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Puns of Episode 91: Vox Machina Go to Hell

(0:36:29) Taliesin: They’ll like that. Apparently, puns are very big down there. It is Hell.

  • (0:05:40) Marisha: We did a Hamilton workout yesterday. Oh man, it was so cool.  Matt: Yeah, four sets of core-sets.
  • (0:23:36) Vex: Well, we know the city that we want to go to.  Keyleth: I can get us somewhere within the City of Dis.  Vex: Dis City?  Marisha: Built Dis City!
  • (0:36:20) Marisha: And this [rakshasa] tends to come in and out and make people’s lives a living hell. Oh! Hell! Because, we’re going!
  • (0:47:05) Taliesin: I speak Disco, not Infernal.
  • (0:48:36) Travis: Yep, you get to suck. (as a succubus with none of their spells or languages)
  • (1:13:54) Laura: Let’s build Dis City! 
  • (1:14:06) Laura: *singing* Let’s go to Dis City!  Marisha and Laura: We built Dis City on rock…!
  • (1:45:27) Percy: Dis would be second. Liam: Dis is two. What level Dis?
  • (1:45:52) Grog: I am the Grand Poobah Da Doink of all Dis and Dat, so.  Laura: That’s true!  Marisha: Yeah, Dis is in your title!
  • (2:52:24) Percy: There’s certainly spirits in it. Soul and spirits!
  • (2:56:02) Liam: Ho-dis. (New phone, who dis?)
  • (3:13:26) Vax: … instead of, on a lark-in, sending down the brute to talk?
  • (3:55:03) Marisha: F***ing hell. Taliesin: F***ing Hell is right.


↳ first appearance (in the chat)
↳ is this how you do it?? is this right?
↳ wow the emoticons are awesome
↳ why do you hate going to school!!! new semestar new start!! everyone cheer up
↳ I’m eating so well so there is a problem
↳ ye~~hello!! i’m hobi (english)
↳ I love you too (Japanese)
↳ now I’m in the middle of brushing my teeth !! chikachika

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  • Griffin: You'll notice under languages, you can speak Common and Mannequin. So we'll see if-
  • Magnus: [Then I turn to all the mannequins around the table and I say] Hello
  • Griffin: Uh yeah, I guess there's a bunch of mannequins in the audience and when you talk to them they all start clapping and applauding and cheering for you.
  • Magnus: Any help?
  • Griffin: They all shake their heads no and shrug
  • Magnus: Super cool

Happy Paddys Day

- Our language isn’t called Gaelic, it’s called Irish
- Its not Pattys day or Patties day, it’s Paddys day - We are NOT a part of Britian and you will probably get beat up if you say that here
- Luck of the Irish is an offensive phrase and same as the last point you will get punched
- You’re not Irish if your grandmothers moms uncles son’s dog is Irish, you’re of Irish heritage
- Again you’re not Irish if you’re ginger and like to drink oh my god
- Its cool to be proud of your Irish ancestors but we hear it like 50 times a day, we know you have Irish ancestry

Go raibh maith agat!

I’m replaying SDR2 and there are lots of details I forgot that are really worth bringing up...
  • Gundham secretly wanting to be friends with Hajime and Souda in ch. 2
  • Monokuma’s discourse on suicide (It counts as murder because you’re ending with the most valuable being in your life: yourself)
  • Teruteru asking to rub sunscreen on anyone, Nekomaru answering to that and Teruteru being like: “Ok I don’t mind. My tastes are quite open”.
  • Monokuma calling Hajime “tsundere”
  • Ibuki saying “You’re so cool” in “pig language” to Twogami
  • Fuyuhiko’s yakuza apology via harakiri 
  • The pictures of baby Fuyuhiko and Peko
  • Mini-maru 
  • Peko’s obsession love for squishy animals 
  • Everyone freaking out about Saionji’s altar to Koizumi but telling Saionji it’s cute after they know her true intentions… And Komaeda, who arrives later, saying outloud how creepy that altar is.
  • Nanami’s low-key sass (especially towards… guess who??’ That’s right! Komaeda-kun) 
  • Ibuki’s “Let My Feelings Reach You Too” 
  • Hajime proving his “tsundere-ness” with Nagito by thinking a lot of him and then being like: “But, it’s not like I care about him or anything… (baka)”

