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Shy and I have made some collaborative pins! **NOW ON PREORDER**
Hard enamel pins based off  our Ocs Aba and Emri in their witch forms.
Each comes with decorative backing card, including the witch’s symbolism/themes. 
Wachholda : A wandering witch who hunts for her lost head. Though clever, her impatience robs her of her goals. She often wears her lantern where her head should be, in desperation to feel whole.
Eikthyrn : A mourning witch born out of loss and loneliness. Seated in a labyrinth of his own making, the maze lures in what he longs for and deters what he doesn’t. Surrounding flowers drink from his tears, expanding the maze. << MORE INFO HERE!
Characters created by Shy (Wachholda) and Coey (Eikthyrn).

Days until... July 31st 2017

September 🍃🍂 32
Autumn 🍂🍁54
October 🦇👻62
Halloween 🎃 🕸️👻92
November 🎄 93
Thanksgiving 🦃115
Black Friday 🏷️💳116
December 🎄❄️🦌123
Winter ❄ 🦌🐧🌨️🌧️🌬️144
Christmas Eve 🤶🎅🦌🎄146
Christmas day 🎁🎄147


The colorful lanterns of Khan El-Khalili by Zeinab Mohamed
Via Flickr:
The colorful lanterns of Khan El-Khalili as they sold in Bab El-Ghuri

Barely even friends, then somebody bends, unexpectedly 💛❤️ Feeling romantic today? Light up a tea light and place this lantern near you to hum the words to all of the Beauty and the Beast song ❤️ You’ll find details here.