lap dancers

Dirty Dancing


Summery: Dance practice turned steamy is probably the best way for you to end your day

W/C: 2570

You moved from America to Korea thanks to your dance abilities. You had been doing what ever it was you could to become a professional dancer and when the all girl group Red Velvet called upon you for your assistance to ‘Americanize’ their dancing you couldn’t help but chuckle and happily accept their offer to fly you out. You knew by the term 'Americanize’ and watching the girls perform that this term was just a nice way of them asking you to teach the girls how to look sexier in their dancing. You didnt mind though, sexy was your specialty.

You had been working with the girls for weeks now and found yourself loving their company. They were so sweet and worked so hard that by the time you got home and kicked off your shoes you held no grudges against how tired you were; this was your dream.

Word spread that a new professional dancer was helping Red Velvet out and soon your 9 to 5 days were turned into 6 to 12 with all the extra lessons you had been giving. Your favorite, aside form Red Velvet of course, was the boy band BTS. Though their members varied in ability they took every pointer you had with stride and did their hardest to work to improve, even when you weren’t there yelling at them to step on a certain count.

Within this group you spent the most time with Jimin, why you had no idea. He was definitely one of the more talented dancers of the group and picked up the choreography extremely fast. But still you found yourself meeting up with him and two of the other boys at 8 and even when the others left at 10 you were still working with him till midnight almost every day of the week. You kicked it off with him right away and would be stupid to not admit half the reason you enjoyed working with him so much had partly to do with how gorgeous he was, both inside and out. Tonight was different, though. Hoseok and Jungkook had stayed behind basically begging you to finally perform a dance they had seen you do a month before moving to South Korea.

“Guys I don’t think thats a good idea.” You laughed shaking your head as you remembered the dirty choreography.

“Oh common, we’ve already watched you do it on youtube, why can’t you do it now?” Hoseok said as the three of them sat against the glass staring up at you.

“Yeah, and then when your done you can teach it to us and we can do it.” Jung kook said smiling up to you.

Biting your lip you raised your hands to stop the boys from talking over you and agreed, mainly because you wanted to see these three rolling around and twerking on the floor.

“Fine, but you can’t act weird.” You said pointing a finger at each of themas you fixed the large cut up tee you were wearing over your dance spanks. When they all agreed you pulled the song 'Privacy’ by Chris Brown up and walked to the opposite wall.

You took a deep breath before nodding to Hoseok to press play and when the right part came on you started your strut forward, making sure you popped your hips with every step you took. This room was alot smaller than the floor you originally danced this on and you soon found yourself extremely close to the boys as you dipped down from your kneeling position and flicked your butt in the proper motion. Your eyes met Jimin’s as you did this and for half a second you almost forgot your next step. You saved yourself by improvising and twirling on one of your kneepads and swinging your left leg around until you landed in the splits catching back up to the beat, Smiling as you realized how close your long leg was to where Jimin sat with open knees. You dipped and rolled again landing in another set of splits before rolling once more to twerk on the beat again.

Finishing you stood up and covered your face with your hands as the boys clapped and stood.

“Y/n, I don’t think I can do the whole.. You know.” Jungkook said spreading his legs as far as they could to indicate a split.

“Thats okay, theres different choreography. I kind messed up a little” You said still red in the cheeks which was caused by the dark look Jimin was giving you.

“What if we made it a pairs dance? Jimin, you have experience in pairs right?” Hoseok said leaning forward to look at Jimin.

When the two of you agreed You took your place infront of Jimin and shuttered at the feeling of his hand on your hip as you waited for Hoseok to play the song. This was the first time you were running it through after the boys helped you add a more masculine part to the dance and you couldn’t help but blush at how dirty it was, and coming from you that was saying something.

The two of you stepped and then double stepped twice together when the time in the song came and your couldn’t help but only focus on the feeling of Jimin behind you. To make it even worse, as you snaked your body to the side and placed your hands on your knee as you popped your hip the feeling of Jimin’s crotch hitting your body as he mimicked your move and thrusted forward sent a chill up your spine. You let him spin you twice before catching your back and dipped you till you were left in a back bend where you kicked over to land in the splits once more, twerking for two beats as Jimin stepped around you.

You took his hand as he pulled your body back up and stuck his leg between yours as you ground upon his thigh till the two of you were kneeling on the floor and as you dipped your body again so your cheek was now pressed to the floor
 you rose your behind to snap it you watched as Jimin rolled his body beside you, not taking his eyes off of your exposed skin. The next move was worse as you followed the original choreography and laid on your side to Lift your leg so your knee was by your ear. You almost forgot that Jimins part was to hold your leg up while hovering over your body so when his hands wrapped around your ankle you forgot to finish the move out.

“Alright!” Hoseok clapped as the dance finished and Jimin held a hand out to help you rise from the ground. The touch of his fingers once again making you forget about the other two boys.

You went home that night flustered and not quite sure what to do with yourself. You found yourself on the couch freshly showered with a smoothie in your hand watching and rewatching the video the boys were talking about when they brought up dancing for them, Jimin and his touch still very much in the front of your mind. There was a knock on your door and without looking up, or even thinking you called out.

“Its open!”

You took another sip expecting to see one of the Red Velvet girls as you had been placed in the same dorm building as them, but as Jimin walked into the apartment and stood in front of the coffee table you choked on a strawberry seed.

“What are you doing here?” You said suddenly becoming very selfconcious with your choice of pjs; an old sports bra and your class of 2014 highschool sweatpants. You watched as Jimin looked at you with the same look he had when you first danced for him, pure lust and you felt yourself fighting the urge to look at his lips, so you bit yours instead. You waited for him to say something but he seemed just as lost for words as you felt. The stare down became unbearable so you shifted so now both your feet were on the hardwood floor.

“Jimin?” You breathed he still hasn’t said one word. You watched as he finally looked away from you, obviously having a battle within himself before his eyes set back on yours and he moved from behind the coffee table and lent down with his arms straddling your body.

You couldn’t take it anymore and finally let your eyes move down to his lips, causing you to see something that make you smiled. In his bent over position his loose shirt fell forward so you could see straight down it. You but your lip and let your eyes gaze down his now slightly exposed chest. Not being able to help yourself as you took two fistfuls of his shirt and looked back up to meet his gaze. He chuckled and bit his lip before leaning down till your lips were barley apart. He hovered there, trying to make sure that this was okay for you, but it more than was. You were the one to close the space between the two of you by letting go of his shirt with one hand and hooking it behind his neck.

The kiss was heavy and needy between the two of you. With all the sexual tension that had been building up between you two the past few weeks you were surprised this didn’t happen sooner. His hands had traveled up so his palms rested against your cheeks while his fingers hooked around your neck holding you in places. Without him even needing to ask you let him slip his tongue into your mouth, giving up the fight to control him sooner than you wanted to. It just felt so good to have him powering over you. Frantic hands reached down to his shirt and in one swift motion you were tossing it over the back of the couch, now eyeing your new candy. The kiss picked back up and you couldn’t help yourself when you started to run your hands all over his chest, making sure not one inch of skin was left untouched. This included all the way down to the hem of his pants, where his member was already filling any wiggle room he had to spare. This make you gasp into the kiss, the need for him now was stronger than ever. He took your hint and sat next to you to encourage you to swing a leg over him. You tugged at his hair making his head snap back as you started to grind on his lap, letting your dancer hips control his new found stimulation. With his hands now tracing up your bare back and his fingers intertwining with the many crossing straps of your bra he sat up giving him your open neck to trail kisses down. He found your sweet spot to be right in the crevice between your collarbones and your breath hitched. You felt him smile against your skin  as he nipped and sucked at your quick to mark skin. Groaning you tugged his hair again so you could press your face to his. Pressure pulling at your shoulders told you he was tugging at your bra, which you quickly let him take off of you before he laid you down on your back. You reached forward confidently as and started to palm his member through his jeans while he kissed you feverishly once more. You decided to take this part slow, palming him than stoping to unbutton, than palming just to stop and unzip. It got tot he point where he growled and sat up to take his pants and boxers off before ripping yours form underneath you. He didn’t take a second to pause and look at you, his lips needed yours too badly so as he crawled back over you and lent down to kiss you couldn’t help but groan at the feint feeling of his member against your slit. You started to raise your hips up and down again just to feel him close to you. To try and get him to touch you. He bit your bottom lip and smiled a mischievous smile as he let his fingers travel down your body till he hit your core. You gasped at his touch now grinding your hips to mimic the movement of his fingers. He entered you and started to pump, his lips finally leaving yours so he could take one of your breasts into his mouth where his skilled tongue flicked and sucked on and around your over sensitive nipples. You bit back a moan and tried to reach for his member but it was just out of grasp.

“Jimin.” You said in a husky voice through a shutter

“Tell me what you want.” He said, his hot breath against your wet nipple causing a shiver down your spine as it became even more erect than it was before.

“Fuck me.” You barley breathed, the sensation of his fingers starting to drive you to your favorite feeling.

