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Hey! :)

cutie patootie alert!! omigoodness

let me tell y’all about lantur alright! she is literally the sweetest person ever. Like she is so awesome and supportive no matter who you are and is so nice to even strangers oh man and she loves dogs but like in a way no mere human does like she is just this ray of sunshine and her blog is p great and she’s also an awesome writer (go read the korlok or the azula one o man) just


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Since you asked for prompts... Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee, birthday party. :)

Thank you, friend! :) What you’ll see next is fluff, and little baby fluff at that <3 (Requests are open!)


“I want a purple… Platypus bear.” Azula’s face was steadily reddening with each sharply punctuated word as she tried to keep a straight face. Ty Lee couldn’t help but giggle, her peals echoing around the garden. “With p-pink horns,” Azula continued, crossing her arms and fighting very hard not to smile. “And… And silver wings!”

“Those only come at a height of four hundred feet, you know,” Mai deadpanned, and Ty Lee began rolling around on the grass from laughing so hard.

Azula stuck her nose up haughtily in the air, now grinning despite herself. “Well, then!” She smirked, but passed it off as a cough. “That is what I shall have!”

“As you wish, Princess,” Mai said with a bow. Ty Lee wiped tears from her eyes, and all three of them looked at each other for a moment before bursting out laughing.

“How was that?” Azula asked excitedly in between giggles, flopping down beside Ty Lee on the ground.

“Perfect!” Ty Lee answered, doing a somersault onto her in appreciation. “Very princess-like!”

“You’ll be scary in no time,” Mai agreed, sitting down beside the two of them and smoothing her skirts. “Just learn how to keep a straight face, is all.” Azula stuck out her tongue playfully, and Mai smiled.

Ty Lee grabbed Mai’s wrist and quickly pulled her down atop them, so that they soon became a tangled heap of limbs and breathlessly laughing faces.

“This is the best party ever!” Azula exclaimed happily, and her friends let out noises of agreement.

“I can’t believe you’re four, Azula! Now you’re finally my age!” Ty Lee exclaimed happily.

“Not as old as me, though,” Mai said, a bit proudly.

Ty Lee poked her. “Well, you’re only five, Mai, we’ll get there soon. Besides,” she leaned in conspiratorially. “Four is a very important number.”

Azula had wormed her way out of the tangle, and now lay peacefully, staring up at the sky with her arms crossed under her head like a pillow. “Really? Why’s that?”

“There’s four elements, silly!” Ty Lee giggled, mimicking Azula’s position beside her.

“Three,” Mai corrected, opting to remain sitting upright. “There’s only three now, Ty Lee, remember?”

Ty Lee huffed, closing her eyes. “Whatever, Mai! It’s still a super important number anyway!”

“I suppose you’re right,” Mai acquiesced, sighing slightly.

The sky was a bright blue, with only a few flimsy clouds dotting its expanse. It was Azula’s favourite weather, not too hot like the summer but not too rainy like the winter. A turtle duck honked for her children in the pond beside them, but she sounded lands away. “That one kinda looks like a dragon, huh?” Azula asked, pointing to a particularly long cloud. The girls nodded, staring lazily at its white scales.

“Happy birthday, Azula.” Mai said some time later, when the dragon cloud had flown away. She eased down beside them, stretching out as they lay contentedly.

“Yeah, hope it’s been awesome!” Ty Lee added, yawning hugely.

“It has,” Azula mumbled softly, taking hold of a hand each. The three were found like that later, napping under the sun, still holding hands.

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where do you live and I can I kick out your roommate and take her spot

Bay Area! And I would be glad to have you in her place, haha. omg save me

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Pretty much my face the whole time >_>


Today I got my first major haircut in 5 years!

It started out chin-length, and ended up at my hips. I didn’t want to make such a drastic change again (I learned a bob-style cut on me looks more like a pom-pom) so I went with a more flexible length. It still managed to produce a solid 12 inches of hair that got cut off.

I’ll be donating the cut hair to Children With Hair Loss. Thank you lantur for helping me find a great organization!

One problem I had with the Legend of Korra is that I never liked Korra’s supporting cast too much, whereas in ATLA I not only liked Aang, but I liked and cared about the entire cast (except Ozai, that stupid piece of shit.) That’s changing this season. I really appreciate what they’re doing with the supporting characters. A lot has already been written about Asami’s friendship with Korra, and I really like that Mako and Bolin have bosses and mentors that are women, who are both highly competent and who they respect very much and are devoted to.

I know I’ve said this before, but I also appreciate Prince Wu a lot. In the US, at least, so many people are into the whole “no homo” thing, but in Wu we have a male character who is unapologetically comfortable with, and initiates, physical contact with a fellow dude he respects and admires - Mako. Wu has all these stereotypically feminine hobbies such as shopping, spa days, etc., but he gives no fucks about it, he’s not ashamed, and it’s great. This show isn’t perfect but it’s doing right by its male and female characters, and I appreciate that a lot.

Well, I just got back from an interview, and I got my dream job of doing activities with residents at a super fancy assisted living home within four miles of my house…

…but it’s only for four hours a week on Sundays. (BUT it is $25/hour, which is unreal, my jaw almost dropped when I heard that.) 

The manager said that if someone else in the department leaves, I can get a proper full time job in the department. 

You know what this means, right? We all need to pray with fervor for someone in the life enrichment department to LEAVE, so I can take my rightful place as the true king of the Seven Kingdoms a full-time worker in the life enrichment department at the super fancy assisted living home. 

Things that fascinate me about tumblr culture–

I love the sense of loyalty to our mutuals that a lot of us on tumblr feel. Like, we don’t always agree with everything that our mutuals say, but god forbid we see someone sending them anon hate! That sad anon can prepare for a public roast. And there’s kind of this trend going around parts of tumblr where people refer to their mutuals/blog readers as “fam” and at first glance, it’s just kind of cute and silly, but at second glance…it’s not? There are so many joke posts on tumblr about how we share things on here that are so personal and that we would never let people “irl” (including certain friends or family) know about. But we - at least me - don’t think twice about sharing the details of our lives (even when they’re ugly and messy and maybe kind of pathetic) with our followers and mutuals. And the best thing is, when we do, we often get support, validation, and encouragement from them. It is kind of like a family. This kind of intimacy does foster some really close friendships and connections. People make bonds on here that lead to meeting up irl and planning trips to see each other and meetups and sending care packages and gifts to each other in the mail (across entire countries) with handwritten notes. 

I think it’s pretty beautiful. 


These are shell stitch scarves that I crochet. I can make them either like a classic scarf, or an infinity scarf. If you would like to order one from me, you can tell me the colors (or color) you want one in, and I will make it for you. They’re $16 plus shipping, to accommodate for the cost of the yarn and the time I spend making the scarf. I will ship worldwide. Please message me on tumblr for details. 

Thank you. <3

Today on the Mother’s Day episode of the show, “Call The Midwife,” which is watched by millions of viewers, millions of viewers got to hear Shelagh say, of her adopted baby daughter: “I couldn’t have loved her more if she came out of my own body.”

And that’s a message I can get behind. That was the perfect thing to hear while watching the show with my mother on Mother’s Day. 

Awesome thing that was written about me today:

“she loves dogs but in a way no mere human does”

and whenever I do ask memes and stuff about my standout characteristics and things people associate me with and stuff, people always mention my great love for dogs! People also tag me in their reblogs of cute dogs and it it just touches me so much that you know me so well, and especially that this is the reputation I have in my tiny, tiny corner of the Internet. :’) 

They just character assassinated Kuvira and turned her into The Mega Evil so that they could kill her off in the finale and nobody would be sad really…