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Umbrellas and Raincoats (Jumin x MC)

Knowing rain is going you come, you try to get Jumin to protect himself.

Word Count: 506

I haven’t got much to say other than I hope you enjoy and have a lovely day! Thank you! <3


You walked to the front door alongside your husband as he got ready, readjusting the tiny details of his tie just a tad.

“Jumin come on, it’s going to rain today bring an umbrella!” 

You had recalled checking the weather forecast, your eye having widened in surprise at the announcement. 

“Darling, I’ll be fine. I’m sure there won’t be much rain, hardly a sprinkle,” He stopped at the doorframe, leaning down to press a soft kiss to your lips, squeezing your hand. “I’ll be back as soon as I can.” 

You puffed out your cheeks indignantly, still unable to hide your smile however as he seemed almost sorrowful at having to leave you, giving him one last goodbye before the door was shut.

And just as you predicted, it began to rain in the coming hours. 

It hadn’t been a sprinkle as Jumin suspected but instead a heavy shower, with droplets falling so quick and so hard you thought for a moment they could shatter your very windows.

You could only imagine how Jumin was doing.

Your imagination became a reality when the evening came and the rain was still pouring, what would be warm yellows, oranges, and reds shrouded by murky gray clouds that appeared plastered together. 

The front door began to open and you rushed forward, ideas rushing through your head. 

And what you were met with met them exactly. 

Jumin to say the least, was drenched. 

Water dribbled from his hair and his clothes stuck to his body as if they were painted on, his eyes nearly as dark as the clouds.

Until he saw you.

They always lit up when he saw you, a gentle soft light like a lantern in the darkness.

He sighed, expecting a snarky response of how you were right and he was wrong.

But that wasn’t what happened at all.

You ushered him to the sofa, wrapping him in blankets, moving the damp strands of hair from his face, trying to hide your small bits of laughter as he smiled weakly. 

“Are you feeling feverish or anything? Do you want anything hot?” 

“Just some tea would be lovely…” He furrowed his brow. “Thank you, dear,” 

You gave a dip of your head, preparing to get up from your seat.

Yet just before you did he took hold of your hand, confusion dotting his expression. 

“You know darling, I thought you’d be a bit more…proud? I don’t quite know how else to phrase it exactly but-” 

“Don’t worry about it, this is much more important.” 

“You amaze me, everyday love,” 

You sniggered, leaning forward to press a kiss to his head, curling your fingertips in his hair before giving an amusing smile.

“Just be sure to remember an umbrella next time.” 

Crowned in Love

This is part of my Drabble Game and is written for the lovely @fromthedeskoftheraven.

Prompts: “Kiss me” and “Just you and me, right now, we can leave this life behind.”
Imagine you and Fili being in love, but Thorin telling you to reflect carefully before accepting his marriage proposal, asking you if you’re really ready to bear the responsibility of being the Queen.

You sat admiring the thick silver band, embellished by a cluster of sapphires and pale white diamonds. The small ripples in the metal spoke of Fili’s craftsmanship. You would have recognized his work anywhere though he had gifted it to you himself. He had knelt before you, his blond hair neatly braided, blue eyes luminous with anxiety and joy, and his voice low but certain.

You smiled then as you remembered the scene though you could barely recall accepting as surprise and happiness had overwhelmed you. It was all a haze, cloudy yet warm. You slid the ring back upon your finger, angling it to reflect against the lantern light. A sigh escaped you, of fulfillment, of bliss. You would have dreamt of this moment if you had ever dared to.

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What about the moment that the JL discovered the relationship of Hal and Barry?

“That’s it, you’re sleeping on the sofa.”

Hal groaned and let his head fall to the table, carefully pushing his tray of food out of the way with a green fly swatter. “Oh come on, it was barely a line!”

“You asked if she wanted to, how’d you put it? ‘Ride your bucking bronco’. That counts as a line, Hal,” Barry crossed his arms, his lips quirked up when Hal couldn’t see. The Green Lantern sighed and rested his chin on his hands.

“I don’t want to sleep on the sofa.”