“I can’t hear you.” He said slowing down his pumping on purpose.

“Dear God just fuck me!” You said a lot louder than you intended.

He chuckled again before kissing his way back up to your mouth. You felt him line himself up with your opening and you groaned, this teasing was too much. Once aligned he started to press his tip into you slowly causing you to break out of the kiss so you could moan into his shoulder. You were surprised just how much of you he took up. You started to roll your hips against him as he teased you by staying still. He cussed at your movement and instantly picked up to a speed you weren’t fully ready for, but still you let a cry out in pleasure as you started to fit to him. He crashed his lips to yours once again but the kiss was sloppy between shaky breaths and moaning from the both of you. His pumps became staggered and rough as he reached down to rub your clit. With every pump you felt yourself getting closer the edge and you knew he was right there behind you. His forehead was pressed to yours and you grabbed tighter to his now dampening hair trying to hold yourself still but with your orgasm was this close to spilling over your back arched and you pressed yourself up into Jimins chest to the point where he had to hold you down. The moment his free hand grabbed onto your hips was the moment you came. And you came hard. He rode out your high until his came and he quickly pulled out and gasped when you pushed him to his back so you could finish him off with your mouth. His hand found your hair and knotted it around his fist as you bobbed your head against his bucking hips. You heard him cuss your name before groaning once more and releasing into your mouth. You swallowed before he could even let go of your hair. Sitting up you looked up to see him staring at you with lidded eyes and goofy grin. You reached your smoothie and took the straw between your lips to tease him with a wink. A wink that made him grab your hand and pull you into your open bedroom for another round before the two of you passed out in each other’s arms from exhaustion.

One dance (M)

BACKGROUND: A Lap dance with Jungkook suddenly stirs feelings both of you never thought existed between you.

AUTHORS NOTE: this is just part one out of a twoshot. The smut will be posted on the second part. I’d just like to warn you that I absolutely cant write smut to save my life so bear with me :’(

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 The words echoes in your brain, a constant reminder of your failure and of the economical injustice that a single blow job could do. 

 You grab a random shot glass from the table and press it against your lips, welcoming the bitter heat down your throat. You slam the glass down and hang your head in defeat as you drone out the vibrations around you. You clench your fists together as the announcement earlier this morning flashes back in your head.

 "For the female lead, let us all congratulate Ms. Jung Jihyun" 

 A chorus of unsure claps echo around the room as you feel your breathing stop. You lean against the wall behind you and snap your head up to look at Mr. Byun, begging him to say it was a joke, that he was lying and the part was actually yours. As if he senses your gaze, he lifts his head up to look up at you, an apologetic smile gracing his lips.

 "Understudy, Y/FN" 

 Eyes turn to look at you in disbelief as you swallow the lump stuck in your throat, tears threatening to fall from your eyes. Months of training, days you spent away from the world, all wasted as the part that everyone knew was meant for you was given to… 

 "Better luck next time.“ You hear Jihyun say as she places her hand in front of you, a teasing smile on her face as she shrugs her shoulders “No hard feelings, right?" 

 "Back off, Jihyun.” You hear Jimin hiss from beside you but you simply wave him off as you square you shoulders and meet her gaze head on. 

 "Go choke on Mr. Byun’s cock one more time why dont you?“ You smile before turning around to look at your friends who glare at the girl beside you as she lets out a scoff, ready to call you out. Before she can say anything, you force the smirk on your face and turn to look at her, your eyes twinkling in anger. 

 "Break a leg." 

 "How about I actually break it for her? That cock sucking whore!” You hiss in anger, making a reach for another shot glass but a hand quickly takes it from you. You prepare yourself for another verbal battle with the asshole who dared to mess with you but once your eyes land on Jungkook, the words die on your mouth. 

 "Understudy problems?“ He smiles, head bobbing to the side as he takes the shot onto his own lips.

 "Feeling the same?” You ask. Jungkook was Jimin’s understudy as the older boy was assigned the leading male role, basically being Jihyun’s on stage partner. 

 "Not really.“ He shrugs as he takes the seat in front of you "Jimin Hyung definitely deserved the lead role this time." 

 "Yeah he did.” You nod, remembering how much your best friend had practiced just as much as you. Both of you were aiming for the lead roles for this season and spent more hours in the dance room rather than at home. Luckily, Jimin had gotten what he deserved. While you on the other hand, got the bitter end of the deal. 

 "Every one in that dance studio knows you deserved that role, Y/N. Dont down yourself so much.“ Jungkook senses your distress and you just let out a scoff as you rub your hands together, every bone aching night you spent practicing replaying in your head. 

 "It still wasn’t enough.”

 "That’s cause she played dirty!“ Jungkook groaned "Everyone knows she slept with Mr. Byun to get that part! Don’t even think that she could compare to you! She can’t do half the things you can!" 

 You blink your eyes in surprise, shocked that Jungkook was getting so worked up about something that concerned you. You weren’t really close per say. Sure you were in the same team but Jungkook always chose to be by himself when you practiced. He’d distance himself, only ever talking to your male colleagues when needed. Jungkook hardly gave the girls any notice when in truth, every girl was basically head over heels over him. Jungkook was not only a greek god by looks but his talent on the dance floor could leave any person speechless, his talent ranging from contemporary to breakdance. 

 "Th-Thanks.” You blush “But I guess talent isn’t enough in this industry anymore." 

 "Then fight fire with fire.” Jungkook mutters, pouring you another shot before pouring himself one.

 "You mean sleep with Mr. Byun?“ You frown, taking the shot glass in your hands. 

 "God no!” He scoffs “Dont even fucking think about it. You’re way better than that." 

 You let out a smile before placing the shot glass against your lips "What makes you so sure about that, Jeon?" 

 The questions shocks him as he stares at you wide eyed, an innocent look of confusion crossing his features. He immediately shakes the shock away, a darker looking taking over his face as he leans closer to you.

 "I just know.” He shrugs before downing his own shot. You roll your eyes at him before turning your head back when you hear the familiar voices of your friends.

 "Hey baby.“ Hoseok coos as he places his arms over your shoulder. "Ew.” You frown, pushing him off of you before laughing. From the corner of your eye, you can see Jungkook’s back straightening as he watches you. 

 "Hey Kook.“ Jimin greets him, taking the seat beside the younger boy "I thought you weren’t coming?" 

 You glance at the younger boy who gives Jimin a small smile before turning to look at you again "I had nothing better to do." 

 "Well I think it’s great you made it!” Jimin chimes before turning to look at you, a sad expression suddenly taking over his features “You okay?”

 "Quit it with the apologetic looks Chim, before I slap you.“ You groan, annoyed. 

 "Alright, I’m sorry.” He waves “But I just want you as a partner so bad! Jihyun’s over there right now basically raping Mr.Byun and I cant stand the fact that I have to work with her for months!”

 "Well at least you can describe how Mr. Byun’s dick tastes to us now.“ Hoseok teases making the younger boy fling a bottle cap at him. You bite back a laugh and turn to look at Jungkook who was shaking his head as he smiled. Has he always been this good looking?

 As if sensing your gaze, Jungkook turns to look at you. He arches an eyebrow and you simply shake your head before turning to look back at Jimin, embarrassed that you had been caught staring. 

 "Okay Okay!” The DJ suddenly calls out through the speakers as the music dies down. The crowd whines in protest but turn to him in attention nonetheless. 

 "So right now, Han’s agency is celebrating with us all. How about I hear you guys out? Han agency?“

 The boys around you scream, the rest of the club vibrating with the screams of your fellow members. 

 "Alright!” The DJ laughs “Now I heard some of ya’ll are dancers! In fact I’ve been watching most of you on the dance floor and shiiiiit" 

 "Can he just get to the point?” You hear Jungkook mutter behind you and you have to stifle a laugh as you bite your lower lip, leaning against the table behind you.

 "Now in the club, we all know what type of dancing we all appreciate, so how about we get these dancers to show us what a lap dance really is?“

 You watch as Jihyun smiles at the DJ and nods her head. You turn to look at Jimin who meets your gaze and nods in agreement. 

 "She gave the DJ this idea.” Hoseok speaks out your spoken agreement before rolling his eyes “She’s really something isn’t she?" 

 The crowds starts cheering as Jihyun starts tugging Mr. Byun’s hands towards the stage where a few chairs were laid out. 

 "Ey Ey!” The DJ howls “How about we make this a competition though? Best lap dancer gets free shots all night!”

 The crowd hollers and Jihyun laughs as she scans the room, waiting for takers. And for some sick reason, her eyes land on you. She places her hands on her hips before smirking and wagging her eyebrows. You let out a scoff as you ball your hands into fists, trying to resist the urge to run towards her and slam her head against the asphalt. 

 "Come on, Y/N. I’ll partner with you, I can’t fucking stand her!“ Jimin screams as he stands in front of you, eyes begging you to stand up. 

 "What? You want me to go up there and compete with her?” You frown.

 "She’s fucking asking for it!“ Hoseok groans as he turns to you, basically shoving you off of your seat "Now go fucking grind on Jimin and teach her who’s boss!" 

