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What Happens When I Don’t Let Go

My contribution to the 2nd TWG event; AU Day! Dedicated to @elevenknope, my big sister, who’s been so encouraging to all of us with this. Love you, Valeroni! <3

Summary: Suddenly—out of nowhere, maybe—Jonathan began to laugh. So much so that his side hurt, and tears of everything streamed from his eyes. Maybe it was Steve, or whatever the fuck they’d just seen, or the fact that his little brother might be dead, or all of it together… But it was all just so ridiculous; that so much bad stuff could happen to just one person. 

Nancy started laughing with him, and then even Steve joined in, and somehow that made it funnier, because what could a rich kid like Steve Harrington have to laugh about?

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Oklahoma lawmaker: pregnant women’s bodies aren't their own, because they are "hosts"
It’s the logic behind a bill that would require men to approve their partners’ abortions.
By Emily Crockett

“But pro-lifers respect women! We’re pro woman, pro child!” 

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I am really bad at my native language. And I think fandom had a big part in that.

When I discovered fandom as a teen, I found it on German sites, in a language I easily understood. But there was limited content and people were talking about the big things beyond, the LJ communities, scanlation groups, fanfiction archives and deviantArt to name a few.

I taught myself English through a mix of school lessons and reading fanfics in one tab, a dictionary next to me and looking up words. I was fascinated by the fannish world I found online, and that world? Spoke English.

It didn’t stop at fanwork. I stopped reading German books. I stopped watching German TV or dubs. I stuck to English media because then I could jump right into the English fandom. I talked to fans globally and while we weren’t all English speakers by birth… We somehow all spoke English when we chatted. It was just the thing you do.

Somewhere along the way, my brain got used to this. I got into the habit of speaking English, thinking English. When I wrote my final thesis in German and had my sister proofread, she frowned at me. “These sentences use English grammar. They don’t make sense in German.” I had to rewrite about a third of my sentences because my brain couldn’t come up with German syntax anymore.

Last week, while chatting with coworkers I mentioned the bad luck I had with my kitchen. A coworker laughed. I hadn’t even realised that instead of Pech (German word for bad luck) I had used the literal translation “schlechtes Glück”. And it keeps happening. If I don’t pay attention, I answer in a jumble of English and German at work. My coworkers tease me about it a lot.

Sadly, this doesn’t mean my English is any better. I am scrambling for words there too and not making sense. It is like my brain can’t decide what it wants to do.

I don’t feel emotionally connected to my native language. But it feels weird, to stumble over your own words. It is like loosing your footing on a street you know by heart.

Disconcerting, but you catch yourself. Try again.

YOI help - Commentators

I didn’t realize this was a thing, but I keep running into this detail in fanfiction, so I’m making this post to clear up some misconceptions.

Apparently a lot of people think that skaters can hear the commentators. Which is understandable, because Yuri!!! on ICE does this really cool thing where it subtly breaks the fourth wall. Director Yamamoto directs the moments a skater is on the ice in a way so that it’s as if we are watching a TV broadcast. To put it simply, we are watching the same TV Asahi broadcast that in-series viewers would be watching. This allows Yamamoto to naturally include commentary without having a character explain everything in their head.

As TV watchers, we hear the commentators covering the event, but in the actual venue, all you hear during a program is the music, cheers, and perhaps the sound of blades if you’re close enough to the ice.

What I think a lot of people don’t realize is that the commentators have their own box/row with headsets, and report live (although sometimes TV stations will cover an event later). There are something like 6 different languages that normally cover events (more when it’s a big event like the GPF or Worlds), and 8 or 9 channels (more for big events). Usually a TV station has 2-3 commentators at their booth. If all those commentators were heard in the arena, it would be way too much noise and the skater wouldn’t be able to hear their music. There’s no “main commentator” that provides a script for the other commentators to translate into their own languages. In fact, some fans like to watch various commentaries because 1. different commentators will point out different details, and 2. some countries’ commentators are known for being particularly rude/salty, so fans want to hear less-caustic commentary.
The bottom line is, even one commentator channel would be too noisy as they gush about a step sequence or jump execution.

What you DO hear over the speakers are the announcers who do the “call to start” (“On the ice, representing Japan, Yuri Katsuki”), present them for bows (“For Japan, Yuri Katsuki”) ask for the judges’ scores (“The scores, please”), present the scores (“The Short Program score for Yuri Katsuki is… ___.__points. He is currently in __ place.”), and other miscellaneous things like announcing when the 6 minute warm-up ends and presenting the skaters during the medal ceremony. They do it in the host country’s official language, and almost always repeat it in English.

