Avengers (and Loki) Preferences: Joking Around

Steve Rogers

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You and Steve were more than a perfect fit; while he wasn’t one for messing around, you could always pull a laugh from him with one of your jokes or stunts. Occasionally, he would indulge in a dance contest with you when one of your favorite songs came on; and every time he would win, since you couldn’t help but stop to laugh at his over-exaggerated moves. Other times, when the two of you would watch Disney movies, he would sing along to every song in the most nasally voice he could produce, making you double over in laughter.

Bucky Barnes

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Your relationship with Bucky was a slow one: it had taken months of trust and patience before he realized how much he needed you to be happy. In the early days of dating him, he was uneasy around you, since it was his first relationship in 70 years. However, once you two had become official, you couldn’t have enjoyed being his girlfriend more. He would try to make you laugh in any way possible, either by tickling your sides, or making faces from across the table in a conference. You would always end up snickering at his Snapchats to you, which were usually just him trying to figure out how the app works.

Tony Stark

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Tony’s way of messing around with you didn’t call for him to drop his prideful mindset. He would tease you lightly about your short stature, the way you mumble to yourself, and even the little things, such as bedhead or stuttering. Sometimes, when the two of you were surrounded by the other Avengers, he would whisper things in your ear that would make you turn bright red (his “secret” way of ensuring everyone else that you were his). And more often that you would like, he would mess with you during interviews with the paparazzi - the one you most remember was when he bit the shoulder pad of your dress out of boredom.

Bruce Banner

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In all honesty, Bruce never tried to make you laugh. It just so happened that he was a tad bit anxious around you, which led to him being a tad bit clumsy as well. You didn’t want to laugh every time he would stutter or trip over his own feet, but it was just too cute. And Bruce didn’t mind; seeing your eyes twinkle and hearing your melodic laughter would bring a smile to his face anytime.


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One of the things you loved about Thor (and teased him the most about) was his muscular build. You would tell him that he should try professional wrestling or football. Thor had no problem with your teasing, and was more than happy to demonstrate his strength to you and everyone else; he would toss you around with your arms wrapped around his neck, he would do push ups with you on his back - sometimes, he would let you hold his feet as he did sits ups, and give you a quick peck on the lips each time he pulled himself forwards.


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Loki didn’t take “messing around” lightly. He would pull all sorts of tricks and cast all sorts of spells on you to either scare you or make you laugh. Though he never caused any physical harm, since you were human, you had no problem casting the spells you knew that ended up bruising him a bit - and neither did he. It was a constant battle of mischief between the two of you; though, from time to time, you both made truces to pull pranks on Thor, laughing at his frustration when his cape would get glued to the ground.

Sam Wilson

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Sam was overall a flirty guy - and when it came to his pick-up lines, you would always erupt into a fit of giggles. While he could be passionate and caring at times, he enjoyed it most when you were laughing with him. Even some of your witty comebacks would make him laugh. And if it wasn’t a cheezy way with words that had the two of you bent over in laughter, it was one of his entertaining stories of his adventures with Steve.

Clint Barton

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You and Clint had a very chill relationship. If you started speaking jibberish, he would answer back in jibberish. If he started dancing next to you, you would join him. The two of you could be completely random, but nonetheless in sync with your randomness. Sometimes, he would just stare at you constantly just to make you blush, even if he was sitting right next to you. Other times, the two of you would imitate each Avenger as best as you could. It made you feel happy that you could be yourself around him, and he could be himself around you.

Scott Lang

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With Scott, he made it nearly impossible not to burst out laughing around him. He always had some corny pun up his sleeve, making you and Cassie snicker. Occasionally, he would shrink himself down to ant-size, and then move things from their place when you weren’t looking. He enjoyed seeing you flustered and confused, until you threatened to bring out the vacuum. To get your revenge, you and Cassie would plant flowers in the pathways he had created in your backyard to reach the ants. 

Pietro Maximoff

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Pietro was most likely the biggest prankster you had ever met (and that includes Loki). He dedicated his life to messing with you, whether it be putting your favorite snack on the highest kitchen surface, or rubbing the floor in the doorway to your bedroom with butter. Most of the time it frustrated you, but you always came around and admitted that it was funny. And when he wasn’t pulling your leg, he was pulling everyone else’s. You laugh every single time you think of the day you put a charcoal bathbomb in Steve’s tub.