“Shoulda thought of that before you came on to some random woman,” Barry set his expression back to ‘pissed off’. It always got the best apologies when Hal thought he was really angry.

“I can’t sleep when you’re not there,” The brunet said quietly, his foot nudging Barry’s under the table. Warmth spread through Barry’s stomach at the words.

“I hate when you’re cute,” He whispered. No one knew they were together together yet, he didn’t want to advertise that to the League without having discussed it thoroughly with Hal beforehand.

There was a loud cough from the front of the canteen and Barry turned quickly, pulse skipping as he remembered just who was in the room with them. Superman’s face was turned in their direction, his eyes a little wide but a soft grin on his face. He nodded at Barry then turned back to Batman who was sat quietly next to him.

“Called it. You owe me fifty bucks, Bruce.”

“You owe me a satellite,” Bruce smirked.

“Oh would you drop that already?” Bruce shook his head and took a bite of his sandwich. 

For eristhenat, and the end of my Valentine’s day bombardment of fanfiction.

Fenris groaned, feeling Garrett’s hands at his shoulders. They were surprisingly gentle, but he knew that tone of voice. He tried to bury his face into the pillow.
“Hawke, if it is as early as I think it is…”
Garrett’s hands paused uncertainly, which meant it was probably earlier. He groaned again.
“But Fenris…”
“It’s snowing.”
Garrett tsked in disapproval, but he didn’t retaliate. Fenris waited warily, head still buried in his pillow. After a moment he felt Garrett tenderly tuck the bed covers around him, muttering about him getting cold. For just a moment, he almost relaxed – then yelled as Garrett grabbed him by the waist and threw him over his shoulder before happily striding out into the blistering cold darkness of Skyhold. The sun hadn’t even risen yet. 

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Can I request the black out scenario? Btw I looooovvveeee your scenarios!!!

(Thank you for actually requesting this omg. And to everyone else who asked as well, thank you!!)

It was a typical day in the group’s dorm: Jr was telling Bam Bam and Jackson to finish up with the laundry, Youngjae was folding towels, JB just came out of the shower as Mark goes in right after him, and Yoogyeom sits on the couch checking their latest performance on the couch.

Yes, a typical thing for a boyband to do at midnight.

A sound of a loud roar of thunder is heard as a flash of lightning appears through the window. Shocked by the noise, Yoogyeom jumps in his seat as the Bam Bam and Jackson chuckle at the maknae.

“Are you scared?” Jackson teased as he stuck his tongue out.

“Yah! I’m not scared!” Yoogyeom pouted. “It just surprised me…”

Another flash and roar appeared, seeming a bit more powerful than the last one. Jackson seemed to be a bit surprised as Bam Bam found Jackson clinging onto him.

“Ah,” Jr sighed. “I’ll get the flashlights ready..I think they’re in the cabinet in the bathroom.

As Youngjae appeared, he found Jackson, Bam Bam, and Yoogyeom, sitting right next to each other on the couch. Confused but not wanting to ask, Youngjae sat next to them as well.

"You know,” Bam Bam giggled, “I read a scary story about a similar situation—”

“You mean a boy band stuck in their dorm during a midnight thunderstorm?” Youngjae grinned cheekily. The other two swatted at Youngjae’s legs and pushed him onto the floor.

“Anyway,” Bam Bam continued, “the story was about a couple of boys who were in their dorm together while it was raining. It was late at night and they were getting bored, so one of them decided to mess around with the lightswitch behind him. He flickered the lights on and off. One of the guys said, ‘Ay, it’s like a nightclub!’ and they all started jumping around and dancing and everything. But then after a few minutes, the lights just stayed off. The boy flicking the lightswitch noticed that the power might have seemed to go off because he was still messing around with the lights. Suddenly, there was a scream! And then another! And then another!”

“Okay wait,” Jackson interrupted terribly confused. “One, why does he decide to flick the lights in the first place? And, two, who just pretends to dance like it’s a nightclub when the lights are flickering on and off?”