To give an idea of how many languages and TV stations there are, off the top of my head:

TV Asahi, NHK, and Fuji TV are the Japanese channels (they hold rights for different competitions, so you won’t find all 3 covering the same competition)

  • Taihei Katou (the seiyuu for YOI’s Hisashi Morooka) commentates for TV Asahi
  • Nobunari Oda commentates for NHK and I believe TV Asahi too
  • Daisuke Takahashi started commentating this 2016/17 season for Fuji TV

You have all the Eurosport commentaries:

  • British
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Polish
  • Italian
  • French
  • Russian
  • (and others)

In Russian we have

  • Match Arena (cyrillic APEHA) - which is the go-to for online live-streaming because they cover nearly every event
  • Sportbox
  • Eurosport (as mentioned above)

Raisport is the main Italian channel
Teledeporte is the main Spanish channel

There are a couple of Chinese channels (which are also reliable for online live-streaming)

Just in English you have:

  • British Eurosport (abbreviated as B.Euro) I mentioned above
  • CBC (Canada),
  • NBC/NBCSports (U.S.A.),
  • Universal (North American commentators),
  • The Ice Network (North American commentators)

ISU has an online stream available for countries which don’t have a TV station that bought the broadcasting rights. This is the no-commentary version A.K.A. what you’re actually hearing in the venue.

Many fans will wait for uploaded versions without the commentary because 1.some find the commentary distracting 2.when the camera is close we can often hear what the skaters and coaches say rinkside and in the Kiss&Cry.

You can bet that every Victor and Yuuri fan turns up the volume super high in hopes of hearing any conversations before Yuuri goes to skate, or to hear what’s said at the Kiss&Cry during the replay moments before the scores.

I know there are stations I’m forgetting in this list (Finnish, Korean, Taiwanese, other languages, more stations of the languages above), so don’t take this as a masterpost of all the stations. I’m just making a point that there are A LOT of stations around the world that cover big events, and commentators aren’t being broadcast over the speakers into the arena. Fans in the venue can enjoy the programs without being able to tell the difference between jumps - it’s a performance sport after all.

On a related note, this is also why you’ll have moments where Minako is trying to confirm what Yuuri did in a program ( “was that a Flip just now?”). So if anyone had wondered about that comment in episode 7 before, now you know - it’s because Minako is at the venue where commentators aren’t heard, and we the anime viewers are watching TV Asahi’s broadcast.

  1. Group new words together in your notes (according toparts of speech, the same pronunciation, the same topic area, etc).
  2. Think of relationships between what you already know and new things you learn (for me it is for instance hond-hund (nl-no) ).
  3. Visualize idioms or phrases in your mind, or draw them, to help remember. Try to see the spelling before your closed eyes.
  4. Make diagrams or semantic maps (word maps, webs of words) to arrange key words visually on paper.
  5. Remember a new foreign word by a crazy association with a known word (camarera = a Spanish waitress with a camera).
  6. Create rhymes to remember new words.
  7. Use (colored) flashcards to remember new English words (idea: one colour = one part of speech OR one colour = one language if you are learning more than 1 language at the same time)
  8. When trying to remember, physically act out new verbs.
  9. Say aloud or write new English words repeatedly [When I was a 4th grader I couldn’t remember ‘chicken’ word so I wrote this word 20 times. Not only I remember I did such thing but also when I close my eyes I see this piece of paper with 3 lines of chicken word – but this is only for hardcore learning I guess, can’t imagine learning every word like this ;) )
  10. Copy, rewrite new language items to practice writing.
  11. Imitate (shadow) recorded language to imitate a native speaker’s way of speaking.
  12. Try to use whole ready-made phrases fluently (Nice to see you too! What a shame!).
  13. With new structures,  try to make analogous (similar) sentences based on a model.
  14. Consciously try to use the words you know in different combinations to make new sentences.
  15. Start conversations in your target language whenever you are around a native speaker.
  16. Come to out-of-class language events (search for language club in your city maybe?).
  17. Get involved in any class activities that require writing or speaking spontaneously in the language you are learning (not working if you are a self-learner…).
  18. Use a monolingual dictionary
  19. Use other kinds of resources (a picture dictionary, a dictionary of collocations)
  20. Use thematic /vocabulary books for your own study.
  21. Look for words in your own language that are similar to new words in the language you are learning.
  22. Try to find patterns, regularities in grammar.
  23. Work out the meaning of a word by dividing it into parts (prefixes and suffixes) that you understand.
  24. Make comparisons between languages (e.g. German vs Spanish).
  25. Make notes / summaries of new information that you hear or read in your target language.
  26. Even when you are not terribly sure whether it is correct to say something in a given way, take risk to try!
  27. Understand unfamiliar words, make guesses from the linguistic context and clues (like this must be a negative word, this must be the name of an illness).
  28. To understand new and difficult language material, make guesses from the situation (in a film), pictures (in a magazine), gestures, tone of voice in a conversation, etc.
  29. When you are writing a new word in your notebook, also write a sentence where this word is used. Personally I was too lazy to do it but when I finally started it helped me a lot.
  30. Try out different ways of learning and revise, revise, revise…

asoue netflix thoughts:

(disclaimer: i’m with the minority who believe the over-arching mystery of the series including all the background adult vfd members is not only fascinating but necessary to make the later reveals and overall series work. i’m also a little biased bc i’m heavily invested in the history/mystery surrounding the fire-fighting side of the schism. that aside, this will be a shit post as i’m excited and incoherent.) 

