lantern plant house




Because I didn’t tag ya’ll in the last moodboard, Imma tag you in this one to appreciate your work (which I stalk a lot lmao) in the Kekkai Sensen fandom, have a rainy mountain, Klaus moodboard!


Illustration of Klaus von Reinherz (centre) belongs to @gjo413 , whom I want to thank for allowing me to use her illustration of Klaus.

Photos and arrangement of mountains, flowers, and the buildings belong to @sci-fri (me) and @scispiration  

August 10, 2016
  1. Cancer
     Cold bag

  2. Scorpio

  3. Pisces
     Chinese lantern plant

  4. Capricorn
     Live house

  5. Taurus
     Sewing set

  6. Virgo
     PET bottle
     Light blue

  7. Libra
     Camping supplies

  8. Gemini
     Popular song

  9. Aquarius
     Bath salts

  10. Aries
     Sunscreen cream

  11. Sagittarius

  12. Leo