Soul Contract Event Q&A Translation

Hi there, Soul Contract fandom! I’ve been lurking around here for a while and I’ve seen such great energy and passion, so I wanted to contribute to this tiny but lovely fandom myself by offering a translation of the in-character Q&A section from the fan event! I don’t think I’ve seen this particular section of the event get translated, so I figured I’d try my best at it. (As for the other parts of the event, spideronthewindow did a spectacular job subbing them previously – thank you so much!)

The Q&A video is here if you’d like to follow along; translation is under the cut!

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A Bugaku performance at the annual Hō-Taikō Hanami Gyōretsu (Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s cherry blossom viewing parade - 豊太閤花見行列) at Daigo-ji temple (醍醐寺) in Kyoto. The title of the dance is Ranryō-ō (The King of Lanling) and is performed to ward off evil accompanied by gagaku music.