lanny jordan jackson

Bun Suit by Lanny Jordan Jackson

                The letters of past lives arrive in dreams unopened. It is much easier to accept the physical reality than the mental reality. Hearts need their spots for camouflage into the rest of the body to feel part of a whole. Wool rests around the body to keep it warm when that perfect temperature is insufficient. Every day tongues work their ways sufficiently. Words are hedges for tongues working hard to keep themselves properly active. Various webs are made out of words ready to trap others with one wrong utterance. 

                Cows avoid such fates. They remain silent. Out with their salt licks cows are oblivious to the need for the written word. Much more of an oral tradition kind of animal they enjoy chewing on the fat, chewing on the cud, really chewing on anything. Cows are chewers. It is well documented. No plot exists for the cow. Free to do what they want cows generally spend most of their day relaxing and swatting flies with their tails. Life for the cow is pretty great. Humans ought to leave cows alone to do what they do best: create methane gas, serve as a really slow lawnmower, and work hard to be the best possible cows they can be. 

                Fruits are lazier than cows. Unlike cows fruits are unable to move. Long ago fruits tried to book a space for their poetry and they never arrived so they lost their deposit. That was a long time ago. Evolution has helped fruits to populate the earth with the power of their delicious textures. Animals eat poor defenseless fruits and spread their seeds throughout the land. Bees in their beehives work to introduce these fruits to each other. Essentially bees are matchmakers for plants. Happy with their youth bees are forever young, terrifying young and old humans alike. 

                Small things come with great responsibility. Most of the world’s technological innovations involve the celebration of smallness. Nature perfected this long ago. Humanity is only starting to catch up with the wonders of the world. The progress of millions of years of testing has beaten a couple hundred thousand scientists toiling day and night. Bun suits of uneasiness cannot throw enough money at themselves to find new solutions quickly, they must be patient.

                Hearts serve as poor substitutes for sails. Love thinks it works quickly. It does not. Speed is not of the essence. Rather speeds are changed gradually. Every gust gives small boats a little push. Motors are cheating. Compasses try to help out the clueless travelers but without the right training it is yet another device taking up space. Humans live in cities trying to always move forward to better cities; nights treat the cities remaining one of humanity’s greatest accomplishments: the ability to entertain infinitely.