  • every mention of beatrice (and bertrand) cleared my skin
  • warburton humanized lemony for me; where he was once an abstract concept narrating from a distance he’s more fleshed out, and wonderfully captures the tone of lemony
  • tl;dr he made me like lemony
  • lemony running from the authorities is a+ also i like how he fucks off without regard to all the evidence hes leaving behind lmao
  • i deeply relate to lemony in how i, too, suffer over beatrice
  • “NOBODY ASKED YOU” - edgar poe, a true icon
  • takes after his mother queen eleanora of the daily punctilio 
  • count olaf being a petty bitch is everything to me
  • shirley st. ives is T H I C C hot damn yas mami bring it
  • jacquelyn (!!!) and gustav running around in the background trying to right wrongs and get the baudelaires to their rightful destination is a BREATH OF FRESH AIR
  • where i was once frustrated beyond belief that bad things kept happening to the baudelaires bc even vfd members seemed incompetent and stupid is one beef i had with the books
  • to see vfd members alerted to the fact that somethings wrong and then kicking ass + taking names behind the scenes is GREAT and makes it seem more plausible 
  • I LOVE VFD MEMBERS POPPING OUT OF THE WOODWORK we get to SEE them instead of hearing about them after its too late
  • gustav is hot af??? and can get it anytime like damn daniel
  • lets pretend his death never happened 
  • which brings me to: 
  • is she kit snicket in disguise? she’s got blonde hair, has history with olaf, can beat his ass with one hand while he thanks her, etc
  • i could be wrong but let a girl live?? i’m thirsty for her at this point
  • ngl i fell for the whole baudelaire-turned-quagmire twist :(
  • i came out to ship beatrice/bertrand and i honestly feel so attacked rn
  • i was excited for the whole “beatrice & bertrand adventuretimes before dying tragically near the end of the series” thing like i imagined
  • it was heavily hinted that at least one baudelaire parent survived the fire
  • WHY COULDN’T YOU CATER 2 MY INTERESTS NETFLIX i was so captivated :(
  • i!👏 wanted!👏 exposition!👏 on! 👏 them! 👏 ughhh
  • no beatrice in a dragonfly costume at the masked ball? no bisexual beatrice making out with r, the duchess of winnepeg?? no beatrice stealing esme’s sugar bowl??? unfriended blocked and reported
  • will they even give us flashbacks of beatrice next season? im salty
  • also dr. orwell dated bertrand? it ended in a lawsuit and plastic surgery?? omfg give this 2 me
  • cobie smulders is beautiful gahhhhhhdamn
  • mama quagmire slayed the entire show 
  • like idk how they’re gonna make beatrice look cool in comparison to her
  • also: who knew mama quagmire had so much in common with violet?
  • both even came up with the same inventions
  • lmao why are the quagmire kids such squares??
  • i want to beat them up 
  • they’re already making quigley stand apart to foreshadow his eventual separation from his siblings but dude was stone cold when he refused to hug his father lmao “WHATS WRONG WITH UR LEG DAD WHY ARE U SUCH A PEASANT”
  • most importantly……………
  • shes serving that beautiful cruella deville vibe. im Shook and Scalped
  • this is the esme we deserve! flipping thru a newspaper while she sets a house on fire….. elegantly draped across the seat in couture clothing:’) my wife
  • speaking of queen esme when is she going to burn violet’s horrible bright pink dress i was fucking squinting it was so obnoxiously pink
  • violet in high-waisted button-up flares is my Aesthetic™
  • i am So Ready for violet slaying the fashion game next season in cute plaid skirts
  • violet holding klaus’ hand is always pure and wholesome content 
  • i love the baudelaires reclaiming their agency and fucking off by themselves to the lucky smells lumber mill bc yes 
  • the baudelaires waiting for aunt josephine to leave aND THEN TURNING ON THE STOVE TO COOK A HOT MEAL i lost it @ my bby pack rats
  • ishmael wtf
  • mr poe eating chowder in the middle of a panic attack is Oscar-worthy
  • i loooooooove all the references to other books sprinkled in
  • we need that good exposition and foreshadowing THANK
  • tbh i hope daniel handler keeps taking liberties and including characters and references and adding more plot 
  • otherwise the story quickly becomes a rinse-and-repeat and i was sick of that with the movie
  • next season pls deliver: beatrice, esme, kit (jacquelyn??), jacquelyn, mama quagmire, slaying us left and right, the denouement brothers, quigley and jacques, etc all working behind the scenes or in flashbacks, violet destroying everyone at prep school, cynical sarcastic baudelaire children
Stalked: Viktor Nikiforov x Reader

Request: can I either have a yurio or victor x reader fic where the reader is being stalked?? Kinda like that post that you reblogged it looks v interesting.

