Afrodisiac’s New Girl in Color on Flickr.

Derek Langille colored one of my drawings. I like Langille’s work a lot, especially his Beastie Boys Sabotage comic:

He’s on Flickr.

ATTENTION!!! He has a set dedicated to JACK KIRBY double-page spreads!!!!! YES! A thousand times - YES!!!

And his website is

I like the purple Cadillac against the green sky. He also nailed the orangish-red of that era. Thanks, Derek!

littlemermaidtears asked:

Awhhhh you're such a sweet soul, thank you so much! :') means a lot 💜 hawaii is gonna be such an adventure🐚 but my inner mermaid self can't wait to sit at the beach all day there🐬🌊 hun can I have your full name? Only so I can write it on the package and make sure it gets to you ^.^

My name is Tennettey Langille :) yay I’m so excited for you! You’re going to have so much fun. SWIM in the Waters’s and post tons of pictures when you get there! I’d love to see it :) 👻✨❤

glitteradio asked:

Heyyyyyyyyy 😚

langille you’re one of my favourite people and one of the first blogs I ever followed. I remember when you were still a 5sos blog and we’d just talk about Ashton and our countries school systems. Your blog is great and I just yes I love it

// mutuals send me “hey” and I’ll tell you what I like about your blog //


On June 15 I hosted the First #WeAreYQQ Food Entrepreneur event, featuring several businesses and individuals who are #MakingShiftHappen in the Comox Valley food economy. Thanks to Jason and Guerrilla Food Co., Manoja and Ceylon Cuisine, Daniel and Gladstone Brewing, and Sandra and Atlas Cafe for participating. Thanks to Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce, RE/MAX Ocean Pacific Realty, Jerad Langille Chartered Accountant, and Sure Copy Courtenay for sponsoring! The Fall #WeAreYQQ series starts Sept 28/29 with Localizing Prosperity, featuring Joel Solomon and a social enterprise panel. (at

The Alexander Archipelago Forest Reserve was created late in 1902, but management of the reserve was slow in developing. Langille made some examination of the reserve in the spring and summer of 1903 and in the summer of 1904, but not until 1905 did it come under any real management. For the first six years of its management, the story of the Alexander Archipelago and of the Tongass national forests is essentially the story of one man—William Alexander Langille.

Police Arrest Maine Man on Haverhill Drug Dealing Charges

Police Arrest Maine Man on Haverhill Drug Dealing Charges

A Maine man faces drug-dealing charges from Haverhill police after his arrest by detectives Thursday evening at Westgate shopping plaza.

According to police, Craig Langill, 37, of North Berwick, Maine, was arrested at 7 p.m., Thursday and charged with possession of classes A and B drugs with intent to distribute and conspiracy to violate drug laws. He is due to be arraigned in Haverhill District…

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