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10 beautiful Italian words

1. scrosciare (vb.): the action of rain pouring down heavily or of waves hitting rocks and cliffs

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2.  meriggiare (vb.): to rest at noon, more likely in a shady spot outdoors

3. lapidoso (adj.): full of stones, said of roads or of the bottom of a river.

4. innaffiare (vb.): to water something, especially a garden, a plant, a flower, etc

5. cruore (n.): it literally means “flowing blood”

6. nottivago (n.): of a person who wanders at night; night-roamer

7. terrifico (adj.): of something or someone that terrifies, that provokes terror

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8. ansare (vb.): to hardly breathe, to be out of breath

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9. nequizia (n.): wickedness, evilness, iniquity or evil action

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10. morituro (adj.): of someone who is next or destined to die



Before i go to bed , i would like to share my favourite apps (for languages learning )
These apps are ofcourse free and i love them til 100%

•Duolingo : i love to use this app as a start to learn a language. After that i like to “go on my own”. Duolingo helps you out with grammar aswell.

•Memrise : I use this one the most. This one dosen’t really help with grammar. It’s more of vocabs , you have more to choose between and i think that learning a type of letters ( like the cryllic alphabet ) is way better on Memrise than on Duolingo.

•SpanishDict ; since i’m not 100% in spanish yet , i love this app .I love that it’s so easy to use and so f**king perfect. I wish i had an app like this for all my languages.

•AnkiApp : this is a really nice one , you create your own flashcards and it shows how good/bad you’ve done on the “game/test”.

•HiNative : Is a wonderfull app , you can ask native speakers for help , vocab, translation , culture questions , pronuncitions. Everything basiclly.

/>• Hello talk : here you can chat with native speakers , i personally think that some people are shy and not that good at keeping a conversation going.But i’ve meet a couple of awsome people there!

I would like to see what other apps all of you use! I personally have tried many different ones , some better than other and some completely trash, anyways godnatt ✨💖
(good night )

EDITS: i noticed that i forgot to write about Hellotalk , so i added that

there is a word in urdu called “zidd” and its sanskrit/hindi equivalent is “huth”. it means a nearly primal drive and a stubbornness to pursue your calling in this life.

my granddad always says - “zidd karo (have some kind of stubbornness). if you spend too much time measuring the temperature of water, you will never learn to swim." 

it is possibly my favourite word in all the languages i speak. 

The Ultimate Ninja Storm series have a thing for Piggy Back rides. When I saw this scene in SasuSaku tags the first thought was:

But I still like how this game works with couples giving us these cute moments. I remember I was collecting different SaiIno moments and I took some of them from this game. This scene was my favourite one:

Spanish is not my native language so maybe I can make some mistakes:
“Someday you’ll be looking only at me. Nothing can stop a passionate girl!” 
He will ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

studyblr intro!

hi! I’m Clare, and I started my studyblr to try to encourage me to be more productive and improve my grades, especially since it’s the new year.

I will be posting original content of my desk, notes, bullet journal etc, alongside reblogging other studyblrs’ content :)

some facts about me!

I read far too much, and have done so since I was small.

My favourite subjects are English and Music.

I also play piano and sing, but would love to learn the ukelele, drums or clarinet.

I’m a Virgo, and apparently equal parts Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, as each time I take the test my result varies!

I just started learning German a few months ago, but my main language is English and I can also speak decent Irish.

Some of my favourite studyblrs are:

@studylustre @elkstudies @emmastudies @studyign @soymilkstudies  @studywithinspo @academiix @studypetals and @thearialligraphyproject @izzystudies  @studyquill you should definitely follow them if you haven’t already!

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Oddly enough, I have in fact spoken to @gaynervousdog about how Aurel and Sevila would sound! I have an idea in mind for Sevila’s voice (someone on the lines of Shohreh Aghdashloo). Sevila should sound raspy, although her voice can rise in pitch to sound bratty at times. 

Aurel on the other hand, I don’t have a specific voice actor for. Deep and echoing. Their voice slips around a lot, coming through distorted. They can perfectly mimic any number of other sounds and voices as needed, though it’s not as comfortable for them. (Sometimes they mimic Sevila when she’s being particularly annoying). 

You are my favourite word in the three languages I speak. When my father asked me why I loved you I mumbled something about your hair and your eyes and he laughed at me like a child but that wasn’t the truth. The truth is that there is something in the way you see me. You understand me. You understand what I want, what I need. I have had people understand me before; they are the ones I fall for. But I have never had someone understand me and then use that knowledge to make me happy. Because that is what you do. You make me so, so happy.
—  you are my favourite word in the three languages i speak

anonymous asked:

Hi! My native language is English and I'm fluent it french. For the past few years, I have been I am learning spanish (and have completely fallen in love with it!), and I was wondering, as spanish is your native language, if you knew any (good?) spanish-speaking youtubers or any movies/tv-shows in spanish. I just really want more exposure to my favourite language! <3

I would be happy to tell you. I went on youtube to look around since most of the youtubers I watch aren’t in Spanish, but my mom/sisters recommended me some. These are youtubers that I like so they are different from the list I have seen from those learning the language as I am picky with who I watch (i.e. Yuya. I am Mexican as well and find her voice annoying, even though people seem to recommend her a lot).


TV Shows:

I have watched at least 100 novelas (soaps), so I will avoid recommending most of them since they are 200+ episodes each. You can find a lot of shows on Netflix/Hulu/Viki with subs.

  • ¿Dónde Está Elisa?: A girl goes missing and you try to figure out who in her family did it.
  • Allí abajo: Comedy
  • El Clon: Nice Spanish adaptation to the Brazilian one that is about star-crossed lovers.
  • El Señor de los Cielos: Show about a powerful drug lord
  • Gran Hotel: Like Downton Abbey 
  • If you want trashy tv, 12 Corazones is it.
  • Isabel: Like the Tudors
  • Juana Inez: Historical drama
  • La Familia P.Luche: Funny show about a dysfunctional family
  • Maria la del Barrio: Where the “___ you in Spanish” meme came from. 
  • Otro Rollo: Comedy show
  • Rebelde: High school drama that was all the rage when it came out.
  • Sin senos no hay paraiso: Novela about a girl that wants to get fake boobs so that she can escape poverty. 
  • Velvet: Romantic comedy
  • XHDRbZ: Sketch comedy show. I love it, but it has a lot of puns/slang.


Most of the movies on this list are good, so I will mention some not on there.

  • En el tiempo de las mariposas 
  • Fresa y chocolate
  • Ice Age in Spanish. The translated version was funnier 
  • Instructions Not Included 
  • No eres tú, soy yo
  • Pelo malo 
  • Te presento a Laura 
  • The Motorcycle Diaries