I need someone to take me in around the mount pleasant or lansing area for the remainder of the week, just until Sunday (may 24th) because my parents tried admitting me into a mental hospital. I’m trying to get to arizona, and I get out of the hospital tomorrow (may 20th). I’m currently in midland. If someone could pick me up from the hospital and drive me to my house in mt pleasant to get my stuff, then let me stay with them until Sunday, I would be really grateful. I really don’t want to stay in a homeless shelter!! Please reblog to help!!!!

LGBQT looking to move out

I need to find a room mate fast. I’m not going to toss out a sob story but I graduated a month ago, Stepfather has decided I’m a tenant now and I have to do extra work for room and board despite the reason I stopped was because I injured my knee a few months ago. If you live nearby in michigan, let me know. I’m near Lansing.

I don’t know if I’ve ever been so overwhelmed by #homeless signs as I am right now. I just opened this box from Chris Pruett who calls himself the #happiest #homeless #veteran in #Lansing #Michigan. He and I have never met but he contacted me through facebook when he found out about the #weareallhomeless project. I sent him some money and arranged for shipping through the kind souls at #worldwideexpress and expected a Hangul of signs. HE SENT FIFTY! And they are among the most #creative signs I’ve seen. Thank you Chris. We shot #video of me opening the package which we will post soon. Love to you and blessings for being a part of this. #love #gratitude #whatishome