lantern shark

Whoops my hand slipped.

Duo and Wufei, chilling in the nice cool currents. Sometimes a nice stream of cold water really blows the cobwebs (or underwater equivalent) away.

I had to take this with my phone camera, so I’m not sure how well it has translated? OH WELL.

Duo is based on a Ninja Lantern Shark which is this ugly mofo that lives super deep under the ocean surface, and is all black with phosphorescent spots on it. I adapted slightly for mer-purposes. Wufei is a betta fish! Thanks to @kangofu-cb for the genius colour scheme suggestion - he is coloured like Shenlong!

Letraset markers, took about 6 hours sketch and all.

Six artistic cocktails

1. The scream. Ingredients: one large glass of vodka, one mime artist. Method: fill glass with vodka. Instruct mime artist to remain on the other side of the glass at all times. Any time you look into the glass, the mime artist makes that face. You know the one. Later on, the mime artist will trap you in an invisible, ever-shrinking box while she finishes off the vodka. You will regret that you ever ordered The Scream.

2. The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living. Ingredients: 5% formaldehyde solution, shark. You may need to use a dwarf lantern shark or similar to get it to fit in the glass. Method: fill large glass with formaldehyde, add shark. Note: do not drink this, you will die.

3. Piss Christ. Ingredients: piss, Christ. One of the few cocktails that one may make whilst stranded at sea on a makeshift raft. Depending on religious sensibilities, availability and level of desire to blaspheme at the horror of your fate, Christ may be substituted by other objects to hand, such as bits of mainbraces, yardarms, etc. Serve in a conch shell whilst cursing the relentless sunlight.

4. Sunflowers. Ingredients: your favourite cocktail, sunflowers. Method: make your favourite cocktail. Place in large vase. Fill with sunflowers. No, you can’t have a straw. Is there a straw in the picture? No. Just put your face in there. This is art.

5. The Persistence of Memory. Ingredients: a dazzling and regrettable cornucopia of intoxicants, a clock. Method. Place the clock on the edge of a flat surface. Consume the intoxicants. When the clock flops over the edge, you will have successfully accomplished this cocktail. Put a tick in your artbook and pat yourself on the back of your curious doughnut-head.

6. The Garden of Earthly Delights. Ingredients: strawberry juice, cherry juice, buttocks, a bagpipe. Method: Mix ingredients. Serve in a giant bird-headed monster feasting on human corpses.


Aquaman is one of my favourites superheros in DC, the guy is awsome!, not only is the king of the seas, meaning 75% of the planet, can compel the creatures of the sea to obey him; he also have super strenght that could compete with Superman’s. It’s a pitty that is one of the most underestimated heros.
Also his romantic partner Mera is really badass, also one of my favourites female characters in DC.


Newly Discovered Lantern Ninja Shark

Meet the newest type of lantern shark: the ninja lantern shark. Researcher Victoria Vásquez and her colleagues discovered the previously unidentified shark after recovering its body from storage at the California Academy of Science.It’s the first lanternshark that’s ever been found in Central American waters. Vásquez said they were able to identify it as a lanternshark based on several characteristics.

 "It had photophores (light emitting organs),“ she told The Huffington Post, "two dorsal fins with a spine on each one, and dignathic heterodonty (upper teeth and lower teeth are different)."Vásquez said ninja lanternsharks live in the deep ocean. They have tiny dots that glow throughout their body, which, unlike most bioluminescent creatures, they use to camouflage themselves within the deep’s limited light and sneak up on their prey. (Source)

The velvet belly lantern shark (or simply velvet bellyEtmopterus spinax) is a species of dogfish shark in the family Etmopteridae. One of the most common deepwater sharks in the northeastern Atlantic Ocean, the velvet belly is found from Iceland and Norway to Gabon and South Africa at a depth of 70–2,490 m (230–8,170 ft). A small shark generally no more than 45 cm (18 in) long, the velvet belly is so named because its black underside is abruptly distinct from the brown coloration on the rest of its body. The body of this species is fairly stout, with a moderately long snout and tail, and very small gill slits. Like other lantern sharks, the velvet belly isbioluminescent, with light-emitting photophores forming a species-specific pattern over its flanks and abdomen. These photophores are thought to function in counter-illumination, which camouflages the shark against predators. They may also play a role in social interactions.

Young velvet bellies feed mainly on krill and small bony fish, transitioning to squid and shrimp as they grow larger. There is evidence that individuals also move into deeper water as they age. This species exhibits a number of adaptations to living in the deep sea, such as specialized T-cells and liver proteins for dealing with the higher concentrations of heavy metals found there. Velvet bellies often carry a heavy parasite load. It is ovoviviparous, giving birth to litters of 6–20 young every 2–3 years. This species has virtually no commercial value but large numbers are caught as bycatch in deepwater commercial fisheries. Although it has been assessed as ofLeast Concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the heavy fishing pressure throughout its range and its slow reproductive rate are raising conservation concerns.

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The velvet belly lantern shark, Etmopterus spinax, is a species of dogfish shark and one of the most common deepwater sharks in the northeastern Atlantic Ocean. It is a small shark that rarely grows more than 18 inches long,with a stout body, a long snout and tail, and small gill slits.

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