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I won’t call this a Follow Forever because nothing is forever, but I wanted to share a list of blogs that have made the past year better, be it through resources, art, writing, pictures, or simply just being there.

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Music Tag

Thank you @langue-etrangere for tagging me!

Rules: You can tell a lot about a person based on the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs and tag 10 people.

1. Right as Rain - Adele
2. Mi chiamano Mimi - Maria Callas / G. Puccini
3. Mi chiamano Mimi - Angela Gheorghiu / G. Puccini (I KNOW, I’ve got many versions xD)
4. Non piangere, Liu - Giuseppe di Stefano / G. Puccini
5. Vedrai, carino - Kathleen Battle / W.A. Mozart
6. Recondita armonia - Plácido Domingo / G. Puccini
7. È il sol dell'anima - Giuseppe di Stefano / G. Verdi
8. You got me good - Cimorelli
9. La mamma morta - Anna Netrebko / U. Giordano
10. Ah… pour ce soir! Je suis Titania - Maria Callas / T. Mignon

Most of them are part of operas, obviously 💕🎶

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langue-etrangere  asked:

Hello, you seem very knowledgeable about the Witcher. What does Wiedźmin mean? Does it mean male witch?

Even though many people seem to translate it so, the meaning is a bit more complex. First of all, the Polish language has many different words describing witches, and the most general one is “czarownica” - word derived from “czary” (witchcraft / sorcery). You’ll find the same root in the word “czarodziejka” (sorceress).

Now, there’s the more interesting and much older word for a witch - “wiedźma”. Her male equivalent is “wiedźmak”. Those are used only to describe the Slavic witches (and have even separate entries in Polish wikipedia which I linked). The word “wiedźmin” was invented by Mr Sapkowski for his books (in short, he just played around with Polish grammar endings). Those three words have very unique undertones in the Slavic languages, because all are derived directly from the word “wiedza” which means knowledge. This would make the wiedźma specifically an experienced and authoritative “wise witch” (or “knowledgeable woman”), and wiedźmak a “wise / knowledgeable man”.

Personally I would love to translate wiedźmin as “he who posesses the knowledge” (is there one word for it in English?).