language barriers on both ways

Regarding previous post on why many pixiv artists do not like people reposting their stuff online

Yeah we Asians tend to be more shy lol

Also, imagine you seeing your work somewhere online, and there are many people writing/replying something in a language you are not so familiar with…you have no idea whether they are talking about you, your work, or something else entirely; you have no idea whether they are criticizing your work, praising your work, or making fun of it; you have no idea whether they claim your work as their own, or even think your work is an official release or something!

I once had a friend freaking out b/c she saw her fanart stuffs on tumblr and people writing fic underneath it. She didn’t understand why and what people are doing and almost considering deleting her entire pixiv account b/c that post gets so many notes and she thought she was in trouble.