“Yah, hyung!” Youngjae yelled still lying down on the floor glaring at Jackson. “You’re ruining the quality of the story!”

Just as Bam Bam was about to continue with his story, the lights went out. The four stuck in the living room screamed as three other screams were heard down the hallway.

A loud thump came from down the hallway towards the living room. ‘WHAT THE HELL!” a voice screamed angrily.

“OH GOSH WE’RE GOING TO DIE!” Yoogyeom screamed as he embraced Jackson tightly.

“WHICH ONE OF YOU DECIDED IT WOULD BE FUNNY TO INTERRUPT ME WHEN I WAS SHOWERING?” Mark screamed as he flashed his cellphone light at the scared bunch in the living room.

Realizing that the ‘monster’ was actually Mark, Bam Bam came up to give him a hug. “Thank goodness it’s just yo— Oh, gosh! Put some clothes on!!” Bam Bam yelled as he pushed Mark back into the hallway.

A beam of light came back from the hallway, shining light on Jr who was holding it. “I leave you guys for one minute and you all are already peeing in your pants,” he sighed. He placed the lantern on the floor and turned on three flashlights.

The members immigrated from the couch onto the floor where Jr was and grabbed the flashlights. 

“Oooh, this is cool!” Bam Bam beamed. “It’s like we’re camping!”

Another loud noise came from down the hallway, this time a loud crash. The paranoid members in the living room jumped and screamed. They grew nervous until they heard bickering down the hallway, assuming that Mark and JB had run into each other.

“So now that we’re all here without any power, what should we do?” JB asked gathering the members around him.

Jackson raised his hand enthusiastically. “Let’s play extreme hide-and-seek!!”

The other members cheered on for that idea as they all began to hide and JB was the only one left next to the lantern.

Sighing, JB admitted defeat and began counting to twenty.

After counting, he stood up and brought the lantern with him towards the foyer. Not even looking around JB knew somebody was hiding there. “Alright, Yoogyeom, you can come out now I found you.”

Groaning, the maknae followed his leader hyung and lightly hit him on the shoulder. “That’s not fair! My height is a disadvantage!”

Ignoring the maknae’s comment, JB proceeded to go into the kitchen, although he was a bit sketch as to who would be so dumb enough to hide in such an open area.

Looking around, he didn’t see anyone on the floor or wide in the open, but as he turned around, he noticed Jackson in a fetal position on the countertop hiding behind the fridge. Snapping his fingers, Jackson hopped off and offered to help search for the other members.

The three then found Mark who hid behind the potted plant in the hallway, Bam Bam who hid behind the bathroom door, and Youngjae who climbed up on one of the dressers in his shared room with JB. 

Now they only had to look for Jr.

“Aha!” Jackson beamed as he pointed to Jr’s solo bedroom. They had found him, standing right in front of the door. Before they could tackle him, the lantern flickered and then turned off. JB whined, suspecting that the batteries died.

Needless to say, the light situation didn’t stop the members from plummeting their self-claimed mother down to the ground with a group hamburger.

They all clung onto each other: Jackson slinging his arms around Mark and Jr’s neck, JB giving a noogie to Bam Bam; as they made their way towards the living room couch where they could all sit next to each other in the comfort of their happy blackout game.

“Yah!” a voice said from the couch. Remembering he had a flashlight in his hoodie pocket, Mark took it out and turned it on and aimed it towards the couch, illuminating an impatient Jr. “What took you guys so long? JB, you passed right by me several times!”

Before the members could talk, Jr sighed and shook his head as he approached the members. “Honestly, you think you know your friends well enough and then they struggle to find you at hide and seek,” he laid a hand on Jackson’s shoulder.

"Wait—” Jackson interrupted. “You were on the couch the whole time?”

Jr nodded in response. “Yeah and you all went right pass me!”

Jackson stood there frozen. “If that was you.. then who was..”

Suddenly the lights flicker and the living room lights fully turn on. The members cheer as they all hug each other in pure delight that the power was restored.

“But wait!” Jackson interrupted yet again. “Jr, who did we find standing… outside your door… if that wasn’t you?”