 A/N: I can’t remember what post you meant, sorry about that. There probably will be a second part to this (if requested). Oh and just imagine Makoto as Sangwoo. His looks were in my mind when i wrote this so he kinda looks like that. My first angsty story. Hope you enjoy! 

 WARNING: Angst, triggering events, strong language 

 Your eyes glanced around, trying to find those familiar pair of blue orbs that made shivers run up your spine. Those eyes that saw and noticed every tiny muscle movement as you walked down the street. It started a few weeks ago, and they hadn’t left you alone for even a second since that day. It held you captive in its gaze and made sure you knew that he was near you. 

You felt exposed to the point you made sure you were never alone. That you were always accompied by someone so that the intimidating gaze had a little less impact as there were people to protect you. Still, you hadn’t felt completely comfortable in a while, and it became more distressing each time you went out.

 “Y/n?” You jumped at the sudden voice behind you, goosebumps appearing on your skin as a high pitched squeal left your throat. Your eyes glanced over your shoulder, scanning them over the person behind you.
 “V-Viktor… don’t scare me like that!” Your voice was slightly shaky, and the older male did notice the hint of fear. He apologized and scratched the back of his neck in embarrasment. Once you let out a deep sigh, your body relaxed when in presence of your boyfriend. 

 “I didn’t mean to scare you, I just walked up behind you…” He confessed. Your lips twitched upwards into a smile as you shrugged, clasping your hands together behind your back.
You hadn’t told Viktor about the situation yet, afraid he would blame you for imagining things. But the Russian male did notice your change in behaviour. You became reluctant to kiss him in public, and your eyes always inspected every tiny detail of every room you walked into. Your shoulders became permanently hunched once the two of you arrived somewhere public, and you had a somewhat defensive form as you walked. 

“Y/n, is everything all right?” He asked you as you walked into the usual coffeeshop on the corner of the street. A five minute walk from your shared apartment, or 2 minute sprint if it was raining. It was very aesthetically pleasing, colors matching just right and menu’s written in curvy letters. Sun seeping through the curtains creating a cozy atmosphere. 

It was your favorite spot in town. It was where you first met Viktor, and where he had taken you out to on your first date. Your love had bloomed in this place, and there was nothing more heartwarming to you than walking through the door and smelling the familiar scent of grinded coffee beans and freshly baked cookies. 

You hung your coat onto the back of your seat, shivering slightly at the lack of warmth. You sat down and quickly grabbed the menu, hiding your face behind it as you told him you were fine. Viktor suspected that there was something wrong, but maybe he was exacurating, and you were just having a bad day. His hand found yours on the circular wooden surface. He placed his slender fingers on top of yours and slipped them between yours. 

“I’ll go order.” Viktor placed his scarve on the table, before turning away from her to order their drinks. His mind was filled with ways he could cheer her up. Cookies, flowers, kisses… he could think of a thousand things, but recently none of them had worked.
Once he received their drinks from the happy girl behind the counter, he offered her a smile back and turned around to walk back towards their spot. But something wasn’t right. Your eyes were widened to the max, hands holding onto one another on your lap. You looked so full of fear, even Viktor could feel the darkened aura around you. 

 He quickly made his way back to you, sitting in front of you and placing the cup of hot chocolate on the table. You looked up at him and wanted to show him a smile, but you immediately noticed what he was thinking once you met his stare. 

“Tell me now.” There was a somewhat warning tone to his deep voice. It was the voice he would use once he got overly worried and you wouldn’t tell him what was bothering you. You knew you couldn’t escape his question anymore, and with a shaky breath you opened your mouth to speak. 

“He’s here.” Viktor’s eyes narrowed and he slowly slid his hand under the table to connect with yours. He leaned forward slightly, not even blinking as he stared back into your eyes. 

“Who is?” “I don’t know, but he never leaves.” Viktor didn’t need to hear anymore. Your eyes pretty much told him the story, and the few words that left your lips gave him enough detail to know it was something you had feared for quite a while. He squeezed your hand. He felt another presence and he was sure she felt it too. There was somebody watching them, and not just innocently staring, but inspecting them, judging, looking for details. 

