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Favorite Male Characters in Tv

1. Castiel ( He turned my whole world upside down  💘 💘 💘)

2. Crowley

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3. Dean Winchester

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4. Sam Winchester

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5. The Doctor 

6. Sherlock Holmes

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7. Jim Moriarty

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8. Mycroft Holmes ( because Mark Gatiss rocks!!! )

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9. Will Graham

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10. Hannibal Lecter

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11. The Master

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12. Jack Harkness

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13. Fox Mulder ( my first tv character crush, i was so in love!!!)

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14. Captain Malcom Reynolds

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15. Gaius Baltar

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16. Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold

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17. Merlin /Emrys 

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18. Arthur Nielsen

19. Dr. Spencer Reid

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20. Tyrion Lannister (the only reason i watch game of thrones)

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21. Magnus Bane

22. Walter Bishop

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23. John Locke

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24. Harold Finch

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25. Dr House

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26. Sheldon and Leonard

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27. Dexter Morgan

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28. Adrian Monk

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29. Morgan Jones

30. Chandler Bing

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I wanted to add more but it was getting too big

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Jaime’s Worst Fear by Shahan Reviews

Why Jon rejected Cersei’s offer

If you’re like me that dragon pit scene bothered you a lot. Maybe you’re at the point where you’ve written off Jon’s character completely. I can see why–his actions made no sense whatsoever. So here is my breakdown. Maybe this will help clarify some things. Or, confuse things even more. IDK.

C: The crown accepts your truce. Until the dead are defeated, they are the true enemy. In return the King in the North will extend his truce. He will remain in the North where he belongs. He will not take up arms against the Lannisters, he will not choose sides.

D: Just the King in the North? Not me?

C: I would never ask it of you. You would never agree to it and if you did I would trust you even less than I do now. I ask it only of Ned Stark’s son. I know Ned Starks’ son will be true to his word.

D is surprised and thrown off guard. She expected that Cersei would ask her to draw down. Instead, Cersei chooses to make terms with Jon (probably because she sees him as easy to manipulate just like his father). By offering a truce with him, she is forcing the North to remain neutral while also testing D and Jon’s relationship as allies. Of course, we learn Cersei never planned to honor any of this anyway, so the entire event looks to be pointless for all involved. The audience knew that the wight wasn’t going to convince Cersei. Why are we here??? Why did critical thinking stop??? This is S7′s biggest logical flaw.

Then we have the moment when Jon fans everywhere started wailing and gnashing their teeth:

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One Sansa moment in the show i love that is quite underrated is the scene where Sansa gives Tyrion the cup and after that she looks at Joffrey with a look full of hate and disgust. I loved her face expression when she looked at him, because yes Sansa wears her courtesy like an armor, but holy shit her if only a look could kill a person. That was just a cold look. I loved it. They often screw up with Sansa's arc, but this one they got right.

(i didnt find a better gif sorry) but yes. This moment was everything (and written by GRRM martin himself no less!), I love sansa face to joffrey, how she did it not only to help tyrion but to piss off joffrey too, to show him she is Sansa stark not some dog, its such a quite act of rebellion. And its brilliant. 

There’s a reason we had that scene with Arya with the Lannister soliders.

There’s a reason that scene happened before the Loot Train attack.

There’s a reason the attack was set in Jaime’s POV.

There’s a reason we were meant to see Dany as the villain and not the hero.