 "I- No, I cant even lap dance. What the hell!” You shake your head, but catch the laugh that escapes Jihyun’s mouth as she watches you. Your jaw locks in anger but you force yourself to turn to look at Jimin who pouts at you.

 "Y/N, you have hips that would put any stripper to shame! Come on, a lap dance isn’t that different from what we usually do, you just have to dance on someone!“

 You blush at Jimin’s choice of words but let out a sigh, actually reconsidering. A slight cough catches your attention and you snap your head back, forgetting that Jungkook was actually around. 

 "Jimin’s right. You beat her in all aspects of dancing, she may be a whore but a lap dance is still a form of dance. You can still show her her place.” He agrees and you feel your cheeks heating up even more. Never in your life would you have expected such a compliment about you to leave Jungkook’s lips. 

 "I- I dont know.“ You mutter "I dont really have any idea what to do.”

 "Jimin Hyung.“ Jungkook calls out before standing up and rubbing the back of his neck "If you dont mind, how about I go up with Y/N there? I can guide her through a few moves and it’ll be fun to have both understudy’s up there to show Mr. Byun a few things about ourselves.”

Your eyes widen at his preposition and you turn to look at Jimin who purses his lips before shrugging his shoulders and nodding “That sounds good. Plus, Jihyun’s always had a crush on Jungkook so this’ll piss her off even more.”

 You turn to glance at Jungkook who just shakes his head before looking down at you with a smile “You game?”

 You let out a sigh, turning your head back to look at the stage where Jihyun waves at you. You let out a growl before jumping off of your seat, wrapping your hands around Jungkook’s wrists and tugging him behind you. 

 "Looks like we have a contender!“ The DJ screams and you can hear most of the people in your agency scream in excitement. You walk up the stage and Jihyun is there to meet you, hands on her hips and the devils smile on her face. 

 "Wow Unnie, you actually wanna do this? Some people do wanna get burned by the same flame twice huh?" 

 "How about you shut up and just go ride that old man’s cock?” An arms wraps itself around your shoulders and the look of shock that crosses Jihyun’s face was so delicious that you had to lean against Jungkook’s body and smile as you turn up to look at him, the competitiveness vibrating off of him. 

 "Okay, so what song are we playing?“ The DJ asks you, cutting off your competitive banter.

 "Lights down low by Bei Maejor.” Jungkook announces before smiling down at you. You rack your brain, trying to remember the song but you catch the shrug of shoulders of Jihyun. 

 "Perfect.“ She then places her hand on Jungkook’s bicep, a small smile on her face "Good choice, Jungkook. Maybe we should switch partners?" 

 "No thanks.” Jungkook bites his lower lip and adjusts the hat on his head “I’m pretty excited to see how this goes as it is." 

 You feel your lungs tighten at his comment as he leaves you to take a seat on the prepared chair on the stage. You turn to look at him as your heart starts slamming against your chest in nervousness. Jungkook senses your discomfort as he places his elbows on his knees and locks eyes with you.

 "Eyes on me, ignore everything else.” He mouths before leaning against his seat with a smile, his legs spread “I got you." 

 Your spine shivers at the sight, the loud cheers of the crowd turning into a small drone as Jungkook’s gaze shifts into something darker, something more commanding. 

 Keep your eyes on me. 

 Your body obeys as you suck in a breath, studying each curve of Jungkook’s body, trying to decide how you were going to place yourself on him. How you were going to curve your body against his once the song started. You listen as the DJ starts talking to the crowd, reminding them to cheer for the dancer that they liked better. You could feel Jihyun watching you from the corner of her eyes, hoping to taunt you as she stands right in front of Mr. Byun, ready to jump onto his lap. 

 A low beat suddenly starts bouncing off of the walls as the crowds cheers die down. Jungkook licks his lips and your eyes follows the wet muscle as they run along his lips and a shiver runs down your spine. How good would it feel to have his tongue running against your skin? 

 You hear the crowd scream in loud cheers, causing you to snap your head to the side where you find Jihyun on Mr. Byun’s lap, her hips grinding back and fourth while she had her hands in her hair. You watch in sickening horror as the crowd cheers her on, aroused by her act. 

 A whistle snaps you out of your reverie and you turn to look back at Jungkook who was frowning at you. 

 "Focus.” He mutters “The beat is starting." 

 You let out a breath before closing your eyes and clenching your fists. You listen to the music and do your best to drone out every other sound in the room. You take another deep breath as you shut your mind just like every other time you danced. Once you were in your state of solitude, the music being the only thing you hear as it vibrates against your body, you snap your eyes open. Jungkook’s wide eyes greet you as your body starts swaying to the music. He watches in silent awe as your body rolls against the music, slowly making your way towards him. Once your foot lands against his, you see Jungkook’s hands twitching by his sides, wanting to touch you but controlling himself as you perform for him. You place a hand on his shoulder, body swaying as you kick his legs apart and place your knee on the chair right by his crotch. Jungkook sucks in a breath as you bend your body down and wave your body against him. He grabs the back of your thigh but you slap his hand away before doing a one eighty, placing your back against his chest as you land against his lap. 

 ”Fuck“ Jungkook breaths out as you grind against him, following the beat of the music. The crowd goes wild but you ignore them as you listen to the next few beats. Jungkook places his hands on your hips and you bite back a smile as you feel a hardness forming against your behind. Jungkook leans forward, pressing his chest against you as he takes your free hand in his, intertwining your fingers then placing it on his neck. 

 "Ready for the grand finale?” He breaths against your neck but instead of answering, you wave your body and grind your hips against him causing Jungkook to choke back a moan, the grip on your hips tightening. As the end of the song approaches, Jungkook suddenly pushes you to stand up and before the shock hits you, he pulls you against him and places one leg between your own. He grabs your hips and pushes you down against him as his own body sways against the music. You gasp at the feeling of his hard-on against you but your body has a mind of its own as you place both your hands on the back of his neck. Jungkook then suddenly twists you around, making sure not to detach your hips as your face suddenly lands inches away from his. You suck in a breath as he sways your bodies, hands suddenly on the small of your back.

 "I’m gonna dip you, hold onto my shoulders.“ He mutters and you immediately do as told. As the last few beats of the song plays, Jungkook dips you and you let out a gasp, balling your hands against his shirt. You expect him to immediately pull you up after dipping you but to your surprise you find Jungkook dipping down towards you. One hand suddenly making its way to the back of your thigh and wrapping it around him. You let out a breath before doing one last wave, your hips grinding against his crotch in a slow circular motion and the groan that leaves Jungkook’s lips are music to your ears as he snaps your bodies up right when the music cuts off. 

 Both your chest are heaving as you stare at each other, faces inches away, bodies glued together while sweat dripped down both of you. Loud cheers suddenly snap you out of your trance and you snap your head to the side, finding the crowd going crazy as they all stared at you while you and Jungkook stood in the middle of the stage. You turn to look behind Jungkook and find Jihyun scoffing as she crossed her arms over her chest before stomping off of the stage. 

 "Looks like we have a winner!” The DJ laughs then winks at you. Your eyes widen in shock and the laugh of the boy beside you has you stepping back in surprise. You hadn’t realized just how close to Jungkook you were. He watches you with a small smile on his lips as he places his hands in his pockets.

 "Guess we showed her whose boss huh?“

 Seems like we showed her way more than that. 

 You make your way back towards your friends and before you can even sit down, Jimin wraps his arms around you and spins you around.

 ”I swear to God, y/n.“ He all but screeches before setting you down "That was- holy shit. Could you dance on me this time?”

 A laugh escapes your lips as you playfully roll your eyes. Jimin sets you down and you turn around to find Jungkook laughing at Hoseok who tries mimicking the move Jungkook had made. A slight blush creeps on your cheeks and you quickly turn away from him. Jungkook drones out Hoseok’s voice, eyes digging into you as you laugh at Jimin who was acting out the look on Jihyun’s face while watching your little performance. You feel his gaze on you and without your control, you angle your head to the side and catch his eyes. Jungkook purses his lips before stepping away from Hoseok and towards you. You watch in nervousness as he clears his throat behind Jimin, trying to silence the shorter boy.

 "Can I borrow, Y/N for a while?“ Jungkook smiles down at Jimin who immediately widens his eyes before turning to look at you with a knowing smile. You roll your eyes at him, trying to hide your own embarrassment at the thoughts crossing Jimin’s mind. 

 "You can keep her just make sure she can still walk af-” Before your bestfriend can finish his sentence you stuff your hand against his face and shove him back. He lets out a laugh as you hiss at him before grabbing Jungkook’s wrist and pulling him away before Jimin could embarrass you even more. Once at a good distance, you let out a sigh and stop walking, suddenly aware that you were holding onto Jungkook. You drop his arm and clear your throat before slowly turning to look at him.

 "You-What’s up?“ You squeak, internally screaming at yourself for sounding so nervous around him. You two practically dry humped each other in front of a hundred pair of eyes, why on earth should you feel embarrassed now?

