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Boy Became Girl - Wanmai Thammavong (Boy To Girl)

Miscommunication issues ...

In the Netherrealm …

Liu Kang: Kung Lao, why do you look so excited, my friend?
Kung Lao: I just received a letter from my cousin Kung Jin: he’s intending to visit me, and he’s going to be bringing his girlfriend for me to meet!
Liu Kang: His girlfriend, Lao?
Kung Lao: Indeed. Here, I’ll read the letter to you: “Dear Lao, I hope you’re well. Going to visit you soon, plus I want you to meet Erin, my new partner in crime who means everything to me. I think you two will get along well together. See you soon, cousin. Jin.”
Liu Kang: Erin? She sounds lovely, and Jin sounds very happy.
Kung Lao: This girl Erin seems to be a good influence on my little cousin.
Liu Kang: Erin and Jin … has a nice ring to it.
Kung Lao: Oh, I can’t wait to meet this lovely young woman!

What really happened …

Erron Black: Junior, you spelt my name wrong.
Kung Jin: The ink’s already dry. Ah well, no harm done.