The Rally/March was INCREDIBLE - Mom and I were up towards the front so we couldn’t really see just how much of a crowd there was at first, but when we walked around it stretched allllll away across the street =) 

Here’s another poster that made me smile, partly because the lady was so sweet and also because FUCK YEAH, REMEMBER THE LADIES. 

So I went to an anti-DAPL rally in New York this evening and I was in the crowd but I couldn’t see the speakers well and the sound from the bullhorn was a bit muffled. At one point a woman was introduced and I couldn’t see who it was or hear her name but her voice was very familiar. I was trying to place it when someone said it was Jane fucking Fonda and I almost screamed because here I am in the presence of Queen Leona Lansing who was being badass and advocating for indigenous rights and it was just beautiful I’m done.