 "Wanna have dinner?" 

 You weren’t expecting the question so you snap your head up to look at him, expecting to see any trace of humor on his face but Jungkook just stared down at you in all seriousness, waiting for an answer.

 "What- Jungkook, its 1am." 

 "Then a midnight snack, call it whatever you want. Let’s just get out of here.” He shrugs, adjusting the hat on his head and smiling down at you “please say yes.”

 "What about them Jimin? We won free shots right, they wouldn’t want to leave this early.“ You mutter, trying to step on your tip toes so that you could see over the crowd and look for Jimin and Hoseok.

 "Just us.”

 You suck in a breath before looking back at Jungkook who nibbles on his lower lip nervously while looking at you “I mean, if you want. If you wanna stay here and drink we can-" 

 "Pizza sounds good.” You cut him off and if words could explain how beautiful Jungkook’s slow smile was, you’d fill a dictionary at how bad your stomach was fluttering.

 Had he always looked this good? 

“Two pepperoni pizza’s with extra extra extra cheese.” Jungkook smiles at you as he slides across the seat in front of you, a wicked smile on his lips as he stares lovingly at the pizza slices he had set down. You arch an eyebrow in interest, shocked at the new found demeanor you’ve discovered about him.

 "So, how long have you and Jimin been a thing or something?“ 

 "What?” You end up coughing around the pizza slice you were biting onto and Jungkook couldn’t help but smile at you as you place the slice down and wipe the corner of your lips, your cheeks turning red from embarrassment.

 "What in the world gave you that idea?“ Jimin? He thought you and Jimin were an item? Well sure, a few people had suspected you and Jimin to be a couple but it surprised you each and every time when they confronted you about it. Jimin was your bestfriend of 3 years. Sure you guys were pretty much clingy and touchy with each other, even throwing around a few perverted banters with each other, but you were pretty sure Jimin saw you as a man rather than a woman.

 "People at the agency talk and everyone just kind off assumed you two were you know…. not really a couple but…." 

 "That we’re sleeping together? Ew.” You cringe before grabbing the soda cup you and Jungkook had decided to share. “Jimin’s not my type." 

 This stuns Jungkook and he stares at you curiously as you shudder at the thought of you and Jimin together. He fights back a smile before taking another bite out of his pizza. 

 "What is your type then?” He mutters and you end out pursing your lips, before raising your eyes to look up at him.


 "I dont really know, but it certainly isn’t Jimin.“ You mumble before looking back down at your pizza slice. Jungkook stares at you as you take your lower lip between your teeth, trying to figure out if you had a type or not. He grips his knees to the point of bruising himself, wanting his own teeth to be the ones massaging your pink lips. He remembers how close your face was to his own earlier during the lap dance. He recalls how good it felt to have your body pressed against his own as you ground yourself on him. If it weren’t for the hundreds of eyes staring down at you both, Jungkook would have probably ravaged you right then and there. 

 "What’s your type then?” You ask and Jungkook snaps out of his train of thought, a slight blush covering his cheeks as he shifts in his seat, feeling the pressure between his legs. 

 "I dont have a type.“ He shrugs, finally finishing his pizza slice "If I like a girl, I like a girl. She can be anything in the world so if I like her, I like all of her." 

 You stare at him in awe, not expecting Jungkook to have such a mindset. You’ve always dubbed Jungkook as a playboy even though you’ve never even seen him with another girl, let alone even talk to the girls in your agency. Yet Jungkook was just too good looking and too mysterious that you had assumed the worse of him. Now you felt horrible for even thinking that way. Maybe there was more too Jeon Jungkook than meets the eye. 

 It was 4am before you two had decided it was time to go home. Jungkook offers to drop you home and as much as you knew you could make it on your own, you still agree, wanting to spend even at least a few more minutes with him. He pulls up your driveway and you stare up at the dark house where you parents lay, sleeping. 

 "So this is me.” You mutter, playing with your fingers.

 "Thanks for agreeing to the midnight snack.“ Jungkook chuckles as he taps his fingers against the steering wheel. 

 "It was my pleasure.” You smile back and just as you were about to step out of the car, Jungkook grabs your wrist. You turn to him in shock but he simply stares at you, his face unreadable. 

 "What’s wrong?“ You ask but before Jungkook could even say anything, both of you jump at the sudden sound of your phone ringing. You dig through your purse before frowning at the picture of Jimin as he called you. You pick up and place the phone against your ears, leaning back against Jungkook’s car seat as he stared at you.


 ”Sweetheart! Where on earth are you? I’ve been worried sick!“ Jimin slurs through the phone and you end up frowning as a loud bass line thumps against the background. 

 "I’ve been gone for 4 hours.” You remind him.

 "And I’ve- I’ve been worried for four hours!“ He hiccups, evidently drunk "Where are you?" 

 "Jimin, you’re obviously drunk. Are you okay? How are you getting home?” You sigh, rubbing your temples as you worried for your bestfriend.

 "I can’t go homeee~ My mom will kill me. Jagiya, where are youuuu?“ He whines and you roll your eyes before letting out another sigh.

 "Fine, since your drunk you can stay with me. I’m at-” Your sentence is cut off when Jungkook takes your phone out of your hands and mutters a quick “hyung, i’ll pick you up in 30 mins” before his lips are suddenly on yours. You gasp into the kiss as your eyes widen in shock, not sure how you should be processing all this. Jungkook’s hand slowly drops your wrist before he lifts his hand and threads it through your hair. You feel yourself responding to Jungkook’s kisses and before you could control yourself, you wrap your arms around his neck and press yourself even closer to him. Jungkook groans as you graze your teeth against his lower lip and just as he runs his tongue against your lips, your phone suddenly starts ringing, surprising the both of you. He pulls away from you as you stare at him in shock, your eyes wide, your cheeks pink and your lips swollen. You reach around for your phone, failing to notice the growl that escape Jungkook’s lips as you bring the device to your ear. 

 "Hello?“ You breathlessly say as Jungkook drops his hands and leans back against his seat, his heart slamming against his chest at the need to claim your lips yet again.

 "It’s 30 minutes already! Where’s Jungkook?!” You shut your eyes in irritation at Jimin, knowing damn well that it hasn’t been less over five minutes and he just had to ruin the kiss of a lifetime you had just tasted.

 "He’s on his way.“ You say curtly before ending the call and dropping the phone back on your lap. You cautiously turn to look back at Jungkook who had his eyes set on the road, not wanting to meet your gaze. 

 "Um, he’s waiting for you.” You mutter awkwardly, tapping your fingers lightly against your lap, pushing down the urge to jump across your seat and onto Jungkook’s lap. You kiss him one time and now your like an animal in heat.

 "If you want me to make sure your best friend gets home safe, I advise you to get inside your house, Y/N. The longer you stay here the less self control I have.“ Jungkook mutters, surprising you. Had you done something wrong? Was he mad at you? 

"It’s not that.” He groans, as if reading your mind “But the longer you stay here, the harder it gets for me not to slam you against your seat and fucking ravage you." 

 "Oh…” His confession knocks the breath out of you and sends a wave of desire rushing through your body. You watch as his hands flex against the steering wheel and by the strain of his veins against his skin, you knew he wasn’t joking. As much as you hated it, an image of Jimin drunk and alone outside the club flashes in your head. Even though all you wanted to do was stay here and fulfill all of your sick fantasies with the greek god who announced that he’d pretty much wanted to do the same to you, you knew that your best friend’s safety had to come before your desires. You let out a deep sigh before leaning forward and placing your hand on Jungkook’s arm. He flinches a bit, as though your touch had just burnt him. You let out a small smile before leaning forward and pressing your lips against his cheeks. Jungkook sucks in a breath and before he could angle his head to the side and capture your lips, you pull away and push the car door open. Jungkook eyes you like a predator eyes his prey as you step out the car and smirk at him.

 "Maybe another time?“ You mumble, your voice raw with obvious desire for the boy in front of you. Jungkook lets out a sigh before he drops his head, trying to calm himself down. He then turns to you, a small smile forming on his lips as his eyes twinkle with mischief. 

 "This is gonna be the worse next few hours of my life.” He chuckles “I’ve never been this…" 

 He shrugs and you cant help but trail your eyes down his lap, the tent in his pants immediately greeting you and you have to bite back the gasp that threatened to leave your lips as another wave of heat pooled between your legs. He was right, if you two stayed around each other longer than this, there was no way Jimin was going to get home safe.

 "See you at practice.” You smiled and turned around before your last effort at self control snapped. You feel his eyes on you the entire time as you walk towards your house and step inside the door. Once the door closes behind you do you then hear his car start and drive away. 

 You let out a sigh and press your thighs together, thinking of a number of ways to kill Jimin.

reading the best journal article ever

Ovulatory cycle effects on tip earnings by lap dancers: economic evidence for human estrus?
Pretty much a study to see if estrus (A recurring period of sexual receptivity and fertility in many female mammals; heat) was lost during human evolution. This was done by studying lap dancers and the relationship between their tip earnings and menstrual cycle.