(You may add more to the list)

Alternative Interpretations of Body Language, Part 1

So I found this cool table in one of my ‘how to be a therapist’ textbooks that seems like it’d be super helpful to writers. There’s a lot of lists out there of emotions are linked to certain expressions and gestures, but not many that go the other way around - providing alternative ways you (or other characters within your stories) can interpret body language.

I’ve adapted it to be a little more understandable. 

Under the jump because it’s long.

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Headcanon prompt: Sam and Amir get their first child, how does the group react?

(I don’t know a lot about Muslim traditions, so I’m not going to cover that, I’m sorry)

- Babies can communicate in sign language before they can speak, and Hearth gives lessons

- Floor Nineteen babysat one time, but after a very close incident with an axe and the Breakfast Buffet to the Death, the child is kept out of Valhalla

- Blitzstone gifts a chain-mail onesie

- Magnus is the godfather

- Alex attempts to give the child a miniature clay-cutter (it’s confiscated)

- Sam becoming 10X as scary because of her child

- Amir is a cool dad who has no idea how to parent

- “Amir no you can’t feed our child felafel they can’t digest food yet”

- Samir not forcing gender roles on their child (Alex-approved! 👍 )

- Hearth teaching the child curse words

- Blitz makes a duck mobile

BTS In An Argument and Their S/O Switches To Their Native Tongue

A/N: I changed the first request to just native tongue so I won’t be stating a certain language.

Namjoon: Namjoon would be calm regardless if you’re shouting insults at him. He wouldn’t raise his voice much and then when you start speaking in your native tongue he knew that you were incredibly mad and he would walk off and let you cool down before talking again.

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Taehyung: Taehyung would try to get you to see things correctly but you were too stubborn to do so. At this point both of you would be shouting at each other and you starting speaking your native language. He knew a few words and some of those words were insults. He’d stare at you with wide eyes and then walk away from you pretty pissed off.

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Hoseok: Hoseok would speak to you in a normal tone even if you were raising your voice at him. When you kept on cutting him off he was starting to lose his patience that’s when you started to speak in your native tongue and he knew that the argument wasn’t going anywhere so for the rest of the day he gave you the “silent treatment”.

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Jin: Jin would use a stern voice when it comes to arguments. He knew that yelling wouldn’t get his point across but you, on the other hand, were starting to get more and more frustrated which meant your voice was starting to get louder and soon enough you were speaking your native language. He would just ignore you and leave you alone for a couple of hours in hopes that the situation cools down.

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Jungkook: Jungkook would let you rant just staring at you with an angry expression before he began his own rant. He was quick to think of a comeback and it made you even more mad causing you to speak your native language saying some rather toxic things. He stared at you long and hard before leaving, slamming the door in the process.

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Yoongi: Yoongi is someone with a short temper but would keep his mouth shut because he knows if he says the wrong thing it would make the situation even worse. You were completely furious, to the point that you started speaking in your native language because he wasn’t saying anything in return. He knew that you only spoke your language if you were incredibly pissed and tried to hold back his anger so he would be able to talk things through with you.

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Jimin: Jimin would at first let you yell throughout the whole argument but remain talking to you in a normal voice. When you starting talking in your native language was when he started to get angry because he didn’t know whether you were insulting him or not but by the tone you were using it was pretty clear.

