14 Ways To Sing 'O Canada' In A Language Other Than English Or French
Canada is a multicultural country, so it only makes sense to hear how our beautiful anthem sounds in other dialects and languages.

The languages are:


-Cree (First Nations)

-Uummarmiutun (an Inuit language)

-Inuktitut (an Inuit language)

-Dene (First Nations)

-Ojibwe (First Nations)







-Scottish Gaelic

-American Sign Language

PSA to all hiring managers in the USA

Begin PSA:

If you set up an interview with a prospective employee, and while setting up the interview, the prospective employee informs you that they are d/Deaf and require an interpreter for the interview, is it your responsibility to hire (and pay for) an interpreter for the interview.

If you don’t hire an interpreter and/or decide not to proceed with the interview, you are discriminating against the prospective employee because they are d/Deaf. That’s illegal.

If you interview them and then decide not to hire them because they are d/Deaf, you are discriminating against that person, and that’s also illegal

End PSA.
Tongue twisters in Australian languages
A lively thread has been unwinding over on the RNLD email list recently, in response to a request for examples of Australian tongue twisters. So many great phrases have come out of the woodwork that it behooves us to set them down here for posterity.

A few examples from this excellent tongue twister list from Paradisec:  


Intelyapelyape yepeyepe-kenhe lyepelyepele anepaneme
‘The butterfly is sitting on the sheep’s intestines’

Bininj Kunwok (Kuninjku dialect)

nganganghnganga ʼngehngehʼ yimeng
[ŋaŋaŋʔŋaŋa ŋɛʔŋɛʔ yimeŋ]
‘The grey-crowned babbler said nge’ nge’.’

Dabborrabbolk birribidbom bembem birribimbom.
[dabːorabːolk bɪrɪbitbom bembem bɪrɪbɪmbom]
‘The old people climbed up and painted a sole fish.

Iltyem-iltyem Central Australian Sign Language

‘Mum eats cake’, a finger-twister that has to be seen to be appreciated.

Unfortunately, the finger-twister video won’t embed, but it’s worth clicking on. The spoken-language ones would also be great with audio or video clips, actually, if anyone on the RNLD email list is reading this!  


Inspired by this post. Luke and Leia as each other’s childhood imaginary friend.

Luke is an unnervingly quiet child. Beru noticed it from the beginning, even though neither Owen nor Master Kenobi (Old Ben, she should call him Old Ben now) have realized that it is something unusual. But Beru has.

Luke looks around the room, like he does so often. He resembles his father very much, but in this moment the look on his face is pure Shmi’s. Shmi always looked like that when she was trying to feel something. She had been able to do that, just feel things. Whether it was knowing that Anakin was alive or telling Beru that Beru’s mother was coming an hour before she showed up unannounced. Owen had always considered it luck, or religious delusions, but Beru knows, has always known, better.

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