“A mixed-model analysis of 296 work shifts (representing about 5300 lap dances) showed an interaction between cycle phase and hormonal contraception use. Normally cycling participants earned about US$335 per 5-h shift during estrus (ovulation), US$260 per shift during the luteal phase, and US$185 per shift during menstruation. By contrast, participants using contraceptive pills showed no estrous earnings peak. ”

So they earned less when it was that time of the month and more when they were ovulating. Shows that men can recognise that the women is ovulating (more fertile), and more likely to respond, hence increase in tips.

Best research work ever lol

Request: Can u do imagine about Ubbe? The weeding night, her first time, lots of fluffy things. I just love seeing Ubbe as a good guy and wonderful husband 😊 and ofc u know that u r amazing writer but I just can’t so YOU ARE AMAZING WRITER ❤️👑 ~B
Warnings: Love, Fluff, slight smut

Tag: @burningsunshin3
Words: 2494

This was an arranged marriage in which you hardly knew the man who you had to spend the rest of your life with. First time you saw him was on a dinner invitation from his mother. She had investigated every earl around hoping to find that perfect match for her eldest son … and that was you. So when you walked in that first time, already months ago, you saw four brothers sit around the table. One was staring at you with so much judgement in his strong blue eyes that you wanted to run off right away. The blond one seemed a little displeased with your arrival. The two left from the four looked at you with admiring, one let his eyes travel down over your body while the other just looked with a soft expression in his face before he got up, greeting you with his name, Ubbe Ragnarsson. And he was the one you were going to marry, in some kind it settle your restlessness for a little while. He was kind, he was generous and tender. But the thought you had to marry him, carry his children and share a bed with him scared the crap out of you. He was still a stranger, you had no idea what was hidden behind that handsome face.

In the month before the wedding you traveled over to Kattegat with the family. While they did all the preparations you walked over the beach, through the fields, clearing your head. It was that day that started everything for real. Ubbe found you lying on the sand looking over the bay.
‘Can I show you a beautiful place?’ He asked you. You startled out of your daydreaming, squeezing your eyes together while you looked up to him. You hesitated, a second, two, three before you nodded and he offered you his hand to pull you up. You followed him in a firm hike onto a hill were he showed you that beautiful place. You walked over the edge and looked out over Kattegat, stunned by this rare beauty from up high. ‘This will be your home now.’ He smiled, standing behind you. You looked down to the small houses and nodded softly.
‘I’m not fully understanding it.’ You answered, honestly. He laid his hand on your shoulder and you tensed a little under his touch. He never touched you before, you hardly met for three times before this.
‘Are you scared?’ He asked. You pulled your gaze away from the view and looked over your shoulder to him.
‘Why?’ His voice was nothing more than a gentle steadiness, giving you the confident to go further, to be honest.
‘Because I don’t know you and I need to marry you.’ You wanted to look away but his hand stroke over your throat, cupping the side of your face. You closed your eyes under his warm hand and slowly turned around to him, looking up.
‘I won’t harm you. I won’t even touch you if you don’t want it. I will treat you with respect, love you, caress you,’ like he wanted to put some extra strength in his words he stroke his thumb over your cheek. You took in a small breath, you hand resting against his chest. He placed a soft kiss against your cheek, keeping his lips on that exact position while you closed your eyes. You felt his beard brushing against your skin and in some way it pulled something loose within you. ‘Can I kiss you?’ He whispered.
‘Maybe.’ You answered him back, trailing your head a little up to his. His lips placed themselves onto yours, he didn’t move, you didn’t flinch under the little pressure he putted there. And because you wanted to know how it felt you opened your lips to him and all at once he took you with him in that sweet embrace, not only from your body against his but also the taste his tongue brought in with you. From that moment it felt a little easier to marry the stranger for you were falling in love, all because of that tender kiss.

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Stripper [Park Jimin]

Title: Stripper

Genre: Angst, Fluff and Smut.

Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 5382 words

Summary: After finding out your boyfriend was cheating on you, your friends decided to take you to a strip club where you got drunk and broke one of the rules by kissing one of the dancers who was giving you a lap dance. But that dancer and you get closer than you ever imagined.

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Lap Dance: Jung Hoseok x Dancer AU

Lap Dance: Jung Hoseok x Dancer AU

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Rating: M/T

Genre: Mature/Fluff

Words: 4920

WARNING MATURE CONTENT: mentioning of sex and provocative statements and cursing.

Not really. There’s no real smut in it because I previously posted this in an app where the guideline said any post made had to be 12 years old friendly. Which is bullshit btw. Maybe in the future, I’ll write the smut part of this story.

-Admin Taettybear


Jimin and Jungkook, who stood across the studio gave you a worried look as you went to grab your water bottle.

You were determined to not show it on your face although you were boiling with anger. Soeun wasn’t helping as she grinned at you in victory, her cat-like features making her look even more wicked.

“Y/N, you and everyone else know that she cheated her way for the spot…” Jungkook whispered as he approached you, placing a hand on your head, “You should have been the lead.”

You responded with a grunt, wiping your face down with a towel you grabbed from your bag.

Jimin also came up to you, giving your hand a tight squeeze, “Come on, Y/N. I know it’s disappointing but that just means that it wasn’t worth it.”

“It’s just God damn frustrating! You guys and I know, she probably just gave Mr. Hwang a blowjob and now he’s wrapped around her disgusting, manipulative finger!” You hissed quietly, making sure to not look at her.

You can just imagine her cackling, extremely pleased that she was the one who received the main lead for the dance concert that’s coming up.

Jimin gave you a tight smile as he threw his arm over Jungkook and your shoulder, “Don’t let her feel the satisfaction of winning by being upset. You, out of all the people here, should know your own talent. Soeun doesn’t practice and take her time like how you do and it’s Mr. Hwang’s fault for not seeing how much better you are.”

A small smile appeared on your lips at your friend’s encouraging word. Hugging your two male friends in appreciation, the three of you moved to pack your stuff up to go home.

“Congrats on your parts though, you guys both got what you wanted,” you grinned, nudging Jimin’s side with your elbow while slapping Jungkook’s back merrily.

Jimin giggled, his eyes narrowing into crescent moons while Jungkook grunted, pouting as he rubbed his back.

“Doesn’t change the fact that I have to dance with Soeun…” The younger boy complained as he ran his hand through his dark colored hair. “It would have been so much better if my partner would have been you, Y/N.” Jungkook scowled, shaking his head.

At that moment, the devil herself skipped over to where you were standing, a plastic smile spread across her lips.

“Hi, Jungkookie!”

Jimin and you held back your laughs while Jungkook paled, scrunching his face in distaste as Soeun placed her perfectly manicured hand on his chest.

Soeun batted her fake eyelashes, trying to get closer to the tall boy, “We’ve all decided to celebrate the casting by going to a bar Mr. Hwang has graciously booked us. You and Jimin will be going, right?” Her voice dripped with an ear cringe worthy sweetness that made you childishly make a face, sticking your finger into your mouth and pretend to gag, which in return made Jimin bite his lips to hold in his laugh.

Poor Jungkook looked uncomfortable as he took a step back, making sure he wasn’t making any contact with her. He easily maneuvered around her body and placed your body in front of him as a shield, “I’ll go if these two go.”

At that moment, for the first time, the little bitch acknowledged your presence with an evil smirk, curling a piece of her hair with her finger.

“Oh, of course, you’ll go, right, Y/N? You’re invited as well! It’s just so unfortunate that you didn’t receive a spot and I wasn’t sure if you wanted to come with us. I was thinking maybe you’ll stay afterwards and practice a bit more.”

You counted backward in your head, trying to think about your words your mother has taught you since you were young.

‘Kill them with kindness… Kill them with kindness….’

You placed a bright smile on your face, “Of course, Soeun! I’ll be going! Congratulations on your spot, by the way, I wish you luck, I’m sure you’ll need it a lot with such a big competition!”

Jimin and Jungkook who were expecting you to lash back at the passive aggressive insult didn’t expect your reply.

That seemed like the case for Soeun as well as she frowned, looking disappointed that she couldn’t pull a reaction out of you.

“Mm, okay, we’re going to the club near Downtown, the one that always has a long line. I’ll see you boys at eight!”

When Soeun walked off, exaggerating the swaying of her hips, you finally broke into curses, sticking your middle finger up at her direction.

“She’s unbelievable!” You hissed, fiercely throwing your bag over your shoulder, stomping out to the parking lot, the two boys loyally following after you.

Jimin was chuckling while Jungkook dusted his shirt off, “And I liked this shirt, now I need to burn it since it’s infected by some kind of virus.”

You sent the man an amused smile, shaking your head as you opened the door to Jimin’s car, climbing in.

“Y/N, mind if I crash at your place? It’ll take too long for me to go to my place and get ready,” Jungkook questioned as he peered through the open window.

Jimin, who sat behind the wheel snorted as he sent a glare at the younger boy, “Yah, you brat! Why don’t you ask me that as well? That’s my apartment too!”

