Langdon Cook, author of Fat of the Land, and master Northwest forager also appeared in the webisode, “Episode 68: A Tale of Three Seasides,” by The Perennial Plate.

Watch as Langdon teaches the team from The Perennial Plate about the mysterious, but oh so tasty, geoduck.

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Skipstone authors and foraging experts Langdon Cook and Jennifer Hanh recently met up with KUOW to help “Weekday” host Steve Scher answer some of the following questions about sustainable harvesting in the Northwest.

  • Are mushroom–hunting, berry–picking and nettle–harvesting steps toward a sustainable food system?
  • What role can hunting and fishing play?
  • How much foraging can the Northwest support?
  • Is overharvesting a concern?
  • How much can we forage in our own neighborhoods?

For answers to these questions and so much more from our go-to foraging masters sit back and enjoy the interview with KUOW.