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Oh god no, stop storing lit lanterns in your body, LanternDay Sans! One day you’ll surely be on fire. =3=

Camo Papyrus is from this page, btw:

This poor guy finally got his happy ending.

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all i have, here, is a stinging, and this curling green desire. where is my crooked stick, that which i held on to with the strength of childhood?

i wandered but three beats when i fell to this grey earth. a backfire. the sound was deafening, but here i am now at your feet. i am uncertain if i still need anything at all.

i molt. the curling green takes flight, sudden, hot. it is all moths here, searching for the lantern of your core. resting my head upon your knees, i have forgotten my crooked stick.

there is still a stinging here.

Nekoma Headcannons

Nekoma university majors -
- Sports scholarship continuing with volleyball with a major in sports psychology.
- Science degree with a major in mathematics and statistics.
- Psychological sciences with a major in business psychology.
- Event planning and coordinating degree with a focus on sports.
- Systems engineering.
-  Fine arts degree.
- Primary education with a minor in Japanese literature.
- Sports scholarship continuing with volleyball and a major in Sports sciences.
- Journalism and editing.

Nekoma possible tattoos -
- Pop punkish scenery design as a thigh piece and geometrical half sleeve.
- Yin and Yang design as a shoulder piece.
- Geometrical moth design as a stomach piece.
- Traditional tiger design as a back piece.
- Coloured wisterias as a shoulder/upper arm piece and a video game related piece somewhere.
- Abstract design as a piece along the left side of his chest, shoulder and ribs and a  hummingbird skull  design as a calf piece.
- Comic/pop art fighting dog design as a calf piece.
- “Sheep in wolves clothing” piece on both calves. 
- Chunk of quotes in gorgeous fonts along his ribs.

Nekoma possible injuries -
- Torn ACL, back/hip muscle pain and shoulder sprains. Jammed and sprained fingers. (Middle blocker position is quite brutal)
- Left shoulder inflammation and shoulder sprains.
- Contact bruises and floor burn from diving for saves. Sprained fingers and knee ligament injuries.
- Rotator cuff left Shoulder, shoulder dislocation and thigh sprains. (Ace position is demanding.)
-  Ankle rollovers and sprain, jammed and sprained fingers. Elbow tenderness.
- Shoulder inflammation and achilles tenderness.
- Torn hamstring and shoulder strain.
- Chronic thigh strain from constant jumping and knee tenderness. Sprained fingers. Ankle sprains and rollovers from height due to jumping. (Again, them middle blockers.)
- Contact bruises and floor burn from diving for saves. Shoulder and arm tenderness.

Nekoma hobbies other than volleyball -
- Classic films - He’s a total classic film buff he enjoys different they are from films now and sometimes indulges in the more tacky options. Some of his favorites include Casablanca, The Godfather and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
- Comic books - People are surprised at his hobby because they say he has too serious a look for such a hobby.
- Geocaching - Ann odd hobby he picked up with some friends in middle school which kind of stuck.
- Cooking - He really enjoys cooking, mostly savoury meals.
- Fantasy novels - He really enjoys reading as much as he enjoys playing fantasy games. His favourites include The Magician, Lord of the Rings and The Wheel of Time.
- Gardening - Its a hobby he obtained from his primary school days, he has a particular fondness for bonsai.
- Jogging - He considered joining the track before the volleyball team. He enjoys evening jogs the best.
- Yaku Morisuke. Bowling - He enjoys the cool atmosphere and lights at the bowling alley.
- Classical music - He’s quite the fan of classical and symphonic music, he likes how it can be both intense and calming.

The “Ends up talking during the movie” squad - Yamamoto, Kenma, Inuoka and Lev.
The “Super photogenic no matter whats going on” squad
- Shouhei and Yuuki.
The “Super into PDA” squad
- Kai, Yamamoto, Inuoka and Lev.
The “Horrible sleeper” squad
- Kuroo, Kenma, Souhei and Lev
The “Clingy sleeper” squad -
Kai, Yamamoto, Inuoka and Yuuki.
The “Sweet tooth” squad
- Kai, Yaku, Kenma, Inuoka and Yuuki.
The “I drown my fries in ketchup” squad
- Kai, Yamamoto, Shouhei and Lev
The “Falls asleep in class” squad
- Yaku, Inuoka and Lev.
The “Constantly texts during class” squad
- Kuroo, Kenma, Lev and Yuuki.
The “Updates social media every 10 seconds” squad
- Kenma and Shouhei.
The “Hardly ever updates social media but still has a lot of friends/followers” squad
- Kai, Yamamoto and Inuoka
The “Sleeps with socks on” squad
- Kuroo, Yamamoto, Shouhei and Lev.
The “Has really nice handwriting” squad
- Kuroo, Yaku, Shouhei and Yuuki.
The “Not even you can decipher your own handwriting” squad
- Kai, Yamamoto, Kenma and Lev.
The “I’m always cold” squad
- Kenma, Shouhei and Yuuki.
The “I always over heat” squad
- Kuroo, Yamamoto, Kenma, Inuoka and Lev.
The coffee drinkers
- Kai, Yaku and Shouhei
The tea drinkers
- Kuroo, Yamamoto and Yuuki
The hot chocolate drinkers
-  Kenma and Lev.
The “I’ll take whatever is offered” drinkers
- Inuoka.