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My latest visit in Middle East reminded me of this fascinating (yet very inconvenient for the Arabic learners) phenomenon called “dialects”. You’ve learned Modern Standard Arabic? Cool, nobody’s using it on a daily basis anyway, so you’ll have to master at least one dialect to communicate with people in one area…

Just to go to another Arabic country and being clueless again XD

Meanwhile Slavic travellers going to other Slavic countries rarely even use the local language because people will get most of what they’re saying in their mothertongue XDD

(Slavic characters are saying the word “white”, while Arabic are saying “What?” in various dialects. Hope I did transciption right)

Serbia © Tix91

Morocco, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen © me

Ok so for the record,

“Lesbian” was a term coined by homosexual females so that they could tell people with penises with three words that they’re not interested.  That’s the purpose of having words to describe human sexuality.  We don’t make stuff up because it sounds cool.  “I’m a lesbian” means “I’m not interested” to anyone without a vulva.

When you say that some lesbians can like penis, you take away the meaning of the word.  You appropriate our language.  If you don’t care whether your partner has a dick or a vulva as long as they’re wearing a dress, just make up some mogai term to describe it, like “femininitysexual”.  That’s not what lesbian means.  Don’t appropriate lesbian and gay terms.  It’s homophobic and hateful.

  • my friends: What does Latin help you do in everyday life?
  • me: Aside from generic answers to this particular inquiry pertaining to high profile academic jobs that lead to capitalistic gain, Latin as a language helps me in a number of ways. Along with helping me develop a deeper understanding of Ancient Greco-Roman society, it also allows me to improve my English vocabulary, as well as convey my points in essays and discussions more eloquently.
  • my friends: Ok cool how do you say "fuck this pussy" in latin
  • First off, he’s the sexiest motherfucker to ever grace the fictional world in the history of literature so props to J.K Rowling…
  • He borrows your hair ties…
  • You like to run your hands through his hair…
  • He’s moody and clingy and doesn’t like being away from you…
  • You talk to James about it when you first start dating…

“Pads is fucked up for sure but he’s the greatest man I’ve ever known. Dunno where I’d be if he hadn’t come along, so you gotta stick to him, nobody else will.”

  • He’s really big on PDA because it pisses off his brother…
  • Everyday he has something interesting to share…
  • He sneaks food for you almost every day…
  • You both utilize the secret passage ways until the care taker almost catches you…

“Did you know that there are only three words in the entire English language that begin with the letters d and w?”
"I know." 
“Dwindle, dwell and-?”

  • He likes your signature matching couples bedhead… 
  • He likes falling asleep using your stomach as a pillow… 
  • You’ve never felt unloved around him… 
  • When girls try to flirt with him he’ll make a big show of kissing you dramatically so they’ll go away… 

“Your breath smells, get off me!”
“My breath does not smell.”
“Pads, for the love of Merlin brush your teeth before kissing me.”
“What are you? My mother?”
“Snogging your mother now, are we?”

  • Sometimes he gives your bum a little squeeze because it makes you squeal and he thinks it’s cute… 
  • You braid his hair a lot when he falls asleep… 
  • He goes through a photography phase and is constantly claiming you as his ‘muse’… 
  • When it’s cold out he’ll come up behind you to slip his hands into your front pants pocket 'for warmth’… 
  • You kiss his hands when he’s stressed… 

“Love you, y’know?”
“I know, baby. Go to sleep now, go on.”


  • “Does that mean you can teach me languages?”
  • “And where are you from?”
  • “Is your country really different to korea?”
  • lots of questions
  • questions 24/7


  • “Really??”
  • “Your korean is really good!”
  • Shows you a bunch of cool places


  • “I didn’t expected it!”
  • I can feel that you show her typical dishes
  • Helps you a lot on your adapption in a foreign country


  • “What language do you prefer?”
  • You could be the boss in translation of his company
  • work pals
  • not only pals yall understand me


  • “I mean, we have the fastest internet”
  • going on vacation together so he can relax


  • “Where?”
  • “Can you take me there?”
  • Tries to learn your language so you’re more comfortable


  • “I’ve been there!”
  • “We should go and take pictures”
  • Tries to speak your language
  • so cute

Hello friends! 

