2017 César Awards - Winners!

Winners from women directed films:

Best First Film - Divines by Houda Benyamina

Best Supporting Actress - Deborah Lukumuena for Divines

Best New Actress - Oulaya Amamra for Divines

Best Costumes - Anais Romand for The Dancer

Best Short Film - TIE -  Alice Diop for Vers la Tendresse

Maïmouna Doucouré for Maman(s)

Best Original Screenplay - Solveig Anspach, Jean-Luc Gaget for The Aquatic Effect

❤ - go blind/speed dating and happen to find each other (w/ tattooartist!namjoon)

When your friend (a.k.a the devil himself Jeon Jungkook) said that he had the perfect match for you, honestly (apart from telling him to jump off the cliff) you were rather intrigued. Jungkook painted him to be a person you somehow had intentions of meeting - based on his mutual likings and interest, you were in for it. However, when Jeon set the date up and told you of the venue, your gut feeling didn’t feel too good.

Yet, you went through with it because hey, Jungkook is a nice person. So whoever he tried to play cupid with couldn’t possibly be that bad.

Your conclusion was up for a testimony as you situate yourself in front of the description Jungkook left you in bullet point form. Purple hair, a black cargo jacket hanging on his shoulders with a pair of jeans and whatever shoes because who cares. He smiles at you the moment you sit down and he extends his arm to Jungkook’s detailed text message of: red summer dress, flats, okay that’s all you get, hyung and although he wanted to punch Jungkook at the throat, he’s happy said boy didn’t say much.

Because boy was he blown away with the beauty in front of him. Bright eyes, brighter smile, he feels his heart warming up already even though you haven’t said anything.

“I’m Namjoon,” He introduces himself, deep raspy voice shaking you to your bone and you try your best to stay collected, reaching forward to slip your hand in his, “Y/N,”

He stood corrected. You even sound pretty what the fuck.

“S-So, uh… shall we see what to eat?”

“Sure,” You grin, picking up the menu and with a soft what on earth, you scan through the price and your heart is pounding too hard because Jeon, you’re dead meat. The digits could skyrocket to your purse’s death and based on how light it would be after you eat here, it could fly to the heaven’s. Gulping, you try to look elsewhere, away from the blaring thousand dollars for some gold burger on the menu to land on - Namjoon flinches at the touch along the back of his hand but doesn’t move away.

Instead, he lowers his menu to see you admiring his line of chain tattooed to his skin and he smiles, meeting with your eyes when you tilt your chin up and is it weird he adores how you snap back to your senses with a quick I’m so sorry! and try to muster up a reason you touched him without asking? Yet, he would let you anyway? He tells you it’s fine, and carries it on with: “You like tattoos?”

“W-Well,” You put the menu down, straightening your back, “I think they’re interesting. Like, the stories behind them, the meaning and…” He sees how you’re unable to continue, only following your gaze of your curiosity to the cuffs of his jacket to reveal the ink on his wrist. His mind is completely off from the special deals, on to lifting his sleeve slightly, “Do you want to see them?”

“Could I?” He takes it back, he loves how wide your eyes become and have filled with adoration in them.

“Yeah but,” He leans in, to which you do subconsciously, “I don’t think this place would appreciate me putting on a free show to my tattoos,”

“…we could go somewhere else,”

“Where do you propose?”

You’re smiling.

“I know this burger place down the block,” He’s about to agree but you - “And I may or may not have gotten my first tattoo at the joint behind,”

“…you’re kidding,” His eyes are as wide as the moon, his mouth gaping at - “You have a tattoo?”

With a chuckle, you rise to your feet and extend your hand to him, “C’mon. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,”

Without missing a beat, Namjoon grabs onto your hand.

Yes with Flower Crowns

I love Yes! I love Flower Crowns! I decided it was time to combine the two!
12 Yes members painted in acrylic by me :)
big thanks to @moveslikekeithrichards for their help and encouragement :)

Jon Anderson - Sunflower

Chris Squire - Lotus and Ivy Leaf

Rick Wakeman - Dahlia and Lavender

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