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미쳤어? I think I am. Just spent 1.5 hours writing some Korean vocabulary. Why? To rewrite (!!) it tomorrow. Very smart. But actually I’m planning to buy some news notebooks tomorrow and use one for vocabulary+ I want to organize everything (e.g. Verbs, adj., food, prepositions, phrases etc.) ‘cause my mind is a mess already. I’m going to do a huge research today for the vocabulary I need, so getting ready for the sleepless night and tons of coffee. Awesome.^•^



Continuing my 3-hours-a-day challenge (I’ve kinda changed it’s name because this seems more fitting) I did a dictation of all the flashcards I have (only 183 flashcards) and got 21 words wrong which leaves me with an 88% for this dictation (*´ェ`*) (haha seems like a stupid thing to be happy over something as small as this).

100/40 Challenge Day:0

I decided to do this challenge to keep me motivated in Korean and to help keep me accountable. The challenge is designed to have you study 100 hours in your target language for 40 days. I have been studying Korean for a while, but more in a passive way so this should get me going again. Here’s a link to the original post by nihowdy:

  • Language: Korean
  • Time Frame: July 25th-September 2nd
  • Goals: I want to be able to express myself and hold some semblance of a conversation in Korean beyond the “Hi my name is…, nice to meet you.” I also have some trouble hearing foreign languages so hopefully by the end I can understand a full conversation in Korean. And by the end I should have completed all my beginner text books.
  • Focus Areas: Reading, listening, and speaking (pronunciation)
  • Materials: Elementary Korean (2nd edition), Korean Grammar in use-beginning, Mastering conversational Korean from Tuttle, and Talk to me in Korean.

I’m not setting a specific time amount on each focus area or a set number of hours per day, this is because I will be in LA for a few days and then in Orientation for college right after, which leaves some days where 2.5 hours might not be achievable that day. However I will make up the hours on another day. Anyone else doing the challenge let me know, I’d love to study with you!

anonymous asked:

Would you happen to have any ideas on how to create a language studying notebook?

Unfortunately I do not use notebooks that often; well I do but they’re always messy and not done in any special way. 

I am sorry I couldn’t answer this but I really hope any of my followers can - I have quite a few so there should be at least someone who can help out!


anonymous asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you would recommend keeping all new vocabulary words for three languages (native tongue, advanced foreign language and beginning level language) in a notebook or keeping it separated?

to be honest it really depends on what works for you 

To me, it seems a bit silly to keep vocab for three different languages all in the same notebook. I like to be more organised than that. But at the same time I wouldn’t see a problem with it if you had one of those subject divider notebooks that have sections separated out in them. 

but again, it’s up to you. some people don’t like to write vocab down in a notebook at all and that’s fine too. 

Korean | Day 1 // So I’m starting from scratch. It’s a little sad to realize that if I didn’t give up on studying Korean a year ago, I probably could speak it quite well now. And now I need to go back to the most basic grammar/ words. But it’s never too late to start over and at least my stationery is kinda cute, so maybe things aren’t so bad~~ ^*^