Langhe | Piemonte

Libano’s Cedar,
an evergreen conifer, which stands majestically on the Monfalletto hill in Annunziata, La Morra, is one of the unexpected panorama points of the Barolo in Langa; it’s the pride of local residents and a place of inspiration for aspiring and professional photographers.

It’s admired for its grandeur and for the natural environment in which it islocated: a true belvedere that can reach the Alpine chain, with a view overlooking the Nebbiolo vineyards and the Langhe and Roero villages, recognizable by their towers and castles.

For all these reasons, one of the Anglo-Saxon terms most used by foreign tourists to describe this place is “breathtaking"

The Cedar’s story begins in 1856 when two young people, Costanzo Falletti di Rodello and Eulalia Della Chiesa di Cervignasco, descendants of the present family, planted the tree in memory of their wedding thus sealing two loves: the couple’s and that of their family for these lands.

According to tradition it was an auspicious gesture, symbolized by the choice of a particularly robust and long-living tree that would reflect their bond: a love that is strong and durable to be passed down to future generations so that they may retain the memory.

The hill on which it stands, located just before the Cordero di Montezemolo Company, is accessible by car, but to fully enjoy the surrounding landscape we recommend you go by bicycle.


「I have to be the one to confess. I will try my best to receive the love.」

Normally, it doesn’t matter what it is, I’m the type that has to know all the ways of accomplishing it. What’s going to happen when comes to a relationship? (Laughs) I will somehow have the consciousness to compete with the girl that I like. For example, if my girlfriend likes to watch baseball, I will have the thought of “I need to like baseball more than my girlfriend”. If there’s a girl I like, I will enthusiastically attack. I will try my best to make her like me. It’s like dancing and singing, I really hate to lose. When in a relationship, I need to be cautious/ careful right? (Langhs). When I had eye contacts with girls, just quietly looking at each other made my heart pound. During concerts, when I make eye contacts with so many people, it makes my heart pound.

‘1997.9.1. Blood type: A. A genius maknae that is perfectly good at dancing and singing.’


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2011 Ca’ del Baio Langhe Riesling

You normally wouldn’t expect to see a Riesling from Piedmont in Italy, but here’s one! In fact, this is the first vintage of a small production (only 4,000 bottles) of this Riesling! Very aromatic on the nose - lemon, peach, petrol. Almost smells sweet! Dry on the palate starting with pear, then lemon and apple as crisp acidity sets in. Really nice.

4/5 bones



13% abv

Langhe (Piedmont), ITALY 


Antica Torroneria only uses Hazelnuts Tonda Gentile IGP from Le Langhe hills in Piemonte and their production process is rigorously artisanal. This set of little confections is named for the vowels in the alphabet: ‘A’, 'E’, 'I’, 'O’, 'U’. SHOP ONLINE!

Amore/Love: White Chocoalte Hazelnut Truffle

Emozione/Feeling: Chocolate hazelnut truffle

Incantesimo/Enchantment: Torrone covered in different flavors like chocolate, cedar, orange and vanilla

Osare/Temptation : Chocoalte hazlenut candies called gianduiotti

Unico/Unique: Soft torrone candies, nougat, in English