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Name: Jenni
Age: 18
Country: Canada

Hi friends :) my name is Jenni, but you can also call me Jen if you’d like. I’m from British Columbia, Canada. I love art/painting, yoga, animals, the environment, coffee & tea, good books, music, lady gaga, and learning languages. I’m also vegan and I love to cook/bake (I’m still learning though haha) I’m honestly looking for someone who is a long term friend/internet friend. I’m also a really friendly person but I’m also extremely sad and anxious most of the time. I really would like to exchange snail mail with someone, I tend to ramble a lot and so you may receive long letters. If you’re into any of that dm me :))

Preferences: 17-25 basically anyone who won’t stop writing after one letter lol. Someone that speaks German, Swedish, or French (I’m learning these languages). If you can’t speak those that’s okay too :)


Jack, congrats on 14,000,000 subscribers!!

Man I can’t believe it’s been a year since I found your YouTube channel… Anyway, I just want to say thank you. For everything you’ve done. You’re the reason I opened this (art) blog. You’re the reason my days don’t seem boring as much. You’re the reason I smile.

 You’re my inspiration.

 You’re such a great person and you deserve each of your subscribers :D 

(also, one of my new year’s resolutions was to finally learn how to animate. This is the first gif I’ve ever done!! I’m pretty proud of it!!)


Based off @goldentruth813‘s post, have a bit of drarry love  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Consider: Victor and Yuri saying I love you in their native tongues.

Now consider: saying I love you in EACH OTHER’S native tongues.

(also I have 0 knowledge of Russian and like 0 skill in writing in Japanese so… I apologize for every part of this.)

희미한 불빛이 되어 별들 사이로
~ i’m becoming a faint light and go among the stars

LAST DANCE inspired Seunghyun fanart because I got emotional once again listening to the song and I will honestly miss him so much.

please open the image for higher resolution, tumblr loves to blurr things

Art and Literature - Kunst und Literatur

Literarische Werke - Literary Works

der Aufsatz - essay
die (Auto)biographie – (auto)biography
das Copyright – copyright
die Dichtkunst - poetry
die Dichtung – work of literature, poetic work
der Erzähler, die Erzählerin - narrator
der Essay – essay
die Figur – character
das Genre – genre
die Handlung – plot
der Kriminalroman – mystery, crime novel
die Novelle – novella, short novel
die Poesie – poetry
die Prosa – prose
der Reim – rhyme
der Roman – novel
die Strophe – stanze, verse
das Urheberrecht – copyright
die Zeile – line

sich entwickeln – to develop
spielen – to take place (story, play)
zitieren – to quote

(frei) erfunden/fiktiv – fictional
klassisch – classical
komisch – comical
lustig – humorous
objektiv – objective
preisgekrönt – award-winning
realistisch – realistic
satirisch – satirical
subjektiv – subjective
tragisch – tragic

Die bildenden Künste – The Visual Arts

das Aquarell – watercolor painting
die Farbe – paint
das Gemälde – painting
die schönen Künste – fine arts
das Ölgemälde – oil painting
der Pinsel – paintbrush
das (Selbst)porträt – (self-)portrait
die Skulptur – sculpture
das Stilleben – still life
der Ton - clay

bildhauern – to sculpt
malen – to paint
skizzieren – to sketch

ästhetisch – aesthetic
avantgardistisch – avant-garde

Musik und Theater – Music and Theater

die Aufführung – performance
der Beifall – applause
die Bühne – stage
der Chor – choir
der Konzertsaal – concert hall
das Lampenfieber – stage fright
das Meisterwerk – masterpiece
das Musical – musical
die Oper – opera
die Operette – operetta
das Orchester – orchestra
die Probe – rehearsal
das Publikum – audience
das (Theater)stück – play, piece
die Zuschauer – audience

schildern – to narrate
zeigen – to show

Leidenschaftlich – passionate

Die Künstler – The Artists

der Bildhauer, die Bildhauerin – sculptor
der Dramatiker, die Dramatikerin – playwright
der Essayist, die Essayistin – essayist
der (Kunst)handwerker, die (Kunst)handwerkerin – artisan, craftsman
der Komponist, die Komponistin – composer
der Liedermacher, die Liedermacherin – songwriter
der Maler, die Malerin – painter
der Regisseur, die Regisseurin – director
der Sänger, die Sängerin – singer
der Schauspieler, die Schauspielerin – actor, actress
der Schriftsteller, die Schriftstellerin - writer