Jungkook ignored the older boy, giving you the puppy dog eyes that made you release a small giggle.

“Jump in Kook, although you’re using Chim’s bathroom since mine’s dirty.”

The boy didn’t need to be told twice as he jumped into the backseat, grinning victoriously as Jimin grumbled under his breath.


“Y/N! Hurry the hell up, we’re already la- woah….”Jimin stopped mid-yell as you slammed your door open, hurriedly running your hand through your hair as you scurried around.

“Do you know where my favorite black heels are at Jimin?” You questioned, sticking your head in the shoe closet you and Jimin shared. When you didn’t get a response, you looked back in question, “Jimin?”

The said man who stood beside Jungkook gaped at you alongside his friend, his mouth hanging open.

“W-Woah, Y/N, you look really good!” Jungkook complemented, flashing you a bunny smile while giving you a thumbs up.

You grinned at the boy, jokingly doing a spin, making your curled hair bounce, “I would wear a dress but I’m going tonight to release some stress. I rather dance my anger out without flashing anyone.”

“If you weren’t my best friend and I saw you at the club, I’dl totally try to get in your pants,” Jimin gaped. However, after a second, he made a face, his nose scrunching up, “Wait, I take that back. That just sounded so wrong. You’re literally like my sister.”

You threw your head back in a laugh, “Of course Jiminie. I’ve known you since I was in diapers. But I have to admit, the two of you cleaned up very nicely. Much nicer than sweaty, dancing sweats and shirt.”

Jimin grinned at you while Jungkook puffed his chest out in pride.  

“By the way, my heels?”

“Under the table.”


“Wow, this is crazier than what I expected,” you yelled as you squeezed through the crowd, Jungkook and Jimin on either side of you.

The three of you barely even had to wait in the crazy long line when Jimin had gone up to the bouncer, whispering something into his ear.

The bulky man gave the three of you a quick look before opening the door, ignoring the angry yells of those who waited in line.

The music that blasted around you literally made things vibrate and you had to admit, you loved it. You quickly led the two boys to the bar, ordering three shots without hesitation.

The bartender sent you a flirtatious smile before sliding the drink to you. The boys and you shared a grin before tossing your head back, allowing the cold liquid to burn down your throat, immediately warming up your stomach.

Jimin’s expression scrunched at the taste while Jungkook licked his lips, ordering another two, knowing you’ll want one.

“I guess you still can’t hold your liquor, Jimin.”

You froze at the familiar voice from behind you. Jimin, however, beamed, his eyes lightening up as his lips curled into a large smile.


You felt your heart skip a beat at the familiar name, slowly turning around to face the smiley man.

You watched on the sideline as Jungkook and Jimin shared hugs with the older man, patting his back in greeting.

Jung Hoseok… He was the senior for the three of you when you all went to your dance school. He was a talented dancer that all three of you looked up to.

Growing up, you thought Jimin was a fantastic dancer, but after you saw Hoseok dancing at the studio on the campus, you will never forget how beautifully his body moved.

“Hello, Y/N. Just as pretty as I remembered,” Hoseok grinned as he wrapped you in a tight hug. With contact, you immediately smelt his cologne that reminded you of warmth and sunlight, a perfect combination for him.

He was dressed in simple ripped jeans and a burgundy shirt with a snapback but he looked so mouth watering…. Such a casual look but he made it look so good…

The two other boys quickly pulled Hoseok into a conversation, claiming a table where the four of you could sit.

“So what are you three youngsters doing here?” Hoseok questioned, nursing a glass that was filled with some kind of alcohol.

Jungkook immediately answered, looking extremely happy that he got to see his Hyung he hadn’t seen in a while, “Our crew decided that they wanted to celebrate after deciding on our next competition’s casting!”

You held back a wince as you were reminded of your part unfairly being taken away from you.

“Yah, stop mopping Y/N! You know you’re the better dancer,” Jimin, who quickly noticed your change of attitude scolded, pinching your cheek. You slapped his hands away in irritation, pouting a bit.

Hoseok cocked his head to the side in confusion, looking at you with concern in his eyes, “Huh? What happened?”

Jungkook sighed as he placed his arm around your shoulder, pulling you to his side, “Our crew slut pulled some strings with the owner and somehow got the main spot when Y/N was the one who obviously deserved it. And I mean, it’s extremely obvious she slept with the old man or something to win his favor since he loved Y/N until recently.”

“Guys, stop talking about it,” you muttered, rolling your eyes.

“Aw, poor Y/N! Hobi-Oppa will make you happy!” Hoseok cheered as he pulled you away from Jungkook, hugging the life out of you before dragging you to the dance floor, “Come on sweetheart, let me see your moves with my own eyes!”

You glanced back in disbelief, eyes darting to Jungkook and Jimin who slowly followed the two of you.

Your two friends grinned mischievously, giving you a thumbs up, well aware of your crush towards the man who tugged on your hand.

“Come on, Y/N! You’re being stiff and that’s not like you!!” Hoseok yelled as he pulled you closer, his breath fanning against your neck.

With a gulp, you nodded, pushing your frantic thoughts to the side as you allowed the music to take control of your body.

Hoseok watched in awe as you soon became loose, your eyes closing as your body swayed to the music, hitting each beat in a beautiful way that made his mouth spread into a smile.

Slowly he matched your movement, a small crowd forming around the two of you as people watched, cheering at how perfectly you moved.

“Go, Y/N! Atta girl!” Jimin cheered as he joined, Jungkook slowly moving as well.

Unbeknownst to you, a female jealously watched the interaction, biting on her nail as she glared at the dance floor.

Hoseok soon placed a hand on your hip, leading you through the music that seemed to grow louder. A form of nostalgia hit you as you thought back to the days when you used to practice with Hoseok.

Like he was doing now, he’d often stay after to help with your dancing, placing his hand on your hips as he led you through the routines.


Your eyes snapped open as the music was lowered, the voice of the DJ echoing through the crowded club.

Hoseok pulled away from you, however, he kept an arm draped over your shoulder, curiously eyeing the DJ.

“Today, half the club is booked by talented dancers!” At his words, you as well as your crew mates cheered from where they have scattered around in the crowd, grinning at being acknowledged. “So, seeing the opportunity, we shall have a contest for the best dancer! I want you guys all cheering for the person you like!”

The crowd went wild as you grinned, nudging Hoseok with your elbow. At your action, Hoseok grinned down at you, flashing his pearly white teeth.

“Everyone is welcomed to join! However!” The DJ paused, motioning to a smiling female beside him. You immediately scowled, recognizing her as Soeun who beamed in her extremely short and tight, provocative dress, “The dance will be a lap dance so find your partners!”

You crossed your arms over your chest as you realized Soeun was the one who must have suggested such a dance. Of course, she’ll be the only one who’ll pick a lap dance.

“Jimin, are you going?” You jokingly questioned, making the said male blush, his cheeks turning a light pink.

He sent you a glare which you laughed at, “Just suggesting because you totally have the boot-”


You laughed once again, however, your laughter died in your throat as you noticed Soeun watching you with a smirk. The female gave you a confident smile, flipping her hair over her shoulder as she tugged on Mr. Hwang’s hand, pushing the older man into a chair.

“You’ve been glaring holes into her head for a while.” You jumped as Hoseok leaned down, whispering into your ear. The man continued to stay close, one side of his body being glued to you.

“Wait let me guess, is she the rumored slut who took my lovely Y/N’s spot?” Hoseok gasped as he playfully sent her an angry look.

Although his expression was fake, your heart skipped a beat at how attractive he looked with his serious/angry expression.

The man frowned as he looked down at you, “You know what, I’ve noticed this but she keeps looking our way. Or is it just me?”

You scoffed, shaking your head, “No, you’re not wrong. She’s trying to provoke me because she knows how hard I worked for the spot she got. She’s trying to get under my skin and I hate to say this but she is. She’s been targeting me ever since Jimin and Jungkook called her out to protect me from her bashing. To make it worse the boys both rejected her advances.”

Hoseok hummed in response, a look appearing in his dark eyes. Your eyes widened as the man took your hand into his, pulling you closer to where people were circling.

Soon the two of you were in the front, watching as the DJ gave the go and Soeun began to give Mr. Hwang a lapdance.

For a moment you scrutinized her moves, your eyes watched how she swayed and grounded her hips down.

“She’s quite awkward about it,” Hoseok whispered as he pulled you closer to speak into your ear, “Her movement aren’t smooth and rather rigid.”

You hummed in agreement, seeing exactly what he was talking about. Her movements were bold but you couldn’t really see the skills of dancing and body control.

“You could do better….”

Your mouth dropped open at the low whisper that entered your ear. The hair at the back of your neck stood up as a pleasant shudder ran down your back.


“Now let me hear what you guys all thought!!!”

Your words died out in the crowd that released loud cheers. Your eyes shot back to the circle where Soeun stood, smiling proudly, her eyes narrowed on your form. Mr. Hwang awkwardly stood beside her, his crotch looking a bit…


You know….

