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<HUGE thank you to the creators of these costumes, HONESTLY. @plazasims @rumoruka-raizon without it, I wouldn’t have even been able to get this idea out> 

It wasn’t long before the mailman delivered my subscription copy of FLASH #243, glimpsed earlier on the Daily Planet page. The issue sported another muddy Ernie Chua cover–I always felt a little bit sorry for the Trickster here, having to face his enemy the Flash bare-handed while all of his fellow Rogues had weapons drawn. 

As set up in the previous issue–and given away on the cover–the story revolves around the actual no-fooling death of the Top, one of the Flash’s regular villains. An assortment of Rogues has been gathered by the Mirror Master to mark Roscoe Dillon’s passing and to hear his last words left behind on a tape recording for the Mirror Master to find. 

In his message, the Top reveals that he’d developed a new power of mind over matter thanks to his super-speed spinning–I’m not sure how that’s meant to work, but just go with it. As is his wont, he uses this newfound ability to steal and plunder but is thwarted by his speedy foe, the Flash. One fun aspect of this story is that the Rogues, having no knowledge of the Scarlet Speedster apart from his super=heroic persona, fill in the gaps in his personal life with their own suppositions.

And to make matters worse, the Top’s encounter with the Flash’s own super-speed vibrations have set off a fatal chain reaction within his own body that will shortly kill him. Coming to terms with his own impending demise, the spinning super-villain embarks on a daring and dramatic new crime wave, eluding the Flash right up until the end of his days using his new mind over matter powers.

But what he’s really been doing is planting Top explosives in the locations of his thefts primed to detonate at a certain day and time and obliterate Central City. He challenges his fellow Rogues to duplicate his crimes and then deactivate the explosives by stacking the tops on one another, but he’s confident that the Flash will be able to stop at least one of them, and in so doing doom both them and the whole of Central City. So now the Rogues have a terrible choice to make–and that’s where the story is To Be Continued!

This issue of FLASH also includes this typical page of ads for odd merchandise, the sort that was ubiquitous in comic books for decades. I only post it here now because I know that I sent away for that Baseball Card Locker–despite having scant interest in any sports I was on the same childhood bandwagon when it came to collecting Baseball Cards. Every boy my age did so, and I was as caught up in the chase as anybody. Eventually, though, my love for comics won out and the disposable income I would spend on Baseball Cards and Wacky Packages and other such things would instead be funneled into more comic book purchases.

The backup story concludes the six-part Ravagers of Olys adventure that Green Lantern had been on for months. It’s not much of a finale, though–GL is devolved into a caveman by the Ravagers, who reveal that their reverse-Biblical marauding has all been an audition to join a galactic Federation. But GL’s Power Ring still works for the instinctual caveman version, and as a savage brute, he overwhelms the Ravagers, causing them to reverse the process. He then chides them sternly and sends them on their way (!!!) 

Really, after literally months of adventures, all Green Lantern does about these guys is wreck up their ship and tell them to cut it out, then wanders off to recharge his Power Ring. It’s really not much of an ending at all. Of greater interest to me was the question of whether Green Lantern would continue to be a feature in FLASH how that his own magazine had been revived. I’d get my answer to that question in a few months’ time, and it turned out to be yes, but not for very long. But that’s a tale for the future.

Headcanon that Barry’s actually really bad at Temple Run mainly because Hal distracts him all the time like “GOD BARRY YOU’RE SLOOOOOOW! YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE THE FASTEST MAN ALIVE!” and Barry turns around to snap back something like “Temple Run doesn’t count" and instead he’s like “GODDAMIT HAL YOU MADE ME FALL OFF THE TRAIL!!” Then Barry goes on the leader boards and the high scorer is L. Snart and Barry just looks across the Watchtower with a horrified expression to see Captain Cold grinning from behind his iPhone

I’ve been thinking about this, and it’s starting to bug me…

With Cap’s heightened reflexes, he could easily have spun on his heel and grabbed or deflected the glass the second it connected with his pool cue..

Never mind that with both his speed and perception, Superman could easily have caught the glass. Or vaporised it with his heat vision.

