lannister priorities


Gemma Lannister : Now stop fighting, you two are twins. For goodness’ sake, don’t they have the same thoughts ?

Cersei Lannister : [thinking] Shoes.

Jaime Lannister : [thinking] Playstation.

Tywin Lannister : [thinking] Fiscal responsability.

Gemma Lannister : [thinking] Tom Skerritt.

Ned: Not an Arryn, A Stark.

Alot of analysis of Ned Stark tends to boil that he is ‘honour’ personified. Whilst I have written alot about my thoughts on that, there is another misconception about Ned’s character- that the honour he has is specifically Arryn honour. So that’s why we get the 'Ned’s the least stark there is’ stuff and also not really from the North (which is absurd). 

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