lanni's writing shit

I got another random Rebelcaptain AU request and I’m beginning to wonder if my legacy in this fandom is making AUs of mediocre romcom movies. Nothing against them, just…an unexpected twist in events. I mean, okay, let’s do this. Who else wants their favorite guilty pleasure romcom turned into a Rebelcaptain AU? I’m not even joking.

So I took a brief break today from the Miss Congeniality AU to write this fic about Cassian based on my favorite Burn Notice episode. I’ve gotta say – I’m feeling really good about this one. It won’t be as popular, but I so very rarely write something so character driven even about my faves. (I say that now before it gets emotionally rough and drags my ass through the mud.)

I accidentally thought up a plot scene for the Rebelcaptain Life as We Know it AU that is WAY TOO DARK and serious, but I might use it anyways, just for something separate. I just really like the idea of Jyn being a crime journalist that gets into all this dangerous shit for The Story and Cassian as a beleaguered cop that is TRYING to keep her from getting killed.

Guys i found my old HP fanfiction from when i was 12-14 and it is fucking…magical. holy shit. I read this stuff to my mom. She listened to me plotting my fanfics in the car. I don’t give her enough credit. She had to deal with the nerdiest ass child. Holy fuck. This shit is BAD. I love my awful OCs. Decade old writing…my god.

i’m finally writing the next part of my fma/fate zero au and i’m happy to say that it’s going to be a bit lighter than the other chapters. I decided to do some silly fun stuff. it also made me realize that I’ve never outright written just Edwin before. no idea why. they’re so cute.