Leo Ascendant

The father principle personified, is what one would actually expect in those who call themselves male. Ruggedly handsome, naturally athletic, and built stud kittens with warm penetrating cat like eyes. The body types displayed on Leo ascendant males range from tall, wiry and lean, to short, and powerful, and stocky, to towering, and absolutely bursting with warm strength. The chest of a Leo male, is unusually square and broad, the only thing that comes to mind is super-man The face commonly seen in Leo ascendant males are imposing, and strong. Chiseled square jaws, wide, high swept cheekbones, Extremely full succulent lips, a low thick brow line, long nasal bridge with naturally flared nostrils, and almond alluring, cat-like eyes.

Those who identify as female, and embody the Father principle, are stunning, and striking beauties with a mixture of both classically beautiful, and unique features. Leo ascendant women have long, athletic bodies with average proportions, Though many may sport large busts.  The face of a Leo ascendant woman is haltingly beautiful, deep set hypnotic almond eyes, a curved elegant brow ridge, long noses with wide nostrils, full bowed lips and high swept cheekbones.

Common traits shared among all Leo ascendants include; A reddish undertone to their natural skin tone,and a naturally warm energy. They may suffer from cardiovascular disorders.