  • Yaku is the only one on the team who has some sort of normal sleeping position.
  • Shouhei is quite good at multiple art mediums but his favourite is pen sketches. He has sketchbooks full of random people and things. He doesn’t like to show many people though.
  • Yamamoto loves the feeling of cooking for other people and on a team members birthday he’ll invite the team over for dinner and cook that persons favourite dish.
  • Kenma surprisingly has the biggest appetite on the time (Besides Lev)
  • Inuoka is the only one on the team with a pet dog. It’s name is Shiba, he loves it dearly and he has had it since middle school.
  • Lev is surprisingly very good at darts and bowling.
  • Kuroo’s favourite flavour of tea is Jasmine.
  • Shouhei has the weirdest eating habits out of the entire team.
  • Sometimes some of the other team members go geocaching with Yaku.
  • Yuuki, Yaku and Kai have the best dress sense in the team.
  • Kai’s favourite super hero is the Green Lantern because he “admires the innovation of the lantern core.”
  • Shouhei and Yuuki are actually the ones who often initiate the group text between the team.
Time to talk about how great the Orange Laterns are

Firstly, Greed my favorite emotion on the spectrum. It fits me best
Rage is great, but it’s too wild and chaotic, too content to just strike outwards at everything

Larfleeze, the sole Orange Lantern, was content as long as nobody fucked with him
Some Green Lanterns accidentally stepped into his turf and he so he started to fuck shit up

Secondly, he is the ONLY ONE
It’s all him
He was introduced sitting on a mountain of orange lantern rings

Each corp has 5,000 or so

The Orange Lanterns are just Larfleeze

Every lantern can make light constructs, Larfleeze takes his enemies, absorbs them into the battery core and he makes light construct copies of warped versions of his defeated foes. The Orange Lanterns are his property

Thirdly, his battery
Every lantern core has a master battery every ring must return to once a year or so to properly recharge

Most are the size of houses or apartment buildings. Each holds insane levels of power and serve as the central base for their respective lantern corp

But the Orange lantern?
His is portable. He carries it around with him, coveting it
Nobody else does that, nobody else CAN DO THAT. He keeps INSANE LEVELS OF POWER on his person at all times. And it’s like, the size of two basketballs when every other one is the size of a building

And it’s all his

Anyways, rambling over


Survivor – Inspired by Blackfathom Deeps, this mog is meant to invoke feelings of desperation. Scavenge for the means to survive with what’s left of your gear and a single, rickety lantern.

  • Head - Cowl of Benevolence / Thistlefur Cap
  • Shoulders - none
  • Back - Vindictive Gladiator’s Demonthread Cloak
  • Wrist - Stonecloth Bindings
  • Hands - Karabor Sage Gloves
  • Waist - Telubis’ Bindings of Patience / Girdle of the Infected Mind
  • Legs - Sacred Burial Trousers
  • Feet - Moonsoul Slippers
  • Weapon - Blade of Eternal Darkness
  • Off-hand - Deep Core Lantern

anonymous asked:

@Squad and parents: which lantern core would you belong to? (Assuming Orange is also available)

Nova; Hmm green for sure. 

Connor; i think i would be too. willpower yo

Jack: let’s be real, purple because I love everyone and me, and that’ll make me invincible 

Roman: I think i’d be Green. seems stable.

Missy: blue. because we must hope for the future.

Sol: indigo except for toby. 

Viktor; YELLOW! because I’m scared.

Nova; viktor, you are powered by other people’s fears. 

Viktor: i can use my own fear right? that’s how it works?

Marco: I think willpower is best for me. because I really needed  a lot of it with my life.

Star: Indigo. I am all about that compassion…most of the time. okay once in a while maybe I’d be orange but you know i can’t cuz there’s only the one. 

Jackie; I think purple because you know I’m really laid back…..yeah that didn’t make any sense.

Tom: i’d like to think i’ve really chilled since my teenage days.

Janna; rage, red for sure

Tom: *turns full demonic, flaming beard and hair* NOOOOOOO *stops* sigh, okay. 

