Ace: In greyest day, In cake-est night…

((OOC: I was meant to put this up on Ace day, but then life got in the way. [Also, my iPad won’t let me do a timezone reblog so…]

But without further ado I present: The Ace Lantern!

I really enjoy and being both an Ace myself along with Lanternshy, it makes me really happy to see this kind of stuff out there.

I’m really happy with the costume design, though the black could have been darker.))

((OOC: Brand new blog header drawn by the stunningly amazing Miss Romancedy, who everyone should follow right now!!!

She’s done a surprising amount for this blog, including the old header. But did you know that it’s because of Miss Romancedy that Fluttershy’s mask is the way it is now? Not to mention the fact that Lanternshy is left-hoofed. 

So yeah, they’re one of my favourite blogs and everyone needs to go and give them so much love!))

anonymous asked:

(Please tag as Lanternshy) I'm an Ace with a rather strong sex drive. (Also moderately sex repulsed, which sucks.) but I'd been able to keep it under control until recently. I've been on a quest to lose weight, and I've noticed that it has just sent my sex drive into overload, which I hate! Is this a common occurrence, and do you know any way to lower sex drive? Thank you very much for this blog btw, you're all saints.

Most resources pertaining to sex drive are about how to increase it rather than decrease it. (thanks, compulsory sexuality.) So the best we have to is exercise when you feel aroused. Also make sure that you’re still eating properly when you’re trying to lose weight! Your body still needs fuel to function. And listen to your body. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself.


((OOC: This is an old art I know, but I felt like I needed to include some art for this post.

I need help guys, quite desperately.

I haven’t been able to find a job in my hometown and my finances are dwindling fast. I got an internship with an advertising company, but the commute costs me nearly 25$ every time I have a shift, which would be fine but I’m not being paid for this internship.

What’s worse is that winter is coming on in Australia, which means I’m soon going to have to get new tyres and brakes for my motorbike. Because without my bike.. I literally can’t do anything.

I’ve also recently torn my rotator cuff and may need treatment soon, as well as the fact that an old gym I used to go to is screwing me over.

To put it bluntly; I’m boned.

When I started this blog, I promised myself that I would never ask for donations, but since no one wants anything from the Lanternshy store, nor is my art good enough for commissions, I have no choice.

So I’m here, begging for your help. My goal (and estimated cost of everything) is $500. It sounds like a lot, but when you break it down, it’s only 10$ from 50 people. So please. Please help me, I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t desperate.

Since I don’t know how to add a donate button to my blog, you can donate directly to my PayPal at:

And for every $100 donated I’ll do a huge follower picture featuring the OC’s of those who donated. And if you can’t donate, please signal boost. I love all of you, Lanternshy out.


Once again, old art I know, but yeah.

New ‘asking for donations’ post, since I’m sure you’re all getting sick of the last one.

Basically, I’m in serious financial trouble. I haven’t been able to find work in my hometown, the internship I have costs me $20 dollars a day just in travel and I’m not getting paid a cent for all the work I do.

Not to mention needing new tyres for my motorbike (my sole source of transportation) because at the moment I’m running the risk of losing my licence or seriously injuring myself.

I also recently tore my rotator cuff, meaning that everything I do with my right arm causes me pain. (Even pouring myself a cup of tea hurts like hell.)

I did some estimates and it’s going to cost me about $500. But thanks to some incredible people donating, I’ve already collected $200 of that.

Now we’re at $300 left, which if you break it down is $10 from 30 people.

You can donate directly to my PayPal at

But since I feel bad for even asking I want to offer something in return. If you donate and are within one of the $100 milestones, your OC will be added to a huge thank you post for each interval.

You will also go in the raffle to win some free art from a couple of amazing artists, including

Who will draw stuff like this:

But if you can’t donate, and I understand if you can’t. I would nevertheless appreciate a signal boost.

Once again, the PayPal is

Thank you for reading.


Here we have all of the absolutely incredible entries for the Lanternshy comic book cover contest. I think each of these are amazing and I love the art.

I’ll be announcing the winners in a day or two, but I would really like to hear whet everyone thinks of the entries.

In order, the comic covers came from;

Please visit all these guys and show them some love, they are awesome people!

This Valentines day, eat some cake and play video games!

((OOC: In honour of valentines day, I thought I would share with you some art of the only two Asexual ponies I’m aware of in tumblrpon; Lanternshy and Ace of

The symbol on Ace’s cheek is in the colours of the Asexual flag, and the one on Fluttershy’s cheek is the colours of the Aromantic flag, with the little hearts being the opposite.

But this is a reminder that Asexual and Aromantic people exist. They are not broken, they are not prudes or freaks. They just don’t feel sexual and romantic attraction respectively. Be nice to them.))

((OOC: Much to my shame, Its taken me this long to finally watch Equestria girls for the first time, and it was really quite good!
I don’t handle second-hand embarrassment very well, but still.

But yeah, I drew (read: traced) this off the official artwork before the movie was even out, thought it might be time to bring it back. (It needs redoing though, and I wish I had the skill.)))

There *are* other superheroes in Equestria, and most of them are frustrated with how flashy the lanterns are.

((OOC: I haven’t decided if this will be canon or not, but I saw someone else’s art with Octavia as Green Arrow, and loved the idea!

Also, I hate drawing back legs. Just hate it.

[I *will* do a story update one of these days.]))


Fluttershy: That doesn’t look good. (OOC: Sorry about the picture quality on this. I had trouble taking the photos. I’m about to start working on drawing the ‘thank you’ posts for my donators. If you donated, can you please send me a reference along with the name you donated with. And if you know anyone who donated, please let them know. I’m still taking donations. And I’m still $150 from my goal. You can donate straight to my paypal at;

EDIT: forgot the last panel. (And that new yellow doesn’t look at that good does it?)

Heroes and villains.

((OOC: not gunna lie, ran out of ideas for this one haha.

But yeah; sinestrolight/ Werelight shine of Twilight Unbound

And of course, the first villain Lanternshy ever faced; Mister Clever, a changeling with a genetic defect that has caused him to become stuck mid-transformation, in this case, as time turner.))

Lantern’s light!

((OOC: Here’s someone I haven’t drawn in a long long time.
Thank you to everyone that sent me so much encouragement these last few days. It really means a lot to me.

Which is why I’m excited to announce: LANTERNSHY IS BACK!!!

I’ll do some random arts for a while, to get back into the flow of things, and then I’ll return to the story.))