his forgiveness. He’s the sweetest and you’re the biggest bitch. Before he can totally walk away you grab his hand and stand up. He won’t look you in the eye.

“Jay…” You caress his hand and try to coax him to look at you. He finally does and you can see the insecurity shine in his eyes. He gives you a weak smile. You automatically lean forward and give him a soft kiss.

He’s caught off guard and doesn’t respond. Your lips move gently against his and still no reaction. With a sad sigh, you squeeze his hand that’s being cradled in your left and lean your body till its flush against his own. With your other hand, you lock it into his hair and tug him down till he’s leaning into you. You know he loves it when you do that.

“Kiss me back baby..” You fan your lips across his so he can feel the sexual tension. His eyes are closed and when you see him dart his tongue out to lick his lips you attack.

You openly kiss him, and envelope his lips between your own. You try to pour your apology into the kiss by light nibbles to his bottom lip and tender caresses on his scalp. After a few moments, he starts to get into it and your tongues dance sensually. When air is needed he separates his lips from yours and creates an inch of space. This doesn’t stop your apology tour, you move a kiss to the corner of his mouth, his jaw, and then towards his neck.

Justin’s breathing is becoming more rapid as you get closer to his sweet spot. You feel him shutter as you seductively run your tongue across his neck. A combination of wet kisses and nibbles has him panting in seconds. By now Justin is gripping your waist and your hands have moved to sensually rub the v of his hips, dipping every once in a while to peak into his underwear.

“Y/n…” Justin moans as you give him a hard bite. “I..I forgive you. Yo–ah -you have to finish work…right?” He lets out a load groan with his head tilted back as you slowly slide your palm into his pants and grip him and then release.

You don’t respond, and with Justin’s distracted state you easily push him onto the couch. He looks up at you confused before you push his legs open and kneel in front of him. Leaning up with your arms supported by his legs, you place your face centimeters away from his own.

“I owe you an apology Jay…” You whisper across his lips. Justin’s eyes are half lidded and he’s staring at you in awe. He’s distracted by your hands rubbing circles on his thighs.

“No…” Justin leans forward to try and capture your lips.“ Baby stop its okay…I just wanna kiss.” Justin whines as he tries to reach your lips once again. You give him a chaste kiss to get him by but you silently wait till he opens his eyes to see how serious you are. Once he does you give him your heart.

“I love you and I’m sorry for being mean…” You whisper intimately. Justin gives you a weak smile and shakes his head. You kiss him lightly on the nose. “No really baby, I love your cute little horny self. You turn me on all the time!” You enthuse vibrantly. Justin lets out a chuckle and rubs your hips.

“It’s okay. I know you didn’t mean it. It just wasn’t the reaction I was hoping for when I offered to eat my girl out like a happy meal.” Justin says it so innocently that you can’t help but let out a loud laugh and he soon follows. With new found determination, you stop laughing and Justin abruptly stops with you when he notices your change in mood.

Your eyes turn hot molten and you seductively lean up and lick his bottom lip. Justin’s grip on your hip tightens and you slowly push his pants to slide them down to his ankles. He watches you with fascination as you lean back and pull his underwear down.

“Baby?” You question. Justin watches as you take him in your hand and begin to stroke. He continues to groan and you slow down till he gets the hint that you want him to respond.

“Yes, baby. Wh–what?” Justin looks down at you while struggling to speak. You swipe your tongue out quickly and give him a quick lick and a peck to his tip. He lets out a hiss as you do so.

“Sing for me.” And with that command Justin’s moans fill the room as you finish your work.

DAY 3100

Jalsa, Mumbai                     Sept 25/26,  2016                 Sun/Mon  1:47 am   

Birthday - EF Nada Emad Mohmmed , Vikas Agarwal  

Monday, September 26, 2016

We wish Nada Emad and Vikas a most prosperous birthday and wishes for a happy life .. all love from the Ef …

I remain with the masses for a while .. I do feel an oncoming tired jibberish emanating from my pen on the lap top .. but as in all cases, there are limitations ..

I feel lethargic to enumerate the goings of the day .. but it is heartening to note that most that come to the Discus, do not go back disappointed .. so yes there are meetings with prospective makers .. and yet again there is discussion on what is on offer and what is not .. which brings us to that sensitive issue and the question of the day ..

When does one say Good night …!!??

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahhaahhahaha !! Gotcha !

And so here endeth the lesson .. !!

Amitabh Bachchan

ok heres something: john coming downstairs in the middle of the night to pee and noticing the light is on in sherlock’s room. it’s like 3:30 in the morning. he pops in and asks what hes up to, hes got work stuff everywhere and is on his laptop. john sits down on the bed and listens to sherlock talk. john dozes off. sherlock keeps working but turns the light off for john. eventually john wakes up to sherlock covered in drool with his laptop still open and feels very softe and warm inside