Janna; I’d be black

Star: Janna, that’s the undead.

Janna: i know what I said.

Marco: and this is why we don’t have rings. 

I can’t sleep so instead I choose to imagine Kylo sitting behind me on my bed, my shoulder blades flush with his sternum, my legs open and spread over his own. He’s so strong and broad behind me–I feel the heat of his chest, like lantern fire, warming my core, and I feel the aching pulse of his cock at my back, restrained with deliberate neglect.

He’ll care take of it, but not now–because all he wants in this moment is to make me cum. He coils one hand under my arm and around my neck, my heart a rapid, buzzing beat against his thumb, my breath waning to shallow tides in my lungs. The other hand is between my legs, ghosting over my clit, tracing the hood like an absent-minded sketch. I’m whimpering, trying to meet his touch, to generate friction at his fingers–but he’s unyielding. He wants this on his terms.

When he finally increases his pace, pleasure hits me like hot sunny waves, scorching straight through my flesh. And Kylo has his mouth nipping and whispering warm breath at my ear, muffled murmurs of how good I am, how wet I feel, how beautiful I look when I cum for him. His fingers stroking fast now, he moans my name, his voice full of primal depth and need. I’m shaking, digging wells into his thighs, gasping and whining his name as I grow closer and closer.

He tells me to cum for him–and I do. I cry out, wracked with my climax, rising up as if I’ve been possessed with pleasure, and my body collapses into his, the hazy buzz of bliss still fogging my brain and nerves and tongue. Kylo mumbles his private praise into my neck.

I’ve done so good, he says, purring and nuzzling into my throat. But now it’s his turn.


Where are all the Black Superhero movies?

This isn’t actually what the young boy said in this scene of the Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. tv show. But this should have been what he said

This gif speaks a lot

In this time & age a lot of live action superhero movies are being made & released, and children need a good role model to guide them.

A lot of young kid’s role models are superheroes. Children see heroes on tv, protecting innocent & saving the day, and kids will watch this, favourite their heroes and see them as their role model. As their heroes. They will copy them, role play them and call themselves that heroes name.

But what about the darker kids? They can all simply watch the heroes save the world and protect the innocent & role play them too, but at the end of the day, all the heroes are still white. Where are all the Black superhero movies? 

All kids need to see the good guy. 
And all kids need to see the good guy they can compare their similarities to. 

Young dark skinned children do ask “Where are all the Black Superheroes?” unfortunately I hear it more often then I should. And that is so wrong.

And what I shouldn’t be hearing is “But you’re black. And he is white.” Unfortunately I had to hear that all together. I shouldn’t of had to hear someone say that. And the child should never of had to hear anyone say that ever.

Children need to see heroes of there own race. 

Heroes they are similar to.

Heroes they know they can be compared to.

There are plenty of Black Superheroes out there! Is it so difficult to make a movie that stars a Black Superhero saving the day. Everyone needs a role model. Especially children today. Especially dark children.

I know there’s movies like Blade who is a Marvel hero. But kids can’t watch something like that. It has too much blood & gore. 

And I know there’s Don Cheadle in Iron Man 2 & 3. He was one of the stars in the two movies, but he isn’t really the star as much as Robert Downey Jr. 

And I know that Falcon (Sam Wilson) played by Anthony Mackie is in the new Captain America movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I’m not sure how much of a part Falcon will have in the movie but he still isn’t the star.

Is it so hard to make a Marvel Black Panther Movie. The epic Monarch of Wakanda. 

Or John Stewart The Green Lantern of The DC Universe who fights along side the Justice League & Green Lantern core 

Or a Miles Morales Spider Man movie. Almost every young kid loves Spider Man. So why not let the young dark kids have there own Spider Man too. If he’s in the Comics, why not give him a movie? 

Dark kids need to see there own heroes.

Heroes they can be.

At the moment all I see is white heroes. White toys, white movies.

I shouldn’t be hearing and children shouldn’t have to be asking…

Where are all the Black Superheroes?“ 

Green Lantern Core [AU!CLOSED]

As much as the little Lantern enjoyed the company of Hal Jordan and Kilowag, their endless bickering could become tiresome. Her fingers tapped away at the screens, pulling up the nav system as well as the distress signal coming from the nearby planet. She wondered if she ought to interrupt the arguing to tell them. 

She decided against it and set their course for the planet, letting out an annoyed breath. “You two fight like a married couple. Something you wanna tell me?" 

This earned a glare from Hal, and she didn’t even bother to look at Kilowag. "Guys, listen, I’m picking up a distress signal nearby. While you were fighting I set the nav system to get us there as quickly as possible. We’re not that far away and it seems like it could be Red Lanterns."