You stumbled forward as your hand was suddenly tugged, almost falling during the process.

“Oh! Do we have another contestant?!”

Your eyes stared at Hoseok in disbelief as he grinned at you, confidently plopping down in the chair, his legs spread open.


“Come on, Y/N, I know you can do it better.”

You closed your eyes, taking a deep breath before looking at the DJ who watched you.

“‘Body Party’ by Ciara please.”

The man grinned widely as he nodded. You could see Jimin and Jungkook in the crowd, looking at you and Hoseok in disbelief. You sent them a confident smile before moving your eyes to Soeun who watched with a scowl, her arms crossed over her chest.

You sent her a wink before moving to stand behind Hoseok, your hand lazily placed over his shoulder.

“Go for it, girl, show me your nastiest,” Hoseok bit his lip, giving you a smirk.

You didn’t have to be told twice as you swayed your body with the music, your hand slowly trailing over his chest, moving to his neck to draw lazy patterns on his exposed skin. You circled him once before moving to start. Your eyes were narrowed seductively, your tongue peeking out of your lips as you slowly dragged your feet to the front, your hands playing with part of Hoseok’s jeans.

The sound of the crowd was silent to your ears, your full attention on Hoseok’s reaction as well as the music that moved through your body.

You slowly leaned forward, falling onto your knees as you crawled to Hoseok, your hands lightly spreading the man’s legs before placing yourself between them.

Hoseok watched you with his jaw clenched, his eyes being hooded as he bit down on his lips. His eyes didn’t blink, desperate to catch everything as you slowly sat on his lap, your hair pulled onto one side, exposing your neck for his eyes as well as the crowd.

You placed a hand on his shoulder, the other hand lazily trailing over your body as you slowly moved your hip, your body rolling deliciously across his thighs.

The smile on your lips tugged up a bit more as a breathy groan escaped Hoseok’s lips, his eyes fluttering close for a moment before snapping open as he realized he closed them.

Your eyes stayed glued to Hoseok’s, the seductive smile tugging on your lips as you applied more pressure, your back arching as you moved to every beat.

Hoseok’s hands lightly gripped your hips, slowly guiding you as you pulled on your hair. You didn’t release a single sound as Hoseok grabbed a hand, supporting your weight as you dropped your weight back.

You trusted him to catch you.

Half of your body was spread across the floor, your hair sprawled around you like a halo. Your body continued to move as Hoseok supported your weight. He eventually pulled you back up, an arm wrapping around your waist as you stood up, one of your feet being propped against his hip, your hair creating a curtain around the two of you.

As the music came to a stop, the two of you were slightly out of breath, your foreheads touching as you stared at each other’s lustful gaze.

You pulled away at the ear-piercing cheers that were sounded around you. Hoseok smirked, not bothering to cover his bulge as he stood beside you, an arm draped around your shoulder.

“Looks like we have a winner, y’all! I think that was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen!” The DJ cried as he fanned himself with his hand, earning a laugh from the crowd.

Your eyes met with Soeun for a moment, the female looking extremely irritated, her lips curled into a snarl as she gave you a glare before turning on her heel.

In triumph, you grinned, giggling as people patted your shoulder as Hoseok led you to a bar, ordering a drink for you with a grin. It didn’t take long for Jungkook and Jimin to join you, sending a mischievous smile your way.

“HOT DAMN!” Jungkook laughed as he lightly nudged your hip with his own, making you stagger a bit.

Jimin quickly joined in, passing you your shot glass, “Did you see Soeun? She was literally letting off steam as she stormed off! Her pride was hurt so bad!” The orange haired male yelled gleefully, his eyes gleaming with amusement.

You responded with a chuckle, throwing your drink back before slamming it on the counter, “Felt damn good too!”

“Likewise,” Hoseok slyly added, making you feel the warmth crawl up your neck. You felt your blush grow even darker as Hoseok pulled you onto his lap, the define bulge digging into your lower back.

Jimin who saw the action rolled his eyes, snorting slightly, “We could see, Hobi-Hyung. You seriously have no shame,” the man shook his head in disbelief. However, a small smile tugged on his lips.

“What is there to hide? This gorgeous woman here made me the luckiest man in the club just now by gracing me with her dancing skills,” Hoseok cooed as he wrapped an arm around your waist, placing his chin on your shoulder, “I bet there are more than a dozen guys who are willing to kill to be in my place.”

At his generous compliment, you shyly smiled, your back feeling extremely warm by his presence.

However, your smile seemed to disappear as you noticed a figure walking up to you.

“Well, look at that. It looks like the loser is enjoying her night,” Soeun didn’t even bother to make her insult secretive anymore, deciding to directly attack you.

You didn’t flinch at her words, placing a pleasant smile on your face, “I am! It’s been a fantastic night so far. But I have to say, your dance did seem to dampen it a bit,” you felt Hoseok squeeze your hip, giving you a bit of a confidence boost.

At your blunt insult, Jimin and Jungkook broke out into childish ‘ohhh!’s that made you wonder why you were even friends with these two dorks.

Soeun only rolled her eyes as she crossed her arms over her chest, the typical bitch look on her makeup-caked face.

“Oh, you’re jealous that I got the spot for the next competition. Mr. Hwang knows a truly talented dancer when he sees one.”

“Or, he could just see which girls are the easy ones. Just give them a good spot and they’ll spread their legs open and drop their mouth open.”

Your eyes widened as you slightly angled your body to look back at Hoseok, not expecting the man to stand up for you.

Soeun stared at the man in disbelief, her mouth hanging open while her eyes widened in anger. Her face scrunched up in an ugly manner, pointing a manicured finger at Hoseok, “Who the fuck do you think you are butting into our conversation?”

Hoseok raised an eyebrow, a calm look appearing on his face, “You’re asking me who I am? I’m Jung Hoseok, the president, and leader of the Korea’s national dance association.”

You along with your friends and Soeun’s mouth fell open at Hoseok’s words. Your eyes were large as plates as you looked at the man who claimed to be the leader of the best dance crew in Korea.


Hoseok scoffed as he lightly pulled you off his lap, standing proudly beside you as he protectively wrapped an arm around your waist, “And seeing my title, I know a true, talented dancer when I see one. Your Mr. Hwang has nothing against me. And when I say Y/L/N Y/N is more talented than you, I mean it. It’s a waste of a talent like her to be stuck at a low crew like yours. Actually, Park Jimin and Jeon Jungkook are too talented as well. That’s why I’m going to offer them a spot to join my group where we’ll win the competition for sure.”

If it’s even possible, your eyes grew wider, you, Jungkook and Jimin sharing frantic looks with each other.

He was what….?! Hold the fuck down, rewind, fucking rewind! Jung Hoseok, who used to be you and your friend’s senior, who taught you dance techniques was now the leader of the most talented dance crew and he was asking you three to join?

Holy mother of fu-

“Fuck yes!” Jungkook was the first to speak, a huge grin on his face. The dark haired male excitedly bounced on his feet, his round eyes becoming even larger and doe-like.

Soon Jimin joined him, looking over at you in confirmation. You shakily looked at Hoseok, nodding your head.

At your answer, Hoseok beamed as he pecked your cheeks much to your astonishment, “Excellent! Now let’s get out of here, I have so much to talk about with you three!”

You were in a daze as Hoseok led you out of the club, leaving a fuming Soeun and a dance crew missing three of their former members.

You finally snapped out of it as the cold breeze hit your skin, making a shiver run down your back.


“Jimin, Kook, you guys can get back home safely right?” Hoseok who still had a hold on you looked back at the younger boys.

The two boys broke into snickers, a mischievous look appearing in their eyes, “Sure Hyung. You’ll

give us a call tomorrow, right?”

Hoseok returned their smile, giving you a light squeeze with his large hand, “Of course. I’ll be taking Y/N to my place because I have few things I have to discuss with her.”

At his words, a breathless gasp escaped your lips, your knees feeling weak in anticipation. Your stomach did ridiculous flips and your skin felt hyper sensitive as Hoseok drew patterns on your bare arms.

As Jimin and Jungkook scrambled into the car, the later rolled down the window, a large knowing smirk stretched across his face, “Use protection, you two! And don’t go at it too hard! You don’t want to be sore for practice!”

Your cheeks heated up at Jungkook’s teasing, yelling at him as Jimin drove off with a loud laughter.

As Jimin and Jungkook drove off, you were left with Hoseok in a silence, the older male looking down at you in amusement.

“God, you don’t know how much you made me lose my mind,” Hoseok spoke up as he looked down at you with his eyes darkened.

You blinked, looking up at the attractive man through your eyelashes.

At your action, he released a groan, throwing his head back while closing his eyes and running his hand over his chin, “Jesus, and you still have that look that drove me insane during school.”

You cocked your head to the side in confusion as Hoseok drew you closer, wrapping his arms around your waist, “I always had to hold back when I stayed after practice with you. I always thought I’ll get over this small infatuation. But it seems like everything rushed back when I saw you tonight again,” the man’s voice deepened as he leaned forward, his breath hitting your face, the light scent of alcohol and mint taking over.

