That lovely seller whom I bought a few La Lantelme cards from sent me a note that she had listed more, so I’ve bought them - don’t think I had any of them among those I already own.

I feel a bit of a dilemma here that I’ve encountered sometimes in vintage clothing and I’m sure other collectors are familiar with, particularly in the economic climate. From time to time, I’ve bought pieces that that the seller would not have parted with under normal circumstances, but they’ve been under financial duress.

Most of those I’ve bought from who disclose this have in no way tried to guilt me as the purchaser - like this very pleasant collector, they usually just say they’re glad their beloved pieces are going to someone who will love them. But it has made me a bit uncomfortable in recent years as I’ve picked up some amazing 1920s gowns for prices that are a great deal less than what they’d usually cost, and I wonder - and worry - a bit for those forced to sell under the circumstances.