lantern of the north

   Elgin Cathedral sometimes referred to as The Lantern of the North, is a historic ruin in Elgin, in the council area of Moray, north-east Scotland. The cathedral was founded in 1224, and this is what is looks like after about eight hundred years of battles and storms and fires and deterioration and such. I like it this way. (image coldwaterjohn on panoramio)

#9: My Damsel In Distress

Jon did not know what to feel, what to think, as he stood there under the weirwood heart tree, with Davos by his side, and Bran in front of him. The torches and lanterns provided ample illumination, but darkness in a cold winter night in the North had its way of creeping up on you. Sansa was late. Really late. People were getting restless, stirring in the cold damp snow. But no one was going to leave, this was quite the talk of the realm at this moment. No one would miss the chance to witness a Targaryen wedding done in Northern fashion, a Targaryen marrying his sister, the crowning of a Targaryen king in the North.

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In honor of the 20th anniversary of the release of the first Harry Potter novel, we thought that we would celebrate by posting a couple of Potter-ish images from our archives.  

The first isn’t Hermione and Crookshanks, but it is a lantern slide from the 19th-century.  Lantern slides were small glass plates with images developed on them which were used with magic lanterns, a type of precursor to the (now itself outdated) slide projector.  

The second image is from our Robert Parks North American Birds collection (ms3396).  Robert Parks is a native Georgian and a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology who gained national renown as an ornithologist and an artist of birds.  The owl shown is an Eastern Screech Owl, which is common to the state of Georgia.

Be Careful

@lady-of-fandoms​: The reader babysits Billy Batson, and Billy looks up to the reader and just thinks she’s awesome… (A/N: this is probably far from what you expected srry ‘^^ )
Young Justice

           "Alright, Billy, time for bed.“

           "Whaaat? But I’m not sleepy yet.”                                                    

           You turn to the 10-year-old grade-schooler beside you, “That was your fifth yawn in the last 15 minutes.”

           Billy sheepishly turns away from you, “It’s not me. It’s the movie..” he crosses his arms and slumps into the couch. “It’s boring.”

           You let out a dramatic gasp, “The Dark Knight is not boring. That’s blasphemy.”

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The Symbols of Halloween: The Jack-O'-Lantern

For most of us, Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without the delightful eerie glow of jack-o’-lanterns, which are often placed in our front porches or on a windowsill as a traditional Halloween decoration. The sight of a pumpkin with a ghoulish grin and illuminated by a candle helps to put most of us in the Halloween mood. It also serves as a sign to welcome the trick or treaters to our door. It is a Halloween tradition that is fun for all ages, young and old. However, this custom is far from being a modern one. In fact, it is well over TWO THOUSAND years old!

The origin of the jack-o’-lantern can be traced back to Ireland, where hollowed out turnips, rather than pumpkins, were carved with simple faces and used as hand-held lanterns. They were used only to help light the way for those traveling the dark roads on Halloween night, but also to scare away earthbound ghosts.

Eventually the use of turnips (and cabbage stems in Scotland) grew unpopular, and the pumpkin became the vegetable of choice and undoubtedly the most prevalent symbol of Halloween. The phrase “jack-o’-lantern” was at one time used as a name for the unexplained phosphorescent light that sometimes appears in swamps and marshlands after sunset. Also known as “will-o-the-wisp” in the United States, “corpse light” in England, “fox fire” in Ireland, and “witch-fire” in Africa, this natural phenomenon understandably strikes fear in the hearts of many who encounter it’s eerie luminous glow.

The traditional North American version of the jack-o’-lantern possessed a simple grinning face with triangular-shaped eyes and nose and a set of crooked teeth. And the symbol of it’s use is still unknowingly in play today. We carve a face into our pumpkins, light them up and place them on our porches and windows. The Jack-O’-Lantern is still a symbol of protection to may modern day witches and pagans, used to protect the home and family from wandering, mischievous ghosts and spirits.


With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds

“While she loves Tucker more than anything (and anyone) in the world, it sucks that her most personal secret is on display whenever they’re in public. People don’t know what she needs him for, but they see his vest, the words ‘Service Dog, Please Do Not Pet’ printed across his chest, and they know she is a little bit broken.” Modern AU.

Title comes from the song by Explosions in the Sky.

(Trigger warnings: PTSD, self-harm, depression, panic attacks)

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i remember 4 years ago i was visiting china by myself and there were these people on a pier sending up paper lanterns like in the movie tangled. i wish the memory card from my trip wasn’t stolen, it was like something straight out of a movie. lanterns floating up in the night sky. fucking beautiful. anyways i approached an old man selling them and i asked him why people came here to send these up, and he told me that many people come here and write their hopes and dreams, or promises to loved ones on these lanterns because they could only be lit properly with two people. he asked me if i wanted to buy one for my date and i told him i didn’t have one, in fact i was in a city of millions in which i knew maybe 3 people through family connections. in that moment i looked around at all the people making meaningful memories with those close to them, and i was sad. i’m sure there’s a better word than sad for what i felt, i just can’t seem to place my finger on it. longing maybe? i thanked him for the information and i bought a lantern for myself, and on a brisk summer night on a north eastern chinese pier i flew a paper lantern with your name on it with the help of of the elderly lantern salesman. i never told you. and you will never know.