“Reconnect” KINGDOM HEARTS Medley/Remix by Lanxodt

A medley/remix of Kingdom Hearts music combining orchestral and dance sounds. The unfinished version was posted on tumblr a few weeks ago: this is the final version. Made in honor of the 10 Year Anniversary for the series. Please, celebrate with me one of the most wonderful video game series that has ever been. <3

Music included:

  • Dearly Beloved
  • Traverse Town
  • Xion’s Theme
  • Roxas’s Theme
  • Ventus’s Theme
  • Kairi’s Theme 

Please, feel free to share with keyblade masters, keyblade wielders, princesses of heart, Organization XIII members, heartless, nobodies, unversed, dream eaters, and any other entities whether they be on Destiny Islands, Tumblr, Facebook, or Traverse Town. But, most importantly, have a magical day!

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Artisan Dragon (Spyro the Dragon Remix)
  • Artisan Dragon (Spyro the Dragon Remix)
  • Lanxodt
  • Lanxodt

Lanxodt - Artisan Dragon (Spyro the Dragon Remix)

Something many of you might not know about the guy behind a-faun-you-dork: I’m a music producer! I’ve blogged this before, but seeing so many new followers (or afyds as I like to call you!) led me to thinking that they might enjoy knowing this exists!