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You're about to sell the "Jolly Roger" to Captain hook and you notice that he's flirting. Even though you think he's hot, you don't have anything In your mind other than business..?

Yes sure, I hope you enjoy

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Number of words- 600 Captain Hook x Reader

“Hello, Love!” Captain Hook beamed in front of you, flashing you his insignificant smirk.
“Hello Hook!” You greeted back as you walked towards the docks, Hook was here for business and business he shall get!
“So is my ship ready?” He asked following you
“Is my gold ready?” You teased and he chuckled
“You take business quite seriously, Love!” He said jokingly
“Well, a girl gotta prove herself in this word, Cap!” You said as you got on to the ship “here, check everything out and tell me if anything is missing.” You smiled
“Well in my opinion, a lady like yourself should rest at home and have people serve her and a man to love her.” He said looking around
“I’m not going to wait for Prince Charming to come swipe me off my foot, Hook!” You laughed and he looked at you amused
“I met the guy, trust me he ain’t as everyone makes him sound. The lad got so much issues of his own.” Hook chuckled
“You know Prince Charming and Snow White?” You asked surprised “aren’t they cool?” You smiled to yourself
“If by putting your daughter into a tree with a wooden boy just because a cricket told you to do so, yeah they are pretty cool!” He said smirking and you laughed, throwing your head back.
Hook was fun, you heard a lot about him, how heartless and ruthless he is, but funny? Nah that wasn’t what you expected.
“Hook, do you like the ship?” You asked him as you saw him sit down
“Nah, I love it!” He chuckled
“That’s great to here. So when will you buy it?” You asked, wanting to get this over with, so you could go home and relax, try getting his perfect face out of your mind.
“Next week.” He said looking anywhere but you
“Why? Is there something wrong with it?” You asked concerned
“No.” He shrugged and you were so confused
“I enjoy coming here, seeing you.” He laughed and you felt yourself blush
“Really?” You asked shyly. You looked up and he was standing in front of you
“Come with me!” He said placing his hands on your waist “Come with me and I promise to show you the world, Love!” He said, his eyes sparkling with hope
“What? No, I have work, I mean I would love to but..” you were so confused, this wasn’t anything that you expected
“Come on, Love!” He smirked “are you telling me that your only dream in this world was to sell ships? You never thought of going on one of them, having an adventure, seeing the world?” He asked as he gave you a melting gaze
“Of course I want to but, not now?” You said not sure of your own answer
“Time will run so fast, you will keep saying tomorrow and tomorrow and one day you will wake up and your whole life has ran by you. I’m giving you a chance to know me, know the world!” He smiled
“I will one day.”
“You can decide love. One day or day one! It’s up to you!” He said as he moved away
“Hook..” you said unsure
“Do you promise me adventure?” You asked biting your lips
“I promise to make you the queen of the Jolley Rogers.” He smirked “Yeah that’s what I’m naming this beauty!” He chuckled as he ran his fingers through his hair.
“I will go get my stuff!” You smiled and he chuckled
“See you soon, Love!”
This might not what you planned when you woke up today, but being on a ship with a sexy man, is what you have dreamed about your entire life
So what if you mixed business, with a little pleasure?