Walmgate accommodation

Ok so it’s a bit of a longshot, since it only has 19 rooms, but is anyone on here staying at 54 Walmgate?

because it would be awesome to talk to anyone staying there before i move in

and even though it’s of campus i’m apparently a member of Langwith college, so anyone in Langwith want to chat?


YORK FRESHERS?! Are you out there?

So I’m moving to York University in less than two weeks, and suddenly realizing that I’M GOING TO BE ALONE!

It absolutely terrifies me that I’m not going to know a single person, and I’m going to have to go to all the Langwith events alone, attempting to make friends which, although I’m less socially awkward now, I still SUCK AT because I’m so quiet at first D:

So ANYONE attending York as a fresher, especially anyone from Langwith, please find this and drop me a message telling me you’re also just as nervous!? Or just say hi? I don’t bite. <3

Last night in York

It’s my last night in York before I leave back home. I will never live in a student accommodation again; here from I will live in a big house with my friends. It is scary! I won’t be back in York before in four months. Even though, I will work some during the summer it is scary. Firstly, because I won’t see all my friends in a while.  Secondly, because I love York. There is always something funny going on. Time flies so fast here; studying, friends and extra curriculum activities. Lastly, what am I going to do with all that time over the summer?! Four months is a long time…

Well, I will be all right, as always. Everything is packed, everything is cleaned and cleared before I go and my room is so empty! I had five boxes in total that are sent to storage over the summer. I can’t believe I had that much stuff!

What I will miss with living in student accommodation:

(+) A big bed (¾)

(+) Friends

(+) Some privacy

(+) My view

What I won’t miss with living in student accommodation:

(-) Doors slamming in the night

(-) Loud people

(-)Dirty kitchen

(-)Living in a small place

(-)Washing up by hand

 Will miss my view from my room

Will miss

Won’t miss:

So in total I’m happy to move, but I’m going to miss my friends and this wonderful place that York is! Thanks for a great year!


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After having an amazing time seeing The Overtones, I have now bought tickets for Langwith Party In The Park for me, my mum and my dad :-D I wish I was going to more tour dates but I couldn’t afford tickets when they went on sale, and now, rightly, they’re all sold out!
I’ve waited a long time to see them live! I was hooked the first time I saw them on This Morning and couldn’t afford to go see them when they supported Peter Andre.

I cannot wait for July 16th now <3 

International student in York. My experiences.

The college I live in is called Langwith College and on your arrival day you will be welcomed of a team of STYCs. These are second or third years that are there to help you with the transition from moving away from home and to the college. This is a great support network!

On the first night on arrival (Friday) we had a get-together event with fish and chips down in the Glashouse (our own college bar). I remember it was great, because you get to know new people immediately. The day after this we had a local shopping trip to Morrison’s, where we got all the essentials from food to cutlery. They even have duvets! On Saturday evening we had a pub night at a local pub, where I got even more new friends. Great stuff! On Sunday all us internationals had bounded so much, that we went to explore York together and went shopping. On Sunday all the British students arrived and you had the advantage of having lots of friends already!

The international community in Langwith is exceptional good and you do not want to miss out on the first weekend. Don’t worry about getting new friends. Nobody knows anyone, so everyone is desperate to get friends! Therefore friends come easily as long as you are active!  

I have met people from China, Bulgaria, Japan, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, U.S. , Norway and many more countries in my college. I think this shows how international Langwith is as a community.

At the end of the day, you will get so integrated in your community that you will have both international and British students as friends. And when your course starts you will get friends from all parts of the world.

If you get homesick we have an amazing Well-being Committee and the Nightline you can talk to! And I will encourage you to talk with friends if you get homesick! As I already had lived for myself for a couple of years, the big homesick feeling never reached me here in the UK. I found the transition very easy, and there are marginal differences between Norway and UK in communication and attitudes. Of course the culture is very different, but you are here to learn a new culture as well.

So my last tip to you as international student is: Don’t worry before you go. It’s going to be fun, exhausting and you will get memories for life! Also, everything feels like a second, so remember to relax during Fresher’s Week. You don’t want to get the Freshers Flu (but you will probably get it)!

Me in Langwith College!


Police issue urgent appeal after gun shots fired

Police issue urgent appeal after gun shots fired

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By Tom Hornbuckle.  Police have issued an urgent appeal for information after a gun was fired on a Luton estate yesterday (08/02). The incident occurred shortly before 7pm at a property on Olympic Close in the Marsh Farm area, with nobody being injured. Detective Sergeant Emma Langwith of Bedfordshire Police, said: “This is of course an unsettling incident, however, we don’t believe there is a…

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