I think German has some really cool phrases and idioms to offer, so I thought I could make a list of some of my favourites! I’ll give you the German expression, the literal translation, the meaning, and an example sentence in both German and English.  

note: an *asterisk indicates that the phrase is rather colloquial, **two indicate that it’s vulgar. 

  • *jdm. auf den Keks gehen (lit. to go on someone’s cookie) - to annoy someone
    Das schlechte Wetter geht mir langsam auf den Keks. - The bad weather is starting to annoy me. (I use this all the time! It’s very common.) 
  • *sich etw. abschminken können  (lit. to take off make-up) - having to abandon a plan/an idea
    Es regnet, da kann ich mir die Gartenarbeit wohl abschminken. - It’s raining, so I probably can’t work in the garden. 
  • Torschlusspanik (lit. panic before the gates close) - the fear that you’ll miss something, or not get to do something in time.
    Er ist fast vierzig - hoffentlich heiratet er sie nicht aus Torschlusspanik. He’s almost fourty - hopefully he won’t marry her just because he’s scared he’ll never get to marry anyone else otherwise. 
  • *die Kirche im Dorf lassen (lit. to leave the church in the village) - not overdoing it/overreacting
    Du willst das Haus verkaufen? Da wollen wir mal die Kirche im Dorf lassen! - You want to sell your house? I think you didn’t think this through, and you shouldn’t do it. 
  • *Perlen vor die Säue (lit. pearls to the pigs) - wasted (time or money)
    Den neuen Geschirrspüler zu kaufen war Perlen vor die Säue - in der neuen Wohnung gibt es schon einen. - Buying a new dishwasher was unnecessary and wasted money, because there already is one in the new flat. 
  • wie bestellt und nicht abgeholt (lit. like ordered and not received/picked up) - waiting and thus being out of place
    Du warst viel zu spät! Ich stand da eine halbe Stunde wie bestellt und nicht abgeholt. - You were much too late! I stood there for half an hour feeling utterly stupid and out of place.
  • Armutszeugnis (lit. poverty certificate) - proof that someone is incapable of something, thus embarrassing them because they’re expected to be better
    So viele Verspätungen sind ein Armutszeugnis für die Bahn. - So many delays are embarrassing for the train company. 
  • **Arsch auf Grundeis (lit. ass to bottom ice) - to get really scared
    Als er dachte, er hätte das Auto seines Freundes beschädigt, ist ihm der Arsch auf Grundeis gegangen. - When he thought he damaged his friend’s car, he got scared shitless. 
  • böhmische Dörfer (lit. Bohemian villages) - something unknown you don’t understand
    Ich kann kein Chemie - diese Symbole sind böhmische Dörfer für mich. I’m not good at chemistry - I don’t understand any of those symbols. 
  • Gewehr bei Fuß (lit. shotgun at foot) - ready to go, alert
    Seine Frau konnte jederzeit das Kind bekommen, also stand er Tag und Nacht Gewehr bei Fuß. - His wife could be going into labour at any point, so he was prepared and ready to go to the hospital 24/7.
  • *Asche auf mein Haupt (lit. ashes to my head) - to admit that you are to blame for something bad and regret it, or to accuse somebody else. sometimes ironically.
    Ich habe schon wieder vergessen, dir die Unterlagen mitzubringen. Asche auf mein Haupt! - I forgot to bring you the paperwork again. I’m sorry, that’s my fault.
  • *weg vom Fenster (lit. away from the window) - gone and not coming back (at least not soon)
    Ich bin krank, also bin ich erst mal weg vom Fenster. - I’m sick, so I won’t be there for a while. 
  • Worte auf die Goldwaage legen (lit. to put words on a golden scale) - to take someone’s words very literally and with the exact meaning. 
    Sei vorsichtig, was du zu ihm sagst - er legt jedes Wort auf die Goldwaage. Be careful what you say to him - he takes everything literally. 