You released a shaky gasp at Hoseok’s confession, gulping loudly as you pressed your thighs together.

“You know, I’ve always regretted that I’ve never confronted you about the feelings that I had for you. I was always a coward but not today. Today, after this whole thing, I guess it’s finally time.”

Hoseok gave you a sincere smile as he placed a hand on your cheek, “Y/N, you’re the sexiest and the most beautiful person I’ve ever met, and it was breathtaking when you danced on top of me. To be honest, the moment you touched me, I thought I would bust a nut,” The man joked as he shifted the snapback on his head, “I’ve regretted my past but I don’t want to regret my future. That’s why, although we haven’t seen each other since I’ve graduated, I’ll love it if you’ll be in a relationship with me. Or at least go out on a date.”

Oh my God. This was happening….

The man who you’ve had the biggest crush on forever was asking you…. to be… Oh fucking lord.


Hoseok broke into a large smile as he placed a soft kiss to your lips before picking you up, a small squeal escaping your lips. The man easily carried you through the parking lot, laughing as you struggled in his hold.

“Good, because you’ve left me so fucking horny since that stupid dance.”

Your eyes widened as Hoseok sent you a look that screamed bed.

“Forget about dance practice for once, okay love? Because you won’t be able to dance tomorrow.”

‘Lord, save me.’

lap dancer

Request from @no-other-names-availible-blog​: I would like to request a John Murphy imagine where him and the reader are playing truth or dare and he dares her to give him a lap dance. They both like each other put don’t know it, things get a little hot if ya know what I mean. She’s normally really shy but here she gets out of her shell and he kisses her while she’s doing it and they admit they like each other. (Things can get a little smutty if you want :)) thank you 💖💖


also i changed it slightly from her being shy lol i kinda forgot about that when i was writing this also very short im tired and still trying to get into the swing of things

Word count: 984

Warnings: i think im going to stop doing warnings lol i dont think anyone cares

You were a ‘party girl’. Everyone constantly referred to you as so, and thought of you as a wild, intense girl. Even back on the Ark you were a wild girl, explaining why you were sent down to earth with the other delinquents. Most people turned into party people once they experienced being on the ground, but you still remained the most wild. So, when Monty tells you he made more ‘unity juice’, you turn it into a party. After alerting the camp of the new batch available, and passing drinks around, you had begun the party. 

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Signs as Types of Hoes

Deep down we all know we’re hoes. 

Aries: the hoe that won’t hesitate to cut you if you diss their outfit bc lets face it you’re probs a jealous hoe

Taurus: the hoe that throws dollar bills at other hoes bc they rich 

Gemini: the hoe that runs all the other hoes bc queen hoe

Cancer: the hoe that falls in love with a billionaire with a wife

Leo: the hoe that is always with Gemini counting cash + vodka bottles

Virgo: the hoe that doesn’t pay their taxes and bathes in coffee

Libra: the hoe that is always a drunk mess + kisses everyone esp. Aries

Scorpio: the hoe that is a hoe for anyone + god lap dancer 

Sagittarius: the hoe that invites themselves to parties and drinks you broke

Capricorn: the hoe that pole dances and has lots of shoes that no one is allowed to borrow

Aquarius: the hoe that has a sugar daddy but drives a station wagon and no one knows why

Pisces: the hoe that is always turnt in the club + steals money out of the strippers g-strings 

anonymous asked:

Hanging out with T.J in a VIP room when someone cracks a joke about the only thing missing being a lap dancer and before you know it, you're grinding down against him, surprised to find him hard against his slacks, biting his lips as his eyes grow darker and darker with lust.

man I wanna be in the VIP area with T.J. 

also for some reason my head just went “very important penis” and I laughed 

Sinful Sunday™

Christmas Confessions

Christmas Calendar 2016 » December the 21st:
Epilogue: Stripper!Calum - Christmas Confessions 

Pairing: Stripper!Y/N/Stripper!Calum

Rating: NC-17

Request: Yes

Words: 5.500+

Previous Parts: 1 | 2 | 3

Summary: It’s Christmas at the strip club and that means sexy Santa girl costumes and lots of candy canes! But when Calum gets insanely jealous over Y/N giving it all on her podium he leaves the place urgent unknowing that she’s following him in his heels. 

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Anything… I’m gonna include some ships (no mc) in here, hope you don’t mind

  • Okay so, Zen is the best at oral, hands down. A+ tongue tricks
  • Yoosung has had at least one steamy dream about another rfa member, he’s too embarrassed to think about it. But it was the hardest he’s woken up in his life
  • Saeran and Seven have the most sensitive nipples out of everyone
  • Jumin rarely masturbates, almost nothing does it for him except for thoughts of a certain blue-haired childhood friend
  • Seven has had a crush on every member of the rfa at some point
  • Jaehee has perfected the hability of masturbating in public since she rarely has time to do so at home. Left hand under desk as she works. Never been caught.
  • Despite sitting on it almost 24/7, Seven has the roundest ass along with boarder hips
  • Zen is the best lap dancer, 100%
  • Yoosung is still super careful with his porn despite living alone
  • Saeran prefers boobs over butts
  • Seven has been walked in on while masturbating more than once. Vanderwood didn’t comment
  • Jumin likes public/semi-public sex
  • Jaehee prefers having sex in a body of water
  • Saeran is into fucking against the wall, or just standing up
  • Zen’s sex fantasies are ever-changing, he just goes “oh man I’d love to fuck here” “this seems like a good place to have sex” and just makes a mental list for his future partner
  • Jaehee is most sensitive in her thighs
  • Yoosung plays with his ass when masturbating 
The appellant is a lap dancer. I would not, of course, begin to know exactly what that involves. One can guess at it, but could not faithfully describe it. The Judge tantalisingly tells us, at paragraph 21 of his judgment, that the purpose is ‘to tease but not to satisfy’.
—  Sutton v Hutchinson [2005] EWCA Civ 1773 (09 November 2005) [1] (Ward LJ)
Prostitution/Pornstar AU Masterlist

Links Last Checked: August 8th, 2017

Almost Priceless But Perfect

Summary: Dan brings Phil back to his home with the promise of payment and a few kinks

A Massage Fit For A Size Queen

Summary: It was a not so typical Wednesday afternoon for the considerably popular pornstar Dan Howell.  Dan was on his way to the studio to film, which wasn’t out of the ordinary, but today was going to be different.


Summary: Phil’s brother runs one of the most infamous underground pornography rings in London. Convinced they are saving people from suffering on the streets, Phil chooses to ignore the illegality of the operation. But then Daniel Howell, who looks much younger than eighteen, is recruited and Phil starts to question how much good they’re really doing.

Come What May

Summary Phil Lester usually wasn’t one to go to strip clubs. But after being coaxed into it by a couple of his friends he meets the ever hypnotizing Greyson Bear (Dan Howell). Easily falling in love with him Phil works to save Dan from the underworld of prostitution.

Double Take

Summary: Dan and Phil meet their pornstar doubles.

Good Luck Boy

Summary: Born of a prostitute, Dan never expected anything better for himself, until he met Phil.

How Much is that Bear in the Window

Summary: Dan, an eighteen year old boy who has finally reached the age to be sold from the whorehouse he used to call home, is given to a man with dreamy blue eyes who makes this seem a lot less terrifying

Just Another High School Story

Summary: When playing spin the bottle, Phil gets too nervous to kiss Dan and they agree that it will be their little secret. *** Six years later when Dan loses his virginity, Phil can see that something isn’t quite right

Lap Dancers And Perfect Cheaters

Summary: Dan has had many fantasies about being with another guy and not his wife- so he goes to a club to fulfil them.


Summary: Pornstar!Dan has a BIG day at work.

Burr The Lap dancer.

Burr is the type to just give lap dances. Like you ask him and BOOM, you’re getting a lap dance. And he isn’t bad at it, he took classes because in middle school someone called him a hoe because they thought he was cute. He took that to heart and looked up tutorials on youtube and took classes in college. He gives decent lap dances met Theodosia after giving her a lap dance at his part time at the Strip club. 

Music Speaks (M)

Originally posted by markjin

» jinyoung x reader
» 1.9k
» Helloooo can I request something super smutty with Jinyoung (got7). Where you’re watching random music videos with him then a really sexual one comes on and the tension rises so much that it leads to you know what… 
» warning: smut  

“Oh boy,” you comment, staring down at the laptop that Jinyoung has on his lap. “Look at those dancers. They probably had to go through the Jay Park Test to get a spot on this music video.”

“Yeah, holy shit they’re hot.” Jinyoung nods, basically ogling all the girls that were a feat on the Mommae music video. He barely even looked up at you, instead completely interested in what they were doing.

Really, you didn’t mean to get jealous but how could you not want Jinyoung to look at you like he was with those girls. Cue the lightbulb in your mind. “Hey, look, I can do it like they do it!”

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