Peeved (Open)

=> You were out back of the club you worked at, it was time for a break. On your way back here to eat, some asshole had grabbed your ass. Course you couldn’t do much more than complain to the manager. But they weren’t even here right now. You were peeved.

“Som∃ TrollS N∃∃D TO L∃∀rN ∀bouT GlubbinG P∃rson∀L Sp∀c∃…”

=> You started to eat when you heard footsteps. You swear if it was that same troll who grabbed your ass you were going to deck them in the face. This was your break, and you weren’t going to spend it getting harrassed.

“Wh∀T Th∃ GluB DO YoU W∀nT?”