The famous Horseshoe Bend.

Words alone cannot describe this breath-taking view. This is one of the most intimidating landscapes that I have ever photographed. The best vantage points (and the most dangerous) are those closest to the edge. There are no guard rails, no fences- the psychological barrier of your own fear is what keeps you from getting too close and falling 1000 ft to your death.

I felt that it was appropriate to represent this scene in its purest form: no color processing, no long exposure, no filters-

just one breathtakingly amazing sunset.

The above photograph requires an explanation.

The image quality in this photo is quite lacking. With an ISO of 16000, it’s pretty noisy. However, this is the most important photograph I made that evening. Wanna know why?

See the “glow” in the water in the lower third of the frame? That glow is produced by bioluminescent plankton. That night was the first time I have ever encountered this natural phenomenon. The water would light up with the breaking of the waves. It was completely surreal.

Yeah, the highlights are in the water are blown to shit- I was kinda in a hurry. Hopefully, these rocks will still be there when I come back (probably not).

Partington Cove, Big Sur