So as a good Colombian family, we went ahead and saw the match against Japan, and for that we went to a Colombian restaurant which ironically had a Japanese restaurant right next to it.
Throughout the match this one guy keeps coming back and starts dancing arround asking all the Colombians to let Japan win when Japan tied he do a happy dance, but when Colombia started winning he just bow down to everyone with a smile in his face.
I have never seen so much honor and humbleness in anyone before.

Hi, if you don’t wanna hear< read> emotional crap about myself, the pres the J on your keyboard….. If you’re still here then ill begin

There are people that feel useless when they aren’t, I thought I was like that but then i stopped feeling useless and then i realize: I AM useless .
Now many can argue that is not true but i would just like to ask to anyone that says that what prof do they have? Im not taking this subject lightly, im not just saying this just because. I’ve been thinking it thoroughly and found the only answer to be this: I am useless to anyone. I am an exchangeable piece of a puzzle, im a joker that can be replaced with any other card. Im just there to block the air. And I guess im fine with it. I don’t need any comfort of any kind… I don’t really need anything… And if anyone that has made it this far through this text post( if any really) worries about me, then dont please. Im no reason to do so. It’s not like I’ll kill myself, I already decided to continue on to see what’s next, so that is out of the picture, and i dot really see the point of physical harm when my consciousness is already begging me to stop injuring me emotionally…..
This has been longer than i expected…. Well if you read through it all… Congratulations…. You win… Er…. A…. Drawing …. I gues…. Yeah that sounds fine a drawing from me… Anything you want.
W/e im going to shut my eyes and think myself to sleep …..bluh

anonymous asked:

Can you please tell me what n.n is?

that is a…fairly random question..but i’ll try to answer it regardless.

n.n is pretty much just an arrangement of two letter and a period to make what people depict as a face. the period would be the nose, and the “n” are the eyes( closed of course). another way of doing it its ^.^.

hope it wasnt too much text to read 030