What people think it takes to learn a language:

  • Be born gifted with an incredible “knack” for languages that allows you to absorb language skills virtually by osmosis
  • Use duolingo whenever you feel like it
  • Buy an EarWorms disc set to play in your car sometimes
  • Thousands of dollars of expensive stationery and software
  • A plane ticket

What it actually takes to learn a language:

  • A love or passion for you target language
  • Committed study on a daily or almost-daily basis for an extended period of time
  • A thorough study plan and well set goals
  • Dedicated language immersion through travel/youtube/music/other media
  • Willingness to study, revise, practice and repeat over and over, even once you reach your goal proficiency
  • Understanding that students who DO have a knack but don’t practice will be rapidly outpaced by those who don’t have any inherent talent but actually commit to their study
  • The decency not to erase the hard work of those who studied for language proficiency by passing their efforts off as “a knack”
  • The time, energy, passion and internet access needed to study regularly

Had my first day of class today and it was the introduction into my storyboarding class and it was AWWSOME AND IM SO EXCITED

I get to make an animatic for the final project!!! I already have and idea here’s a hint: It’s gay

동물 - Animals

사슴 - Deer

여우 - Fox

늑대 - Wolf

기린 - Giraffe

코끼리 - Elephant

얼룩말 - Zebra

사자 - Lion

호랑이 - Tiger

곰 - Bear

판다 - Panda

고릴라 - Gorilla

캥거루 -  Kangaroo

토끼 - Rabbit

햄스터 - Hamster

말 - Horse

돼지 - Pig

양 -  Sheeo

새 - Bird

백조 - Swan  

병아리 - Chicken

개 - Dog

강아지 - Puppy

고양이 - Cat

새끼 고양이 - Kitten

소 - Cow

생쥐 - Mouse

나비 - Butterfly

개미 - Ant

펭귄 - Penguin

개구리 - Frog


it actually really offends me when someone says that i must just be really “talented” to speak german “(almost) perfectly” after “just” three years without having been to a german speaking country because it completely disregards the passion and dedication i put into learning the language. if u want to compliment me how about u recognise my hard work instead of just dismissing it as something i was “born with”.

옷 - Clothes (Pt.1)

셔츠 -Shirt

티셔츠 - T-shirt 

바지 - Pants

반바지 - Shorts

치마 - Skirt 

청바지 - Jeans

원피스 - Dress 

신발 - Shoes

양말 - Socks

코트 - Coat

재킷 - Jacket

모자 - Hat

장갑 - Gloves

양복 - Suit

넥타이 - Necktie

파자마 - Pajamas

브라 - Bra

팬티 -Underwear

한복 -  Traditional Clothing


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In Case・~といけないから

「〜といけないから」 means “in case,” like “do this in case…” Literally, the と is kind of like if, いけない means “no good,” and から is because.

As for it’s placement, it goes before the suggestion, right after the thing that the suggestion would prevent:

lose your key といけないから you should make a spare。

get lost といけないから take a map.

Use commas accordingly.

雨が降るといけないから、傘を忘れないでね。Ame ga furu to ikenai kara, kasa o wasurenai de ne.
Don’t forget your umbrella in case it rains. (in case it rains, don’t forget umbrella.)

かまれるといけないから、その犬にあまり近づいてはいけません。Kamareru to ikenai kara, sono inu ni amari chikadzuite wa ikemasen.
In case you get bitten, don’t go too near that dog. (in case bitten, don’t get very near that dog.)

バスに乗り遅れるといけないから出かけた方がいいよ。Basu ni nori okureru to ikenai kara dekaketa hou ga ii yo.
You’d better get going in case you miss the bus. (in case miss the bus, it’d be better to go out.)

I know this is a short post, but the phrase is really simple and easy to use! Message me if you have questions!


Favorite German Words

Das Urvertrauen = literally “inherited or original trust or faith”, as in a feeling of trust in someone or something. Basic or fundamental trust. In psychology, it refers to a child’s initial trust in its parents or other caregivers so it can be seen as basic, childlike trust, for instance, in relying on someone. A very simple, unconditional trust, like the trust very young children have.

Hey guys! I know I have quite a few Deaf/HOH followers so if you guys would do me a favor, I would really appreciate it!

My fiance is going to be having a discussion about cochlear implants in his moral philosophy class and he asked me about my opinion on the subject. I said,

“I’m firmly against giving children the cochlear implant. But my opinion is less that children shouldnt be forced to get them, and more that my opinion, as a hearing person, doesn’t really matter, and we should fuckin listen to what Deaf people have to say…

that’s the thing though, hearing people (and abled people in general) always think they know so much better than the groups they’re actively working against. We just need to like, shut up for 5 minutes, and just let Deaf people get their opinion out there. Why should hearing people get to decide on Deaf issues when they’ve never been Deaf?”

So! That being said! I would like to get him a few statements from some people who are, you know, Actually Deaf/HOH so he can get an idea of some things to talk about! His class is full of hearing people, so I think this could be a good opportunity to educate a few people on Deaf issues. Even if you just give a really short answer of what you feel, anything helps!

「Learn Japanese」 “ You were saying how much you hate yourself so much that I had to let you know all the wonderful things about you ”  (Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu #18. - Anime Line of the Day)

Vocabulary List:
自分 (じぶん/jibun) - oneself, yourself
嫌い (きらい/kirai) - dislike, hate
知る (しる/shiru) - to know, to understand

Subaru-kun ga jibun no koto (w)o kirai datte, sou iu nara, Subaru-kun no ii tokoro ga konna ni aru tte, Rem ga shitteru tte koto (w)o shitte hoshiku nattandesu.
“You were saying how much you hate yourself so much that I had to let you know all the wonderful things about you.”

✧¸¸.•*¨*• •*¨*•.¸¸✧

Interested in learning Japanese by watching anime? Check out more Anime Vocabulary here to learn new words and grammar in Japanese through various anime series!

[10KFRP] The Language of Flowers

Author: TBA

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Slight Crack, So much cheese

Rating: PG-13

Length: 4,800 w

Summary: Jongin owns a flower shop and one evening, a man storms in, slams some money on the table and says, ““How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower?” 

Based on this prompt

Note: Day 6 is up! Comment, share, enjoy c:


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tuafw it feels like socializing is like playing guitar hero [or a similar game]... hoping you hit the right "notes"/say the right thing at the exact right time and not fail/mess up the conversation and embarrass yourself. sounds easy enough, right? but oh wait. for whatever reason you can't see the screen. and people get angry and irritated and impatient when you ask them what to expect... how do people DO this?!