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Summer Bucket List Ideas

• Go wind surfing
• Make a new friend
• Have fun alone
• Learn a new skill
• Be internet famous
• Pull an all nighter
• Kiss a guy
• Have a movie marathon
• Get a sun tattoo
• Redecorate your room
• Get a six pack
• Be tumblr
• Go on a road trip
• Have a water fight
• Throw an epic party
• Tie dye something
• Dip dye your hair
• Get a henna tattoo
• Have a budget less shopping trip
• Learn to cook/bake
• Jump off a pier
• Have a photo shoot
• Send a message in a bottle
• Build a treehouse
• Swing off a rope swing into the water
• Keep a journal
• Surprise someone with a random act of kindness
• Read a ton of books
• Go to a concert/music festival
• Face your fears
• Blog/vlog every day
• Go to a new country
• Perfect eyeliner
• Go zip lining
• Play truth or dare
• Write a book
• Take a selfie with a stranger
• Eat ice cream
• Watch fireworks
• Buy something from Victoria Secret
• Have a bonfire
• Breathe in helium
• Go bungee jumping
• Go thrift shopping
• DIY something
• Play hide and seek
• Have a paint fight
• Have a summer romance
• Watch the sun rise
• Meet your internet friends
• Stand in a busy area holding up a free hugs sign
• Get a penny board
• Sleep on the beach
• Do something illegal
• Go camping
• Sleep on a trampoline
• Get a piercing
• Have a signature scent
• Learn a new language
• Go paddle boarding
• Visit Hawaii
• Make friendship bracelets
• Have a bonfire
• Dance in the rain
• Leave a note in a library book
• Get a pedicure
• Make a difference
• Own a Polaroid camera
• Start a collection

Ok that’s it, I’ll probably post more later. Sorry if there are any duplicates!


Back in 2007 - 2009, I would watch this ALL THE TIME. Also, despite having watched this so many times… I never caught her shirt saying, “TITA WOULD GO” and now I’m on the floor. Hahahaha

From Video: Hawaiian Creole, called Pidgin, is a language with a rich history and structure that is misunderstood by many who not only hear it but speak it as well. Local celebrity Tita explains it all for an audience at a gender illusionist beauty pagent.

anonymous asked:

What is it about Hawaiian that you like so much?

I love the grammar of Polynesian, and I love the phonology of Hawaiian the best of all the Polynesian languages. Grammatically, they’re all quite similar, but Hawaiian really hits the sweet spot. LOVE that language. Wish I could take classes in it, but generally there are only classes on Hawaiian in Hawai’i. :(

$300K Grant for Hawaiian Language Preschools to Increase Proficiency

The Administration for Native Americans has awarded the ʻAha Pūnana Leo Hawaiian language nest preschools in Hawaii a $300,000 grant for the first year of a three-year grant project. The project will enhance and strengthen Pūnana Leo’s quality and impact in the Native Hawaiian community through increasing language proficiency and the professional capabilities of its staff.