 “How long has he been following you?” Viktor asked as he began slowly stirring the packet of suger into his coffee. His eyes were fixed on the spoon, while his ears focused on the words that you spilled. 

“Weeks. He’s inspecting me. He knows everything and he’s planning something, i just know it.” Viktor nodded, leaning back in his seat and retreating his hand. He grabbed his scarve and started wrapping it back around his neck. 

“I need you to do something for me.” You nodded, lips tugging upwards as he took this seriously. He didn’t think you were being weird at all and actually wanted to help you.
 “You’re gonna walk out of here on your own.” He continued to tell you his plan and your eyes widened at the thought of being alone.

 “I know this might be hard for you, but I’ll be right behind you.” He told you with a secure and confident smile. You nodded reluctantly and bit your lower lip. You were mentally preparing yourselve for what was about to come, and you were already shaking at the thought of it. 

After you had been sitting in the little cafe for about an hour, Viktor told you it was time to go. You nodded and took a deep breath as you put on your coat. You hid your face in your collar, and took one glance at Viktor, who gave you a confident nod. 

“A-All right… see you later…”. You mumbled, quickly walking towards the door. You slowly pushed it open, flincing at the creaking sound it made. The banter from inside was completely muted once the door closed behind you. The sky had become black and only a few twinkling stars made it seem a little less dark. A cloud of fog escaped your lips, and your hands found the warmth and comfort in the depths of your pockets. 

You started walking. For the first two minutes, nothing happened. The feeling of a pair of eyes watching you were as prominent as ever, but you knew it also could be Viktor who was supposed to be walking behind you.
But a shadown appeared. It flashed at the corner of your eye, and disapeared out of your sight. Your legs were trembling, and your knees felt like collapsing at your weight. You passed an alley, and right at that moment the sound of footsteps began following you. They were extremely close and it almost felt like someone is breathing against your neck. You turned a corner, and so did the footsteps. There was no light in your street at all, and you were surrounded by the darkness of the night while a shadow hid in the lack of light. You stopped walking, and after a few more steps, so did the shim behind you. 

“Y/n…” You tensed at the voice. He really was right behind you. His mouth next to yourear and his breathing causing a shiver. You turned around with wide eyes and noticed a tall male. His face was covered under the shadows of his hoodie, but you could clearly see his sinister smile. Your breath hitched and you stumbled back. 

“Who are you?!” You snapped at him, tears prickling at the back of your eyes. He looked up, and you felt the weight on your shoulders intensify. 

“M-Makoto…” His deep blue eyes could be recognised anywhere, and you were awfully familiar with the guy. 

“You are all alone out here?” he asked in a deep voice, his eyes never leaving your gaze as you stared back at him in fear. You were speechless, and surprised it was actually someone you had known for quite a while. 

“A girl like you shouldn’t be alone. Someone might hurt you… but you’re too precious…”. You flinched as he extended his arm to caress your cheek.
 ‘Viktor, please…” You thought as his hand came in contact with your cold cheek. You couldn’t do anything. He was too strong, so you couldn’t fight. He was fast, so you couldn’t run. He even was pretty attractive. 

His gaze hardened. His jawline tensed and his eyebrows furrowed.
“You should be treated way better. I’ll treat you like the beautiful person you are.” This guy was completely insane. You knew he was capable of taking you and the thought scared you limitless. The hand that previously caressed your cheek had now cupped your jaw. You whimpered as he pulled your face closer, shrugging his hoodie off so you could take a clear look at his face. 

“I’ve been watching you, Y/n. I was everywhere that you were too. I saw you walk to college, and to the convenience store. I saw you sleep and I saw you shower. I saw you with Viktor in bed and how he treated you.” You were close to bursting now. The feeling of being so exposed to someone, having no privacy at even your most intimate moments. It made you sick, knowing he was there, watching you. 

“P-Please, Makoto… I want to go home!” You cried out, struggling against his grip. You noticed his smile only brightened, and your heart quickened as he watched you with insanity on his blue eyes. 

“Oh, I would like that too! I want to see how you sleep up close… I want to feel you, Y/n…” You were so desperate. Where was Viktor, why wasn’t he helping you?! This guy was abusing you, was he still watching after what Makoto just said. 

“Viktor! Please! Where are you?!” You snapped, making Makoto’s breath hitch. He quickly let go of you and stumbled back with wide eyes. He began inspecting his surroundings, knowing he just blew his cover. 

“H-He’s here?! He followed you!” He shouted through gritted teeth. You nodded and squealed in fear as he grabbed your collar, harshly pulling you towards him. His eyes were wide and his pupils were smaller than you had ever seen on a person. He was losing it. He had already lost it. 

