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Thanks bakaneeds for sharing these photos :)

This is Lanna Tai or Tai Yuan annual parade. There are various Tai groups, which Thai and Lao people are apart off. Lanna is one of the branches of Tai people.

Photo copyright: Mong Palumsay

“Here On the Ground” - Kurt/Blaine

A sequel to my kitty!Kurt fic Landing On Your Feet. What are things like after Kurt moves in with a new foster family and he and Blaine try to date?

Warnings for: cat hybrid/human sex, sex in heat.

Their dates go off without a hitch until Blaine takes in a dog hybrid.

He isn’t sure why it didn’t occur to him that this might be an issue, but one moment he’s standing on Kurt’s foster family’s doorstep, a bright green pot of organic, homegrown grass an affectionate offering between his hands and the next, Kurt—broad and tall and strong and neatly furred—is wrinkling up his damp cat nose, his ears swiveled back, his tail a fuzzy bat standing up along his spine.

“No, Blaine!” he says. “No, no, no, what you’ve done?” He almost slams the door in Blaine’s face.

Blaine finally realizes what he must smell like and how stupid it was to pick Kurt up right after playing all morning with the hybrid who moved into Blaine’s spare room the day before. “Wait!” He puts a hand on the door. “I’m sorry.  I have a dog hybrid living with me this week.  Just a foster.  I promise.”

Kurt’s eyes narrow. “I said no dogpeople.  I said.”

“I know, sweetie.  But he needed my help.  That’s what I do, remember?”

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