language of art

ID #59812

Name: Myranda
Age: 16
Country: USA

Hello! I’m a 16 year old nb person, and im trying to find a penpal! honestly I’ve been interested in this sort of stuff for ages, just haven’t ever found a place that does it for free!

I’m a high school student who excels in foreign language (French) and I’m currently self-teaching myself Korean! I also love biology and art. I have an interest in photography as well! When I get older, i really want to get a falconers liscence and move to France, where i wish to teach art or zoology.

I have a lot of pets! I have six snakes, a bird, and three cats. My dad has been thinking about getting sugar gliders too. If someone is interested, I’d happily send some pictures!

Outside of school and animals, I’m a pagan and have been a practicing witch for five years. I’d love to talk about beliefs with someone! While i am…not the best with debates or heavy discussions (i always try to win,, whoops), I’d really love it if I could find someone who’s willing to hear me rant and rave about anything. I hope this is enough info! ;;

Preferences: Please don’t contact me if your name is Chad, if you’re going to fight with me over anything, or if you’re not lgbt+. I’d like to only be connected with someone lgbt+ who isn’t named chad, as it’d be the best fit for me imo 


27.8.16 85 hours +55 minutes/100 hours

And suddenly, I realise that I have a bunch of work pushed towards the end of my holiday. Note that I’m NOT USUALLY LIKE THISヾ(×× ) ツ. Oh well… I’ll have to push through to 100 hours of Korean to complete the challenge, and also find out ways to continue my studies and energise my determination as the school year begins…