spanish song recs

hey :)

can any of you recommend me some spanish songs? I speak fluent spanish but I would love to improve my accent and my listening skills a little. I’m not really one for ballads, but anything pop/rock/alternative is fine with me! Faster songs would be great (because they’re more of a challenge listening-wise and because I can listen to them while running), but I don’t have anything against a few ballads. 

Please reblog this with artists or songs or send me an ask! I would really appreciate it. :) 

edit: i just remembered that if actual spanish-speaking people read this i should maybe include a spanish version so 


alguien puede recomendarme algunos canciones españolas? hablo español bastante bueno ( y espero que no haga demasiados errores en ese texto jaja) pero quiero mejorar mi acento y mi comprensión auditiva. no me gustan mucho las baladas, pero me alegrarían canciones de pop/rock/alternativas! Especialmente canciones más rápidos (porque es más difícil entenderlas y porque puedo escucharlas mientras el jogging).

Por favor, enviadme un ask o rebloguead (?? cómo puedo traducir “reblog”??) ese post con vuestras recomendaciones! Estaría muy agradecida <3

Gems in Japanese

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Gems - 宝石 (ほうせき)  (hōseki)

Ruby - ルビ― (rubī)

Amethyst - アメジスト (amejisuto)

Jet - ジェット (jetto)

Opal - オパール (opāru)

Moonstone - ムーンストーン (mūnsutōn)

Garnet - ガーネット (gānetto)

Topaz -トパーズ  (topāzu)

Aquamarine - アクアマリン (akuamarin)

Jade - 翡翠 (ひす) (hisu)

Emerald - エメラルド (emerarudo)

Sapphire - サファイア (safaia)

Tourmaline - トルマリン (torumarin)

Diamond - ダイヤモンド (daiyamondo)

Aragonese Basics pt. 2

Informally known as “fabla” (meaning “talk” or “speech”), Aragonese (Aragonés) is an Ibero-Romance language spoken in certain communities in the automonous region of Aragon located in Spain. Spoken by approximately 54,000 people in various dialects. The Aragonese dialects are descendants of the Navarro-Aragonese language, which was spoken in the Kingdom of Aragon and the Kingdom of Navarre.
Aragonese is part of the West Iberian branch of the Ibero-Romance languages.


(f) Nueit - Night

(m) Árbol - Tree

(m) Libro - Book

(f) Flor - Flower

(f) Fuella - Leaf

(f) Augua - Water

(m) Río - River

(f) Piedra - Stone

(f) Ilesia - Church

(f) Muller - Woman

(f) Mozeta - (young) Girl

(f) Ninona - (little) Girl

(m) Ombre - Man

(m) Mozét - (young) Boy

(m) Ninón - (little) Boy

(m) Can - Dog

(m) Canichot - Puppy

(m) Gato - Cat

(m) Peix - Fish

(m) Reloch - Watch

(f) Clau - Key

(f) Camiseta - Shirt

(f) Brusa - Blouse

(f) Falda - Skirt

(m) Vestiu - Dress

(m) Foulard - Scarf

(f) Truqueta - Tie

(m) Chapeu - Hat

(m) Moquero - Hankerchief

(m) Puerta - Door

(f) Finestra - Window

(f) Cambra - Room

(m) Telláu - Roof

(m) Chirmán - Brother

(f) Chirmana - Sister

(m) Tío - Uncle

(f) Tía - Aunt

(m) Fillo - Son

(f) Filla - Daughter

(m) Pai - Father

(f) Mai - Mother


Blanco / Blanca - White

Negro / Negra - Black

Griso / Grisa - Grey

Berde / Berda - Green

Royo / Roya - Red

Rosa - Pink

Amariello / Amariella - Yellow

Gran - Big

Alto / Alta - Tall

Largo / Larga - Long

Chiquet / Chiqueta - Small

Baixo / Baixa - Short

Choben / Chobena - Young

Rico / Rica - Rich

Probe / Proba - Poor

Nuebo / Nueba - New

Poliu / Polida - Beautiful

pt. 1 here

Based off of the Aragonese Memrise course, so if you spot any mistakes, please let me know!

raspberrylemoncupcake  asked:

Hi! Do you know any langblrs learning Italian? I've been trying to find some to follow

Hi! I’m traveling right now and have to use phone so I’m unable to link any, I’m sorry. However, @langsandlit is a native speaker of Italian and super helpful, you should check his blog out. Also…


you’re working in a field you genuinely enjoy. you have supportive, loving friends. you follow your passions, you’re fluent in your target languages. the 12 new books you ordered will arrive soon. your flat is cozy, decorated with plants and fairy lights. you’re happy. this might seem like some fantasty, but i know this will happen. i believe in you, and you should as well.

being multilingual like...

What people think it’s like:

  • *speaks multiple languages fluently on command*
  • *is very sophisticated*

What it’s actually like:

  • constantly speaking to people in the wrong language
  • managing to squeeze 3 or 4 languages into one sentence without noticing
  • gradually forgetting your first and second language, while not speaking anything fluently anymore. not even your first language is safe
  • Grammar? What grammar? Which grammar??!!
  • being permanently confused
  • can’t even order bread at a Danish bakery after 2 years of language training
  • cry and curse yourself for moving somewhere where they don’t speak English or your first language. but mostly cry. and weep