Replacements for Ableist Language - OCD

A recent ask made me realize that I should probably have some kind of series to help educate writers about ableist slurs / offensive uses of words relating to mental illness, and offer replacements to use for writers.

Note -  It is ScriptShrink’s official opinion that anyone who has been the target of the ableist language used here is fully and 100% able to reclaim it if they so choose.

This was going to be a single post, but it started getting huge so I’m splitting it up. First up is…


Wait, Shrink, you might say. Why is “OCD” in a series about ableist language? Obviously it’s not a slur, right? True, it’s not a slur, but that doesn’t mean it’s not sometimes used in an ableist, demeaning way.

What it literally means:

It’s an acronym for “Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.”

When you should use this word / phrase:

When you’re referring to the disorder itself and / or people who actually have obsessive-compulsive disorder.

When you should not use this word / phrase:

When you’re referring to people, behaviors, or things that are not related to the actual disorder.

Why you shouldn’t use this word / phrase:

OCD has a lot of symptoms that are often debilitating to the people who have it, and by associating this disorder with casual, non-clinical level symptoms (such as simply preferring being organized or being focused on details), you make it harder for people who actually have OCD to make their struggles heard and understood.

Examples of how to this word / phrase appropriately:

“She’s been diagnosed with OCD - she washes her hands for hours a day.”

“I have OCD. I have disturbing, intrusive thoughts and do compulsive behaviors in response to them.”

“In the DSM-5, OCD is in the same category as Hoarding disorder, Body dysmorphic disorder, Trichotillomania, and Excoriation disorder.”

Examples of how not to use this word / phrase:

“You actually fold your underwear? You’re so OCD.”

“I’m so OCD about brushing my teeth twice a day.”

What to use instead:

NOTE - I am not saying that any of these words are synonymous with OCD, or that people with OCD necessarily have these qualities. These are just alternatives that can help people describe what they really meant before they chose to use “OCD.”

All of these words have different meanings and connotations. Don’t just pick a word off this list at random - look it up and see if it’s the right one for what you really mean.

Detailed / Detail-oriented
Nitpicky / Nitpicker

So that’s it for the first part! What ableist language or slurs would you like to see me cover in this series next?

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  • <p> <b>neurotypicals:</b> the mind of an autistic is a scary and unpredictable place<p/><b>my internal monologue:</b> Don't take off your shoes Don't take off your shoes Don't take off your shoes. The ground looks so smooth and shiny but this a fancy place Don't take your shoes off. idc how nice it looks don't take them off<p/></p>
Negative talk is like a language, and a primary way we learn this language throughout our lives is from others. Young girls will hear their mothers, aunts, grandmothers, cousins, and other women in their lives say negative things about themselves—about their bodies, habits, capabilities, the list goes on—and they’ll adopt that language as their own vernacular. We’re taught that negativity is an easy bonding tactic.
—  Katie Horwitch
CN: autism spectrum disorder, language and its use, an able-bodied person's search to understand, a call to response

Hi, friends!

I have a question that I would like some feedback on. Here it goes: what is your personal opinion on “person-first-language”?

When I was in speech-therapy school, we were taught to use person-first-language when dealing with our clinic-goers. Recently, it was brought to my attention that some people with autism/autistic people are unhappy with person-first. As an allistic individual, I can’t properly speculate why that is because I don’t have that life experience.

I am asking simply because I want to create a comfortable and happy space for those I meet.

Thank you!

Preferences Masterlist #101-200

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Warnings: Smut, Violence, Strong Language, Disorders, Cutting

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“It took me 20 years of my life, 17 years of friend-zoning and a baby to make myself realize that I love you. And a whole lot more than just my best friend.”

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Native Language

When you are quickly forgetting your own language, the one you grew up speaking, the one you have spoken for 27 years, the one whose country you lived in for 22 years, and you do not know why you are forgetting it, you just know that you are terrified because your speaking it has gone downhill and you are forgetting the simple things like the names of colors and you are forgetting things about your home country, and you are even losing your accent some and you had always wanted to be more American but not like this, you do not want to forget, you can not, please, please… and all you can do is

Originally posted by giphy

How many Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and people with APD can relate to this? I always mispronounce words and some people don’t care while others either get angry or mock me. However, very few take the time to help me pronounce it correctly, so I’m convinced most people actually understand me, they’re just assholes.


i made an educational powerpoint about circadian rhythm sleep disorders because holy shit having a doctor tell me “yeah your internal clock is actually off it has nothing to do with being lazy or the internet” was mindblowing and got p much my whole family to apologize to me for being wrong

tbh anyone who has any kind of speech or communication troubles such as being unable to speak (be it in certain situations or all the time, due to being physically or psychologically unable to do so), having a stutter or a stammer, a lisp, any other speech or communication disorder, et al, anyone with any of these struggles is amazing, strong, and deserves lots of love. sincerely, a selective mute girl 💕

  • singlets: people with multi-personality disorder do crazy things! the other personalities get tattoos and party and introduce themselves to people with different names and buy things that the original personality doesn't even like!!!!
  • also singlets: what do you mean your "alter" has a BLOG??? omg real people with multi-personalities don't do THAT! personalities aren't PEOPLE they can't EXPRESS THEMSELVES!!!!!! a blog?? no.

anonymous asked:

I've been diagnosed with combined ADHD, but I'm a little confused with the ED discussion. I've always had really bad reading, writing and speaking issues, my language ability had always been rated very highly but I don't speak/express well nor do I listen or read, or write well. Language crashes and things get mIxed up or overall comprehension is difficult even if I'm very good at defining a word without context, that I've never used before.

On the speaking and writing ask, I’m a visual learner however I also have visual processing issues and bad motor skills

This sounds like you might have some kind of language disorder as well as ADHD, and possibly also sensory processing and/or dyspraxia.


my linguistic contribution to bi discourse: in terms of the semantics of the prefix “bi”, bisexuality is not somehow a semantic anomaly in that its “bi” prefix does not meaning “precisely two [genders]”. for example, the term “bilingual” does not mean that the person has functional proficiency with two and exactly two languages. It just means at least two, but it can be more.