“You sick fuck…” You felt your heart skip a beat at the familiar voice. With a quick turn makoto faced Viktor, who was looking back at him with disgust in his eyes. Makoto held onto your collar, and pulled you to his side as he looked at Viktor. 

“Get your fucking hands off Y/n…” Makoto chuckled and shook his head. He pushed you away and faced the silver haired Russian.
“Fight me, Viktor.” He asked, a wicked smile on his shadown covered complexion. Before he knew it, he received a punch in the face, right against his temple, knocking him out immediately. He probably hadn’t expected such a powerful blow.

 You gasped as his body crashed onto the floor. His hoodie fell back on top of his head, and his face was once again invisible for you to see. You swallowed thickly. 

“Are you okay?” You flinched slightly as Viktor grabbed your hand. You looked up at him with fearful eyes. You slightly calmed down as he stared back at you with a sincere smile. He seemed calm, a lot different from his previous look. You smiled back at him before it faltered quickly again. You slapped his chest with shaky hands. 

“W-Why did you take so long, baka! I was scared to death!” Viktor nodded and apologized, telling you he was actually recording the whole conversation. That way he had enough evidence to give the police. 

“I’m sorry I took so long, but I just needed to make sure this guy was gonna end up in jail.” You nodded weakly, wrapping your arms around his waist. You could hear the sound of sirens in the distance, and you knew Viktor was the one who called the police. 

“Lets go home…” 

 A few years later. 

“Once a week now instead of twice, right?” 

She nodded at you and closed the files. She offered you a gentle smile and patted the folder of papers on her lap.
“I see you’ve been progressing this rather well. I think you don’t need that much sessions anymore.” You giggled and nodded, packing your stuff and swinging the backpack onto your shoulder. 

“Right… Thank you for everything.” She smiled and nodded, waving you off as you left her office. You walked out of the building. The bright blue sky along with the sun blinded your sight for just a moment, but your vision quickly adjusted to the sudden change in light. You tugged at the loose tank top you were wearing, trying to cool down a bit and keep yourself from sweating through the thin fabric. 

 A honk grabbed your attention and you smiled as you noticed a certain Russian waiting fro you in his bright pink car. You giggled everytime he picked you up in that car, not believing he actually bought something like that. You jogged towards the pink vehicle, and opened the passenger seat. 

 “How was your session?” He asked you curiously, as you buckled your seatbelt and grabbed the sunglasses he offered you. You nodded and smiled brightly at him. A smile that had been almost extinct a few years ago, but eventually repaired itself as you got help from him and your therapist. 

“Great! I now only have to go once a week!” Viktor showed you the same toothy smile you had given him, leaning over to peck your cheek. He was truly happy everything turned out okay. You were happy again, and enjoying life like you should have. 

“That’s amazing! Let’s go celebrate!” You nodded and giggled as he cheered for you. You playfully punched his side and watched him with a mesmerized look. Viktor was truly beautiful, inside and out. He had helped you recover from your traumatic experience, and you wouldn’t know what you had done without him. 

 You leaned forwards and captured his lips in a loving kiss. Viktor froze, slightly taken back by your actions, before smiling against your kiss and returning it. “Thank you, Viktor, for everything.” He stared back at you and nodded, cupping your cheek and caressing your cheekbone with his thumb. 

“I love you, Y/n.” 

“I love you too, Viktor.” 

 “Make sure we don’t see you here again.”

 The guard closed the gates behind him, locking it and returning towards his post. A wicked smile appeared on his face, and his fingers clenched around the box of belongings in his hands. He licked his lower lip and chuckled darkly. 

“See you soon, Y/n.”

In case you are wondering about whether you should watch A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix (because say, you are a fan of the books and you don’t want to get burned the way you did with the movie), I have only watched the first two episodes and can assure that this is quality shit:

  • It starts out with a dedication to Beatrice
  • Lemony Snicket is a character, narrating onscreen, which is good because a) in hindsight, how was that movie franchise planning on doing that when it became important? it’s much better to do it from the beginning and b) it means some of the best literary devices can be easily reproduced
  • There is a good amount of subtle references to future events and certain initials
  • They really doubled down on the whole mixed-up time period thing to hilarious effect, including a self-referential Netflix joke that I had to pause after because I was laughing so hard
  • Same with every single time Count Olaf says “theatre” or “actor” NPH is a great Count Olaf
  • He has a musical number and it is awful in the best way
  • The Beaudelaires are perfectly cast and also the perfect mixture of charmingly tragic and cleverly witty
  • Especially Sunny she is a GIFT
  • There is stuff that isn’t in the books, not in a “deviating from the plot” sense but in an “adding vital information about what was going on elsewhere that I am VERY FREAKING DANG EXCITED ABOUT” sense

In conclusion this is exactly what you would expect given that Daniel Handler played a major role in it, it’s everything I wanted it to be, please watch.

