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Hello, you seem very knowledgeable about the Witcher. What does Wiedźmin mean? Does it mean male witch?

Even though many people seem to translate it so, the meaning is a bit more complex. First of all, the Polish language has many different words describing witches, and the most general one is “czarownica” - word derived from “czary” (witchcraft / sorcery). You’ll find the same root in the word “czarodziejka” (sorceress).

Now, there’s the more interesting and much older word for a witch - “wiedźma”. Her male equivalent is “wiedźmak”. Those are used only to describe the Slavic witches (and have even separate entries in Polish wikipedia which I linked). The word “wiedźmin” was invented by Mr Sapkowski for his books (in short, he just played around with Polish grammar endings). Those three words have very unique undertones in the Slavic languages, because all are derived directly from the word “wiedza” which means knowledge. This would make the wiedźma specifically an experienced and authoritative “wise witch” (or “knowledgeable woman”), and wiedźmak a “wise / knowledgeable man”.

Personally I would love to translate wiedźmin as “he who posesses the knowledge” (is there one word for it in English?).

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who are your favorite langblrs?

My favourite langblrs are the langblrs I follow: @ricardastudies, @tuktuk-polyglot, @languagemoose, @learninginlaurel, @anotherdandylangblr, @meslangues-acajou, @polysprachig, @bilingual-cat, @ky-yle, @mursunen, @rahaflearns, @wonderful-language-sounds, @linguistkata, @languagetrash, @balkanstudyblr, @mylanguagestudies, @tiedtonguesandflashcards, @y3lir-europe, @y3lir-asia, @whatlanguageisthis, @msrenai21-langblr, @turtlelanguages, @linguistintrainingblog, @fennophile, @varsitystudying, @language-obsession, @polyglossa, @mediocrelanguagelearner, @clowergen, @langue-etrangere, @bigdisc0very, @languageadventurer, @studytolive, @languagemoon, @lepo-ja-rauha, @sprachenlizard, @linguafreund, @turtleslangblr, @lesenreadinglire, @awkwardly-bilingual, @scandinavian-studies, @langblrdreams, @macaron-latte, @wombatbaby, @yosuisnathan, @emilialearnslanguages, @jeparletoutesleslangues, @ibepolyglot, @unoirdesir, @princess-turandot, @german-hobbit, @l0velanguages, @soonpolyglot21, @language-loving, @intourrail, @arabskaya-devushka, @herecomesthepolyglot, @languagesrcool, @studytaken, @spraakentusiast, @windup-languages, @mots-et-merveilles, @languages-and-tea, @wanderlust-linguist, @aspiringpolyglotme, @i-polyglot-this, @theworldamidwords, @dijannacarterhunt, @langdogelanguage, @wordscollector, @sprachensalat, @viahhapocalypticalangblr, @ghostpolyglot, @nepoliticos-langblr, @perkeleet-paassani, @classic-languages, @thepotentialpolyglot, @questtopolyglot, @languagesordie, @my-language-blr, @pakistanipolyglot, @deadhouse001, @tea-coffee-languages, @aasho-cotati, @lhnsprog, @langsandculture, @ikea-underwater, @kaym-sprachen, @thomaslearns@conspiracy-of-weeds, @antiszcial, @language-princess, @slowlangblr, @polyglot2017, @them-languages, @foreign-words-in-my-moleskine, @yanastudies, @languageoverdose, @irrationally-linguaphile, @spraakhexe, @monisc25, @opiskella, @kaykayxy, @neverfluentalwaysfluent, @languagehoes, @florallangs, @kocoum-langblr, @sinunen, @csillagkep-stadt@japaneseblr, @shibuyaku, @nihononthego, @nihongogogo, @iyakuhonyaku, @arabicinwords, @arabic-langblr, @arabicvocabulary, @bonjourfrenchwords, @dailymagyar, @studyhungarian, @finnishwords, @wordsinswedish, @eliteachesswedish, @learnoutlive, @wordsingerman, @pasa-thai, @wtfduolingo, @polyglotweekly, @languagepartners

Writing Prompts for Language Learners #1

I totally recommend using Lang-8 for these so you can get them corrected. Also every language is different and so when making the level suggestions, I used my experience with languages as to what level you can make certain grammar points. I was inspired by this post by @langue-etrangere . And I think 50 words for beginner, 100 for intermediate, and 150 for advanced is good. Hopefully this will become a weekly thing I post. With 7 prompts each post to get you thru the week

1. Introduce yourself
Beginner: basics like name, age, job/student? Where do you live? Adjectives (personality/physical). Hair/eye color?
Intermediate: above + what do you want to be doing in five years? Job? Where do you want to travel? What kind of person do you want to be?
Advanced: above + why have you been studying the language? Where were you a year ago with your language studying. What do you have trouble with? Any language tips? What would you have done differently? 

2. Your favorite childhood toy
B: what was it called? describe it. Shape? Size? color?
I: above + how did you play with it (with friends, pretending it was a rocket)? Who got it for you. Why? Did any of your friends have one as well?
A: above + how did it make you feel? How did you feel when you got it? Are you nostalgic for it now? What happened to it? What did it signify? How did it shape your childhood?

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Let’s move further with the prepositions: it’s now time to learn how to use “entre” :)

You guys know that in Spain (and in other latin countries) we have the tradition of eating 12 grapes (one for each bell strike at midnight) on New Year´s Eve. Also you have a wish for each grape, so you ask for 12 wishes and those that you get to eat -is not as easy as it sounds- will come true. 

So, if you were to take part in a spanish New Year celebration, what would you ask for?

I thought this would be fun, so I’m tagging 12 other langblrs, don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but if you do tag others :)

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A year in wonderful people

I won’t call this a Follow Forever because nothing is forever, but I wanted to share a list of blogs that have made the past year better, be it through resources, art, writing, pictures, or simply just being there.

First and foremost @blackteaandlanguages, @rahaflearns, and @thebibliosphere whose unending kindness towards myself and others has greatly influenced me. The world needs more Essis, Rahafs, and Joys.

In no order whatsoever: @historyandlanguages, @meslangues-acajou, @tuktuk-polyglot, @linguisten, @polysprachig, @lingasms, @ordlista, @clowergen, @mots-et-merveilles, @sprachtraeume, @corbinstudies , @linguist-breakaribecca, @allthingslinguistic, @elodieunderglass, @sprachenlizard, @mursunen, @nnapulitanerd, @transliterations, @mikschif, @ingoroemling, @fandomfishie, @learninginlaurel, @scotieln, @anotherdandylangblr, @polyglotinaworld, @hexxvx, @ricardastudies, @langue-etrangere, @jagborimumindalen, @spraknerdery, @swedishramblings, @wordfully, @our-fantastic-mr-fox, @languagetrash, @ky-yle, @malteseboy, @swe-dutch, @spraakhexe, @dave-pen, @lingumaniac, @lazypolyglot, @oligoglot, @marielapolyglotte

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Do you know of any French speaking langblrs? I'm trying to learn and I would like to have someone to help me with having conversations and things like that.

I feel like almost every langblr I know has at least some French. I speak French but my writing and grammar are shoddy. Maybe start with @corbinstudies@langue-etrangere & you’ll come into more contact with the French side of tumblr.  

@dash-between-the-years, my sister, is a French tutor btw (but doesn’t have a langblr -_-)

Any other French langblrs that want to tag themselves, go for it!