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I believe I have found my dream woman.


Trick Tip: Toeside Predrifts with Kyle Chin.

I found this video super helpful when i was learning them.

#13 Dating Exo would include: D.O.’s Edition:

 -He’d be so awkward when he first decided to ask you out, but after going out with him for about a week he’d immediately warm up to you, and become more comfortable around you.

-He’d take good care of you when you are sick, he’d make you soup and feed you and buy you medicine and check on you when you are sleeping like a caring mother.

-He’d watch you interact with little kids and smile to himself.

-He’d actually let go and it’d be really fun to spend some time with him, he’d joke with you and make you laugh and tell you stories about the members.

-He’d teach you how to hit chanyeol and baekhyun and you’d team up against them next time you see them.

-He wouldn’t let you go on a diet, he’d cook you laods of food and watch you eat it while amiling at you.

-You teasing him about kaisoo.

-Him giving you the silent treatment when he is mad at you.

-Him pouting at you when you pinsh his cheeks, making him look even squishier than he already it.

-Agyo battle, and him failing miserably. Still looking cute tho.

-You asking him to sing for you because his voice brings you warmth and safety.

-He’d look at you with such adoration in his eyes that it would literally make everyone around you gag.

-The members would tease him a lot about that. They’d get hit.

-He’d take his time in getting to know you better before he would want to take the relationship into another level.

-When you are ready to give yourself to him he’d make sure to make it as romantic as possible, with candles and flowers and he’d cook dinner and so.

-He isn’t that much of a romantic, but he wants to make the first night together special,

-You’d love to annoy him and poke him and talk a lot just to annoy him, and that would lead to a tickle fight, the only way he’d actualy shut you up.

-You’d clean the house together, but he’d kick you out of the kitchen while he’s cooking.

-He’d make love to you, he is a shy lover tho and would need time before fully being comfortable with you, but when you get that point he would like to try new positions, he’d love to tie you down, and he’d love to eat whipped cream of your body. 

-He’d look at you with cute wide eyes and and a surprised smile on his face with a tint of pink on his cheeks wihen he sees you wearing sexy lingerie.

-He’d lose to you when you guys are playing video games, he isn’t that much of a competitive boyfriend.

-He’d be so much fun to have around, and your parents will adore him, he’d take care of you and he’d show you a side of him he never showed to anyone.


The rare feeling that 90’s hip hop is on the rise as old school artists seem to be fighting back!


Something no one hits on, and has never been shown.  But we know the boys make their own ammo.  (Reload) It gets talked about in a couple of eps featuring silver bullets and in the pilot. If they make their own laods, it also means they ‘police their brass’ (Pick up casings)  probably something they do when they take care of the bodies. It also explains why it is so hard for the cops to track them, because they rarely buy ammo.  They load it.  And a man like Bobby Singer would have taught them how to make all the ammo they could ever shoot. 

There are no casings to match so all they have is bullets dug out of burned corpses, and conjecture.  It isn’t as much shoddy police work that keeps the winchesters free as it is great countermeasure as a way of life.

Without the casing and firing pin impression, they are left with bullet stria, which, they might know are linked to Winchester guns, but even then, a lot of those weapons were purchased legally by a vet.  no one will blink twice at a vet wanting guns, or someone like bobby who lives out in the stix.

They have enough guns and ammo for a small militia and the cops can’t figure out where its all coming from.

Put that in your fic and smoke it.

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Eks Penasihat KPK: Momentum Revisi UU Antikorupsi Tak Tepat

Mantan Penasihat Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK), Abdullah Hehamahua menilai momentum revisi Undang-Undang Nomor 30 tahun 2002 tentang Tindak Pidana Pemberantasan Korupsi (UU KPK) tidak tepat. Sebab, hingga saat ini DPR belum menyelesaikan revisi Kitab Undang-Undang Hukum Pidana (KUHP).

“Momentum tak tepat, alasannya karena di DPR itu bola liar,” ujar Abdullah dalam diskusi di Warung Daun, Cikini, Jakarta Pusat, Sabtu (6/2/2016).

Menurut Abdullah, pemerintah memang sepakat merevisi 4 poin. Pertama soal kewenangan penyadapan yang harus seizin Dewan Pengawas, lalu soal kewenangan menerbitkan Surat Perintah Penghentian Penyidikan (SP3), pembentukan Dewan Pengawas, serta penyelidik dan penyidik independen.

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Namun, meski disepakati pada 4 poin itu, namun tetap saja bagi Abdullah itu merupakan bola liar di DPR yang bisa memantul ke mana-mana. Sebab rumah undang-undang di Indonesia adalah Kitab Undang-Undang Hukum Pidana (KUHP) yang kini belum direvisi.

“Kalau sekarang diamandemen UU KPK, kemudian 2 tahun baru jelas UU KUHP ternyata bertentangan dengan KPK, nanti diamandemen lagi UU KPK,” kata Abdullah.

Revisi KUHP oleh DPR belum rampung. Hingga akhir November 2015, Panitia Kerja (Panja) bersama pemerintah baru membahas 164 Daftar Inventarisis Masalah (DIM) untuk 54 Pasal.