Since 1999, Estonians have celebrated Estonian Language Day [lit. Mother Tongue Day] on 14th March, the birthday of Kristjan Jaak Peterson, first poet to use Estonian language for creating poetry. 

In celebration on Estonian Language many events are held, most famous of them being [rather hard] e-dictation in Radio Vikeraadio since 2008. Also on this date in Haapsalu award for “Most Beneficial Deed to Estonian Language” is given out annually.

Cognitive Distortions
  • Filtering: We take the negative details and magnify them while filtering out all positive aspects of a situation. For instance, a person may pick out a single, unpleasant detail and dwell on it exclusively so that their vision of reality becomes darkened or distorted.
  • Polarized Thinking (or “Black and White” Thinking): In polarized thinking, things are either “black-or-white.” We have to be perfect or we’re a failure — there is no middle ground. You place people or situations in “either/or” categories, with no shades of gray or allowing for the complexity of most people and situations. If your performance falls short of perfect, you see yourself as a total failure.
  • Overgeneralization: In this cognitive distortion, we come to a general conclusion based on a single incident or a single piece of evidence. If something bad happens only once, we expect it to happen over and over again. A person may see a single, unpleasant event as part of a never-ending pattern of defeat.
  • Jumping to Conclusions: Without individuals saying so, we know what they are feeling and why they act the way they do. In particular, we are able to determine how people are feeling toward us.
  • For example, a person may conclude that someone is reacting negatively toward them but doesn’t actually bother to find out if they are correct. Another example is a person may anticipate that things will turn out badly, and will feel convinced that their prediction is already an established fact.
  • Catastrophizing: We expect disaster to strike, no matter what. This is also referred to as “magnifying or minimizing.” We hear about a problem and use what if questions (e.g., “What if tragedy strikes?” “What if it happens to me?”).
  • For example, a person might exaggerate the importance of insignificant events (such as their mistake, or someone else’s achievement). Or they may inappropriately shrink the magnitude of significant events until they appear tiny (for example, a person’s own desirable qualities or someone else’s imperfections).
  • Personalization: Personalization is a distortion where a person believes that everything others do or say is some kind of direct, personal reaction to the person. We also compare ourselves to others trying to determine who is smarter, better looking, etc.
  • A person engaging in personalization may also see themselves as the cause of some unhealthy external event that they were not responsible for. For example, “We were late to the dinner party and caused the hostess to overcook the meal. If I had only pushed my husband to leave on time, this wouldn’t have happened.”
  • Control Fallacies: If we feel externally controlled, we see ourselves as helpless a victim of fate. For example, “I can’t help it if the quality of the work is poor, my boss demanded I work overtime on it.” The fallacy of internal control has us assuming responsibility for the pain and happiness of everyone around us. For example, “Why aren’t you happy? Is it because of something I did?”
  • Fallacy of Fairness: We feel resentful because we think we know what is fair, but other people won’t agree with us. As our parents tell us when we’re growing up and something doesn’t go our way, “Life isn’t always fair.” People who go through life applying a measuring ruler against every situation judging its “fairness” will often feel badly and negative because of it. Because life isn’t “fair” — things will not always work out in your favor, even when you think they should.
  • Blaming: We hold other people responsible for our pain, or take the other track and blame ourselves for every problem. For example, “Stop making me feel bad about myself!” Nobody can “make” us feel any particular way — only we have control over our own emotions and emotional reactions.
  • Shoulds: We have a list of ironclad rules about how others and we should behave. People who break the rules make us angry, and we feel guilty when we violate these rules. A person may often believe they are trying to motivate themselves with shoulds and shouldn’ts, as if they have to be punished before they can do anything.
  • For example, “I really should exercise. I shouldn’t be so lazy.” Musts and oughts are also offenders. The emotional consequence is guilt. When a person directs should statements toward others, they often feel anger, frustration and resentment.
  • Emotional Reasoning: We believe that what we feel must be true automatically. If we feel stupid and boring, then we must be stupid and boring. You assume that your unhealthy emotions reflect he way things really are — “I feel it, therefore it must be true.”
  • Fallacy of Change: We expect that other people will change to suit us if we just pressure or cajole them enough. We need to change people because our hopes for happiness seem to depend entirely on them.
  • Global Labeling: We generalize one or two qualities into a negative global judgment. These are extreme forms of generalizing, and are also referred to as “labeling” and “mislabeling.” Instead of describing an error in context of a specific situation, a person will attach an unhealthy label to themselves.
  • For example, they may say, “I’m a loser” in a situation where they failed at a specific task. When someone else’s behavior rubs a person the wrong way, they may attach an unhealthy label to him, such as “He’s a real jerk.” Mislabeling involves describing an event with language that is highly colored and emotionally loaded. For example, instead of saying someone drops her children off at daycare every day, a person who is mislabeling might say that “she abandons her children to strangers.”
  • Always Being Right: We are continually on trial to prove that our opinions and actions are correct. Being wrong is unthinkable and we will go to any length to demonstrate our rightness. For example, “I don’t care how badly arguing with me makes you feel, I’m going to win this argument no matter what because I’m right.” Being right often is more important than the feelings of others around a person who engages in this cognitive distortion, even loved ones.
  • Heaven’s Reward Fallacy: We expect our sacrifice and self-denial to pay off, as if someone is keeping score. We feel bitter when the reward doesn’t come.
  • []

