I’m Having A Whine About The Majority of Game of Thrones Season 5 Being Shit imo

For myself, Season 5 of Game of Thrones is undoubtedly the poorest. The reason for this decremental quality is foremost the fact D&D are straying too extremely from the core text.  I am happy for Game of Thrones to be an inspired work - I am aware, for example, that the mediums of cinema and literature have differing abilities and limitations, which leave show-runners with no other remedy than to ‘adapt.’ 

However, recent changes have been ludicrous. Sexual violence and sexuality are being emphasised beyond necessity - to the detriment of the storytelling. Inconsequential characters and storylines are being favoured attentions that ten episodes simply cannot merit: Missandei&GW, Dany& this mockery of Daario, Myranda, Olyver & Loras ‘the Gay knight who did we mention is gay and nothing else?’ 

And lest we forget the entirety of Dorne? What a setting, shame we can’t see it behind Tyene Sand’s breasts. And the other Sandsnakes? Needn’t have bothered. They were never the most revolutionary literary device but the portrayals are just as heinous as the idea of avenging Oberyn via Myrcella’s murder. Are we expected to champion these women allegedly unbowed, unbent; unbroken? 

Season 4 did not have to take me to Dorne for me to have been there; Oberyn Martell was all the complexities, passion and strife of the South needed to ally my investment in Dorne’s place in the politics of Westeros. And to nullify this by way of the Sandsnakes (as written by D&D) demonstrates their graduating carelessness. 

Previous season’s episodes have been ornate and immersive, but now that D&D are castrating so great a fraction of the core text the seasons are becoming increasingly rushed. I spend so little time with these emaciated characters and storylines that I honestly forget to give a fuck. The majority of people dislike a certain character? That is no surprise, considering the character we see onscreen is not them. Not even close. 

These decisions D&D make are the reason why we are privy to this thing we must call the rape of Sansa Stark , despite all the intrigue that could have been in the Vale. Why is the Hound celebrated only for the blood he spills, and not for the compassion Sandor Clegane often tries to suppress? Why is Jaime in Dorne embarking mission-impossible with Bronn purely for the lafs when he could be evolving as a person in the Riverlands? Why Yara Greyjoy, when Asha was a commanding captain fighting for her seat in the Kingsmoot? 


I don’t believe that show-watchers (or as others superciliously label them, the Unsullied) and readers are competing in any sort of hierarchy - I’m just sorry that show-watchers will never know what a great tale A Song of Ice and Fire truly is. 

The show is suffering, D&D. Please sort your shit out. 

-And now her rant is ended -

Dear David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, and the other creators of the TV show Game of Thrones,

YOU raped Daenerys when ASOIAF portrayed a scene of consensual sex.

YOU brutally murdered an actor’s character when she refused to do any more nude scenes for you. (Esme Bianco)

YOU raped Cersei, another scene of consensual sex.

YOU did that to Sansa. YOU.

You’re sending the message, to one of the most popular and highly viewed television shows right now, that women who have endured enough tradgedy and pain they deserve even more in one of the worst ways possible.

Media is extremely influential to popular culture, influential to people.

And you people are irresponsible.
You are.

Dissapointed and Disgusted


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[by Chloe Cole]