lap breed

This is Rio. K-9 extreme. I got her 14 years ago from a woman who bread Boarder Collies. Her neighbor down the road had a Beagle that got out. Hence I give you; the BoarderBeagle. She will heard you into a circle, then stand there and howl at you. And when she’s done she will come lay in your lap.

“Aren’t you hot? Besides being hot.” Trini murmured as she splayed her hand softly against Kimberly’s sternum, feeling the sweat through the thin fabric and the quick intake of Kimberly’s breath.  She frowned and wagged her head, stopping it immediately.  “Owh.” she groaned, and her hand slid lower.  “Live!” She began fumbling to open the first button of the blouse, desperate for her to properly breathe.

“I-I’m properly breathing.” Kimberly’s hands trembled as she pried Trini’s own and set them on her lap.

”You’re breeding erratically.” Trini protested.  She cleared her throat.  “Briefing.  Breathing.”

”Mom?” Kimberly whimpered.

”Yes? Does Trini have her seatbelt on?” Mrs. Hart asked.



“Mom, I’m bi.”

“I know, child.  Make sure Trini is comfortable.”

“When will the anesthesia wear off?”

“I suppose in a few hours.”

Kimberly sighed.  Trini frowned and cupped Kimberly’s face.  “What made your sadness?” she asked.  “It’s me? Tell me what I do…”

“It’s not you.” Kimberly soothed.  “You’re just high.”

“But! Never?” Trini leaned close to Kimberly as far as her seatbelt allowed, almost bumping her mouth on her chin.  “Can you breathalyzer?”

“No.” Kimberly’s laughter sounded like she was weeping.  

“I’m not funny! You–you are, you look p-p-p-pink, like,” Trini snapped her fingers, just as Kimberly would do, “when you morph into–”

“My bathing suit?” Kimberly said.  “Right?”

“No but okay.” Trini raised her arms.  Kimberly laughed again, and she smiled even if her mouth still felt numb, propping her chin on the back of the car, trying to absorb it all.  “Gosh.” she sighed.

“What’s up, Trini?”

“You.” Trini murmured.  “You.”



“Did she just say a big word on anesthesia?” Mrs. Hart asked behind the wheel.  “Wow.”

“I love you so much it hurts.” Trini said.  “Like uh, uh, I dying star but feel like baby star? Yeahah.” She nodded seriously.  “Legit.  It’s lit.”

Kimberly’s breath caught, her eyes widened, and she seemed to petrify so, so slowly.