I think part two will be coming very soon because I had a lot of fun with this :D It was really difficult to find suitable translations sometimes, but I hope I did all right. If any fellow Germans want me to include a certain idiom or phrase in the next part, hmu with an ask or message! :) 

other German masterposts: German in Usage 1, 2, 3, resources

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More Writing Prompts!

1. “Are you even listening to me?”

2. “Where are your pants?”

3. “I laugh because I hurt inside.”

4. “Please refrain from murdering her.”

5. “That’s [language] for ‘go away’.“

6. “You know, I would help, but making fun of you is so much more satisfying.”

7. “No, you silly goose, it’s magic!”

8. “Put me down!”

9. “How much did someone pay you to wear that?!”

10. “What did you just do?!”

11. “I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not.”

12. “Ooo, that must’ve hurt!”

13. “Shut up, it’s fine, just calm down, we’re fine, I’m fine, everything is cool, everything is good! We’re chill, nothing is happening and I am not freaking out, not at all, we’re FINE.””

14. “I remain confused.”

15. “Well obviously nothing is going on here!”

16. “Can I help you?”

17. “Don’t be intimidated by my bloody and battered figure.”



hello everyone! after seeing @dansnosreves‘s post here about playing Scrabble in your target language, I looked for a way I could play Norwegian Scrabble and found the app Wordfeud. Not only does it have many languages (English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and Finnish) but you choose at the beginning of each match which language you want to use so you can play games in different languages at the same time! As you can see from my pictures I have a Norwegian game and an English game going right now. It’s really cool check it out!

... that one headcanon where Kirishima speaks more than one language

//… so like I’ve been posting headcanons for Bakugou, and I decided it’s time to present you all with my Kirishima headcanons.. so have fun. Haha! //

Right, what if…

  • Kirishima is not really good with numbers.
  • He doesn’t even know art.
  • Language is his strongest point though (and by extension, memorization).
  • Kirishima is MULTILINGUAL.
  • (You think it’s cool)
  • (It is not)
  • (Kirishima is confused most of the time)
  • (So are the people around him)
  • (Except Bakugou, he thinks everything is hilarious)
  • Because one moment Kirishima’s speaking in Japanese, and next he’s ranting in German
  • (It usually happens when he’s super frustrated at something)
  • (Like SUPER frustrated)
  • “Uhm? Kirishima-kun… what language is that?”
  • Kirishima realizes that he’s no longer speaking in Japanese and apologizes
  • in Dutch
  • Kirishima tried to correct himself
  • and now he’s speaking Russian
  • (Bakugou actually APOLOGIZES for him… sort of)
  • (“He fucking does that all the time. Last time he asked a Japanese man for directions. In KOREAN. It was fucking hilarious!”)
  • (“Oh my god, Bakugou. STOP.”)
  • English?
  • Fluent as fuck.
  • (He got those grammar rules down on point)
  • He speaks Chinese, too.
  • (Easy to learn, easy to speak according to Kirishima)
  • What do you mean Latin is a dead language?
  • It’s very alive when it comes to Kirishima
  • (He may or may not have written love poems for Bakugou in Latin)
  • (He’s totally not keeping those poems inside his bedside drawer)
  • Spanish?
  • (Oh boy do not make him speak in Spanish. He sounds hot when speaking in Spanish)
  • (Too hot there are flames all around)
  • (Do not make him speak in Spanish)
  • Bakugou is also fluent in French.
  • So, Kirishima tried to woo him. In French.
  • (Kirishima serenading Bakugo. In French)
  • (Bakugou thought he was going to die)
  • (Because if Kirishima speaking in Spanish was hot, well let’s just say him speaking in French was like hell on earth)
  • (but in a good way)
  • (very very good way)
  • (Kirishima is never allowed to speak French)
  • (For the sake of Bakugou’s heart)
  • Kirishima actually didn’t understand it himself, but he’s so good at learning languages.
  • (He can be fluent in one language in just two weeks)
  • (Bakugou is shook)
  • (and maybe just a little bit in love)
  • (that’s a lie)
  • (Bakugou’s so fucking ready to get married)