Flash, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Power Girl, Rogue.. all of them can move fast enough to stop it.

Both Spiderman and Batman have the instinct and tools to catch it, and if Green Lantern is paying attention he could easily grab it at the speed of thought.

The only explanation is that everyone in this bar has been waiting for something like this, and they’re spoiling for a fight.


don’t be late (the wedding fic)

i stayed up half the night studying and the other half writing this fic. i regret a lot of things but this fic is not one of them. 

i guess this counts as me having achieved the halbarry fanfiction challenge but i’ll try and write some more halbarry stuff before the end of june. as always, you can also read it on my AO3 as well as tumblr but w/e GO WILD. 

disclaimer: i haven’t been to a wedding since i was five, so i apologize for any and all inaccuracies. i kind of glossed over the actual ceremony because i was mostly going off stuff on tv/movies e.g. ‘we are gathered here today’ stuff but had no idea what the minister is supposed to say so didn’t include that. y'all need to start inviting me to your weddings like seriously.

trigger warning for extreme fluff and cheesy moments/writing.

also i have no idea when this is supposed to be set? it’s kind of amalgam of preboot and reboot so…

for: royharpersrightarm and clintebartcn

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“Does it look okay?” Hal asked because even though he’d tied and untied this stupid thing that felt like a noose around his neck about fifty times, it still felt wrong. 

“Here,” John got up off the wicker chair he’d been watching Hal from, sniggering into his hand as he watched Hal struggle into his suit. “Honestly, Hal, you’re a college graduate and a pilot. You should know how to tie a tie by now. I’m not your mother.” 

“No, you’re just my best man.” Hal said as he watched John’s hands go to work on the tie. In less time it took Hal to blink, it was in a perfect knot and no longer looked or felt awkward. Hal breathed a sigh of relief. 

“Much to Ollie’s chagrin.”

Hal and John turned abruptly at the sound as Dinah’s voice as she floated ethereally into the room. She looked like an actual angel, with her long blonde hair splayed out across the white of her bridesmaid’s dress. “He still hasn’t forgiven you for not making him the best man.” 

“Uh oh,” John laughed. “Am I homewrecking the bromance?” 

“He’s not mad at you, John,” Dinah insisted. “Just Hal.” 

“Like always.” John countered. 

“He’ll get over it,” Hal said. “Plus, I promised you first.”

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anonymous asked:

youre working on lantern rogues? what corps are they in?

My Lantern Rogues AU is an AU with literally one premise that I’ve expanded.  The premise was: “If Jon got a Yellow Lantern Ring he’d sucker-punch Sinestro.”

Since then, the AU has expanded to involve like four Gotham Rogues and Supergirl getting Lantern Rings and for some reason Sinestro becomes a good guy purely to get Jon to join the Sinestro Corps?

Oh and Jon comes to the attention of the Guardians after picking a fight with Guy Gardner because Guy Gardner is a punk-ass bitch.

Anyways, the Rogues that get Lantern Rings are Jonathan Crane, Harley Quinn, Edward Nygma, and Lonnie Machin, respectively Yellow, Violet (Star Sapphire), Green, and Red.  Supergirl gets a Blue Lantern Ring and the only person who doesn’t formally join their respective Corps (like Jon does eventually but he’s grumpy about it  at first) is Lonnie.  Lonnie takes one look at what Atrocitus’s plan is with the Red Lanterns and fucking books it.  Kid likes his consciousness and free will right where they are thankyouverymuch.

anonymous asked:

how would the rogues use their rings? like pure pragmatsm or creatively? whats their favorite construct to make?

Depends on the Rogue.  Jon, Lonnie, and Harley tend to be more imaginative, Ed is more pragmatic.

Jon has two favored constructs, a his trademark scythe and he really likes doing reveals reclining on spiderwebs because it’s Jon, Jon is extra.

Lonnie’s favored construct is a bat.

Harley’s favored construct is a boxing glove.

Ed’s favored construct is his question mark cane.


Avengers and X-Men: AXIS #6 - Parody Summary

Another completely accurate summary of the latest issue of AXIS.
Art by Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson, Edgar Delgado & Jesus Aburtov
Text by me.