lanterns and buttons

The Littlest Keeper

Request three for @garrulousgibberish All the more fluff~

The request was Stan and Dipper bonding ^^

Summary: Lighthouse keeper au. Stan and Dipper go for their own little adventure along the beach.

AN: I’ll start putting these on ao3 soon but it’s been a hell of a week, I’m shattered and today ended with a bump to the head so- I’m well and truly done XD

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The Arcana continue, with cards 6 through 10.

VI. The Lovers: Super-Nerd Miguel and the two FOSSILS. Given there isn’t much in the way of romance in TPP, I focused on the alternate meaning of the card as a significant, life-shaping choice. This moment gave birth to a religion beneath the Mountain of the Moon.

VII. The Chariot: AATTVVV, the ALL-TERRAIN VENOMOTH. The noble steed carries our hero to victory over the mighty DRAGONITE of Lance.

VIII. Justice: AA-j, the ARCHANGEL OF JUSTICE. This ZAPDOS, also known as BATTERY JESUS, represents the harsh choices the team had to make to achieve victory. He holds his mighty THUNDERBOLT in one claw, while the other balances the CHAMPION’S TROPHY against the 12 Pokemon lost on Bloody Sunday.

IX. The Hermit: OMASTAR, the LORD HELIX. Helix, though he is often WITHDRAWN, is the guiding spiritual force of the team. He bears the flag of ANARCHY and guides his trainer via a lantern bearing the HOLY BUTTON INPUTS.

X. Wheel of Fortune: The HELIX FOSSIL. It is the ultimate force of CHAOS, yet paradoxically a clear force for guidance. Floating against the backdrop of MADDENING CHATTER, it is the quintessential relic of power for all those who follow ANARCHY.

11 down, 10 to go! More coming soon.