language in art

What are you trying to show? 

Emotion. Savy, the biologist, said something appropriate: In the beginning there was emotion, and the verb wasn’t there at all. When you tickle an amoeba she withdraws, she has emotion, she doesn’t speak but she does have emotion. A baby cries, a horse gallops. Only us, they’ve given us the verb. That gives you the politician, the writer, the prophet. The verb’s horrible. You can’t smell it. But to get to the point where you can translate this emotion, that’s a difficulty no one imagines … It’s ugly … It’s superhuman … It’s a trick that’ll kill a guy.

Louis-Ferdinand Céline, The Art of Fiction No. 33, Interviewed by Jacques Darribehaude and Jean Geunot for The Paris Review


27.8.16 85 hours +55 minutes/100 hours

And suddenly, I realise that I have a bunch of work pushed towards the end of my holiday. Note that I’m NOT USUALLY LIKE THISヾ(×× ) ツ. Oh well… I’ll have to push through to 100 hours of Korean to complete the challenge, and also find out ways to continue my studies and energise my determination as the school year begins…

Art and Literature - Kunst und Literatur

Literarische Werke - Literary Works

der Aufsatz - essay
die (Auto)biographie – (auto)biography
das Copyright – copyright
die Dichtkunst - poetry
die Dichtung – work of literature, poetic work
der Erzähler, die Erzählerin - narrator
der Essay – essay
die Figur – character
das Genre – genre
die Handlung – plot
der Kriminalroman – mystery, crime novel
die Novelle – novella, short novel
die Poesie – poetry
die Prosa – prose
der Reim – rhyme
der Roman – novel
die Strophe – stanze, verse
das Urheberrecht – copyright
die Zeile – line

sich entwickeln – to develop
spielen – to take place (story, play)
zitieren – to quote

(frei) erfunden/fiktiv – fictional
klassisch – classical
komisch – comical
lustig – humorous
objektiv – objective
preisgekrönt – award-winning
realistisch – realistic
satirisch – satirical
subjektiv – subjective
tragisch – tragic

Die bildenden Künste – The Visual Arts

das Aquarell – watercolor painting
die Farbe – paint
das Gemälde – painting
die schönen Künste – fine arts
das Ölgemälde – oil painting
der Pinsel – paintbrush
das (Selbst)porträt – (self-)portrait
die Skulptur – sculpture
das Stilleben – still life
der Ton - clay

bildhauern – to sculpt
malen – to paint
skizzieren – to sketch

ästhetisch – aesthetic
avantgardistisch – avant-garde

Musik und Theater – Music and Theater

die Aufführung – performance
der Beifall – applause
die Bühne – stage
der Chor – choir
der Konzertsaal – concert hall
das Lampenfieber – stage fright
das Meisterwerk – masterpiece
das Musical – musical
die Oper – opera
die Operette – operetta
das Orchester – orchestra
die Probe – rehearsal
das Publikum – audience
das (Theater)stück – play, piece
die Zuschauer – audience

schildern – to narrate
zeigen – to show

Leidenschaftlich – passionate

Die Künstler – The Artists

der Bildhauer, die Bildhauerin – sculptor
der Dramatiker, die Dramatikerin – playwright
der Essayist, die Essayistin – essayist
der (Kunst)handwerker, die (Kunst)handwerkerin – artisan, craftsman
der Komponist, die Komponistin – composer
der Liedermacher, die Liedermacherin – songwriter
der Maler, die Malerin – painter
der Regisseur, die Regisseurin – director
der Sänger, die Sängerin – singer
der Schauspieler, die Schauspielerin – actor, actress
der Schriftsteller, die Schriftstellerin - writer


Human Pose Detection - Mining Body Language from Videos

Machine Learning investigation from samim examines body language in video using recently released open-source code library OpenPose:

From Gene Kelly’s Step-Dance to Bruce Lee’s Kung-Fu — iconic movement has made history. Communicating through Body Language is an ancient art form, currently evolving in fascinating ways: Computationally detecting human body language is becoming effective and accessible. This experiment explores enabling technologies, applications & implications.

For over 20 years, Motion Capture has enabled us to record actions of humans and then use that information to animate a digital character or analyse poses. While movie makers and game developers embraced such technologies — it until recently required expensive equipment which captured only few aspects of the overall performance.

Today, a new generation of machine learning based systems is making it possible to detect human body language directly from images. A growing number of research papers and open-source libraries addresses key aspects: Body, Hand, Face, Gaze Tracking. Identity, Gender, Age, Emotion and Muscle strain Detection. Action Classification & Prediction. We now can…

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