so @areistotle and I went to this really cool event for languages and it was the coolest thing ever!! they gave us a shirt with hello’s in different languages on the front, and goodbye’s on the back! They also gave us a cute bag and this amazing poster with quotes and sayings in different languages 💙

also if you guys know any of the languages on the poster, can you reblog with a translation of them? It’d be so nice of you 💕🌍


Duo gave me these two sentences one after the other tonight. And in French, too. Couldn’t be more on point, Duo; I tip my hat to you.

“It’s time for peace”
“I am as tired as you”


Dipper: I’m not getting an answer from the others, so I’m just going to give myself an answer. You deserve out of this. Right. Now!

Bill: ….

((Some changes are going to be made soon. Just giving a heads up~ ))

((Thanks for the question~))

((Wanna ask something?))

Deaf Environment

When you are in an ASL (Any Sign Language) zone, or with other Deaf/HoH people… 

ASL/Sign Language Zone…
VOICE OFF! Always. I don’t care if you’re whispering something to the person next to you. VOICE OFF! You voice it? You sign it too. You are in Deaf environment right now. If we can’t hear your conversation, you shouldn’t start it. How would you feel if you entered into Deaf event and you wanted someone to repeat something, but we refuse to because “You don’t know sign language!” - Same goes for talking in ASL/Sign Language classes. You’re taking the ASL/Sign Language class for a reason, to learn Sign language and about Deaf Culture, be respectful please. When someone who is Deaf/HOH tells you voice off, please do. You are not in a hearing environment anymore. But a DEAF environment. Yes, Deaf/HOH can tell the difference between mouthing and voicing. At least I can. 
The only acceptable time to voice and sign is when you have a mix of deaf and hearing and said hearing don’t know ASL/Sign Language.

With Other Deaf/HoH…
 Even if you only know a little bit of Sign Language… SIGN! We want to engage in the conversation too. We feel excluded. 1 Deaf? 11 Hearing? Sign! Tell us the information, repeat it, rephrase it… until we understand. Tells us where the conversation is heading, what topic we are on now. 

Don’t know ASL/Sign Language? Thats okay. Face us when speaking, some of us can read lips… just tell us the topic and whats happening. If we miss something, repeat. Don’t say “nevermind” Nevermind is like a swear word within the Deaf Community/Culture. If you were laughing at a joke and we ask for repeats… don’t say “I’ll tell you later” “It’s not important” because you’re wrong. Apparently it was important because you are all laughing. 

People wonder why many d/Deaf/HoH don’t ‘engage’ or socialize lots with people in group settings (or individually)… it’s because whenever we try to ask for repeats, or rephrasing or some patience… people get annoyed and give up on us. We ask what’s happening… “Never mind! It not that important!” So we usually just hide in the corner acting like we know what’s going on. We WANT to get involved and enjoy the conversations around us…

Don’t get mad at us because we didn’t ‘hear you the first 4 times’. We’re Deaf/HoH. We have troubles hearing so repeat when we ask. If we didn’t get it the first couple of times, rephrase it differently. We still don’t get it? Write it down! 

There are many options and ways to engage d/Deaf/HoH in the conversations. Just ask and we’ll tell you how we prefer to be involved. We don’t like being left out.

It’s just like new Sign Language learners who just go into their first event. They’re probably going to be lost and confused. If they don’t understand a sign or phrase. We kindly and patiently go slower, repeat until they (new signers) understand. Or we re-phrase it differently, write it down until they get it. 

Same goes for hearing with Deaf. Please be patient with us, as we’re patient with you. 


How do we deal with gender when we process language? Do we take it into consideration when we hear words and sentences? In this week’s episode, we talk about gender and language processing: the different kinds of gender in language, how gender influences our ability to retrieve words from our mental dictionaries, and how our views on gender temporarily keep us from considering otherwise legitimate interpretations of sentences.

This was a topic we’d wanted to address for a while, and we’re looking forward to hearing what you have to say!